MMS – Volume 1 Chapter 22

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Volume 1 Chapter 22 – The Interrupted Dinner

Ouyang Tao had two main objectives for entering Augustus Academy. The first was to learn new techniques. The second was to earn money after learning those techniques.

However, concerning the basic fundamentals of a Mechanical Engineering magician —— fighting, Ouyang Tao had not given much thought about it at the moment —— although sooner or later, he had to realise that it would be his true destiny.

When he opened his weapon box, two attendants took the weapon out and presented it to Edward. Edward gently touched the weapon from top to bottom and raised his eyebrows: “Oh, this product’s the degree of completion is rather high; the crafted parts are perfect.”

Even when using the same blueprints, different refinement and creation skills would result in a difference in the degree of completion and the quality of the product created. Obviously, Edward held Ouyang Tao’s product in high regard.

Ouyang Tao humbly laughed at the praise: “Heh heh, you’re too kind. This is the first time I’m creating a weapon, and I had just completed it. I have yet to test its capabilities.”

It would seemed that Edward and Ouyang Tao had found a common topic as Edward continued: “Your first one? Speaking of which, for Mechanical Magicians, their first weapon or armour usually has a certain meaning to it. I feel that this weapon that you chose is rather special, just like you yourself.”

“Oh? Me?” Ouyang Tao was very surprised. This was only the second time they have met and Edward was already judging Ouyang Tao’s character? “I’m curious, please go on.”

“Alright. Then……” As if wondering where he should start, Edward once again, eyed Ouyang Tao from top to bottom: “Let me first talk about you, I hope you don’t mind?”

“I don’t mind.”

“If I’m not wrong, other than Mechanical magic, you are unable to use any other form of magic, right?”

“How did you know?”

“Your attribute. Because most of the attributes in your magic possess metallic properties. So your skills in Mechanical Engineering are able to reach a level normal people cannot, but you are also unable to use other types of magic as a result.

Edward’s evaluation was completely correct and he even unravelled a mystery that Ouyang Tao had always wondered about. However, his attitude towards this was the same as always: “One cannot make an omelette without breaking the eggs. Everyone has their own speciality.”

“Let’s talk about the weapon. *Cough cough*…… In my honest opinion, I hold this magic powered electrical rifle very highly.”

“Yeah, that’s how I feel too. Its actual battle capabilities aren’t bad, and the electricity is also a good countermeasure to machines.”

Ouyang Tao felt that the more they talked, the more friendly they became. He was so engrossed that he had already put down his cutlery. Ouyang Xue who was listening from the side didn’t really understand much, but also grew interested in their conversation.

“In reality however, very few Mechanical Engineering Magicians would choose this weapon.”

“Because of its instability?”

“Yeah, that’s right.”

The electrical rifle had already been designed for a very long time. Therefore, there are a lot of related data. Naturally, the blueprints had already talked about its flaw —— its stability.

Electricity was a similar source of power to the original form of magic. Although its power was immense, it was also very unstable due to the highly pure magic stones. Therefore, it was a double edged sword that could easily lose control. It was extremely easy to overload; especially during consecutive attacks.

If that happened, the weapon and the machine it was attached to would be destroyed if the damage was not too big. However, if the damage was big enough, the weapon would devastate the area surrounding it.

Although Ouyang Tao knew all of this, he still chose this weapon: “I feel that the problem can be solved. It’s just whether one makes an effort to do so.”

“Which means, you plan to spend time and effort on a weapon people had already given up on? Maybe after obtaining higher levels of techniques and skills, you will realise that the effort you have spent on the weapon was in vain.”

What Edward said was not unreasonable senseless, but Ouyang Tao’s reply was also clear-cut: “Yes, because I feel that this weapon has a lot of potential. Furthermore, there is a large gap between the skill level of my basics and others. Which is why I wanted to work on it from the start.”

Ouyang Tao had initially treated victory and defeat against Tia with great importance but when he started researching techniques and delving into the field of work he liked the most, he gradually forgot about winning or losing and just fully focused on his research.

“Speaking of which, I also conducted some research on this field in the past. I have some suggestions but I’m not sure whether you want to hear it.”

“Sure, I was just in need of a few suggestions.”

Edward and Ouyang Tao talked happily, and during the conversation, Ouyang Tao’s impression of the bookworm prince gradually changed into a well read and imaginative scholar.

“I must say, your suggestions are excellent. I actually can’t wait to give them a try.”

“Yes, I also really admire your knowledge seeking attitude. If only I could also…… *Cough cough* …… *COUGH COUGH*…… ” Just when they were happily chatting, Edward suddenly coughed intensively while covering his mouth with his handkerchief.

The servants around them hastily rushed forward and massaged Edward’s back: “Are you ok?”

“I’m alright.” Edward raised up his hand to signal his servants to step down. However, his handkerchief that was used to cover his mouth was covered in blood.

“Edward, are you okay? Why not you go and rest first……” Ouyang Xue stood up and expressed her concern.

But Edward still rejected the offer: “No…… *Cough cough*…… It’s alright…… Just an old aliment…… *Cough cough*……”

But no matter what, Edward didn’t seem like he was alright. However, he firmly did not allow anyone close to him.

After a while, his coughing finally stopped, but he looked even weaker than before: “My apologies. It’s rare to find someone who I can get along with…… A little…… Heh heh, a little too excited.”

Coughing so badly just because he got a little excited, Ouyang Tao could not imagine it. How such a person could withstand a battle? Speaking of which, he didn’t see Edward at all during the competition on the first day of school……

It was likely due to some “backdoor” method that he could continue to stay in Mechanical Engineering.

However, Ouyang Tao understood that in the field of Mechanical Engineering, or even in the field of Magic, Edward was much more knowledgeable than him.

“Truthfully speaking, Ouyang Tao, I envy you a lot. I’m envious that you can completely focus on something you like so much. I’m envious that you are able to choose what you want to do.”

“You can’t do that?”

“I…… Heh heh…… I also want to……” But I can’t. Edward’s expression revealed his obvious lack of choice. He quickly changed the topic of the conversation: “However, I never expected to meet people like the two of you. People who are so interested in basic theories.”

At this point, Ouyang Xue excitedly said: “Bro, let me tell you, Edward is really smart. I’ve seen many of his famous works before but I never would have expected to meet the real person.”

“Many famous works?” Hearing this, Ouyang Tao seemed to have understood something.

Edward merely smiled and waved it off: “Haha, you’re too kind. Those were just some ideas that I compiled together.”

If we say Ouyang Tao was a technical genius, than Edward would be a theoretical genius……

However, at Augustus Academy, a school where actual battle abilities were required, technical aspects were definitely more important than theories. It was difficult for Edward’s abilities to receive recognition.

He had several ideas and theories but because of his condition, Edward was unable to put any of his ideas into practical use.

Furthermore, in such a competitive environment like Augustus Academy, personal news were all highly confidential. There was no one who would be willing to discuss about technical aspects with him.

It was not hard to imagine that in eyes of the other students and teachers, Edward was a weak and useless daydreamer.

Maybe, this was where Edward was wronged the most in his heart.

As a result, when Edward met people that he could along with, like the Ouyang siblings, he was extremely happy.

And Ouyang Tao, also felt like he had met his bosom buddy. He had initially wanted to leave with his sister after dinner, but in the end they unknowingly chatted until 9pm.

“My apologies, excuse me while I go to the washroom, *Cough cough*……” Edward stood up and left to the washroom for awhile. The servants wanted to follow but was rejected by him.

“Bro, how do you find Edward?” Ouyang Xue suddenly asked.

“He’s not bad and he’s pretty formidable. Why did you suddenly ask that?”

“I think……” Ouyang Xue went beside her brother and whispered in his ear: “Edward seems like he’s interested in me~”

Once he heard this, Ouyang Tao’s expression sank……

Seriously…… It’s only the second day of school! Ouyang Tao felt that, as the older brother, he should say something……

Right this moment, a BOOM sound echoed from a nearby special zone dormitory. The shockwave of a huge explosion could even be felt here. It instantly shattered the windows.

“Careful!” Ouyang Tao jumped in front of his sister, and used his body to shield her from the glass shards.

And just like that, their dinner had been interrupted…..

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