MMS – Volume 1 Chapter 17

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Volume 1 Chapter 17 – The Dispute in the Small Forest

The strong bullying the weak in small scaled terms would only be between people. In a larger scale, it would be bullying between countries.

However, for people who were able to enter Augustus Academy, even if they weren’t nobility, they would at least be well educated. Logically speaking, they should be well mannered and something like bullying should not happen. Furthermore, in order to prevent students from using magic to cause trouble, the school strictly prohibits students to use magic outside designated areas, severely punishing any culprits that got caught.

But obviously, Ouyang Tao was wrong.

He would not bully people and at the same time, also knew that being bullied was not a good feeling. But if he saw injustice, he would naturally have to help the weaker side.

Especially if the one being bullied was his sister.

As he rushed into the small forest. He saw the boy sprawled on the ground, and his sister stood in front of the boy. They were being surrounded by six to seven male students, and they looked like they were about to fight.

Seeing the situation, Ouyang Tao immediately shouted: “What are you doing!”

Although he did manage to pause the impending fight, when they saw that Ouyang Tao was alone, their rage rekindled and the guy leading the pack asked in disdain: “Brat, who are you?”

Relying on the weak lighting, Ouyang Tao saw who the other party was. One was his senior in the Mechanical Engineering Department. The guy on the floor also seemed to be the same.

“It doesn’t matter who I am. To dare bully my sister, you must be tired of living!” Magic aside, if it was just fighting alone, Ouyang Tao was not afraid to go up against large numbers.

“Tch, just a hero trying to save his sister. You don’t even see that you’re alone and even dare to come out.” Seeing that Ouyang Tao was alone, the other party looked down on him.

“Oi, I recognise him. He’s the kid who tied with Big Miss today.” Suddenly, someone said this sentence out loud.

“…… You don’t say, even your daddy here has recognised him. Don’t shoot off your mouth.” The leader of the pack kept quiet for a few seconds before pushing the guy who talked away, and started to crack his knuckles. “What’s there to be scared off? Since he can’t use magic, who cares who he is. Just attack!”

Seeing that the fight could not be avoided, Ouyang Tao didn’t care anymore. If it was a fight, he was not afraid. Anyone who dared to bully Ah Xue, even if I’m not their match, even if I have to bite them, I must make them see blood!

“Fighting in a group you would minimally receive a penalty of sixty demerit points, and would have to volunteer at the library for a month. Think carefully before you fight. This time, someone else appeared to stop the fight, and actually prevented it.

“Drats, it’s the inspection team.”
“Enough, let’s go.”
“Yeah, The library isn’t anywhere good.”

The two saviours were coincidentally the two seniors from the same dormitory as Ouyang Tao; Monica and Chen Feng. Both of them had an armband with “Discipline” written on their right sleeve —— This was a responsibility of the Magic Swordsmanship Department and the Graduate students. They took shifts to patrol the school at night to maintain order and discipline. Formally, they were known as the “Disciplinary Team” but many students call the the “Inspection Team”.

The disciplinary group had a lot of authority. Once you broke the rules and were caught by them, you would definitely be punished severely. Furthermore, a group fight would receive one of the more severe of punishments. If one participated in it, no matter how much, they would be subjected to punishment.

In any case, the two seniors had helped Ouyang Tao out, so he immediately thanked them: “Thank you, my two seniors.”

“You’re welcome. Me and Chen Feng were just about to change shifts when we heard you shout and came to look.” Monica said as he saw the two behind Ouyang Tao: “These two are……”

The bullied boy stood up and thankfully bowed at Monica and Chen Feng before sprinting off.

“Oi! You…… Sheesh…… Really……” Ouyang Xue seemed to be calling out to the boy but he had already run away.

“Little girl, you should be from the Elements Department right. It’s already so late, what were you doing with someone from Mechanical Engineering?” Monica asked Ouyang Xue —— the same thing Ouyang Tao wanted to ask.

It’s only her second day at school, it couldn’t be that his sister was already the target of other people’s affections? And they were together at such a late time. As her brother, Ouyang Tao could not help but worry.

“That….. I…… I originally wanted to take a look at the practice arena, but then I saw that Senior. He kept saying that I didn’t use my Windball properly. We started arguing; as we argued, we found out that we got along well and we unknowingly spoke for too long. He said he wanted to see me back to the dorm since it was already this late, so we took a shortcut through the small forest to then meet with that bunch. Then brother and you two seniors appeared.”

Ouyang Xue explained everything in one breath, and it made Ouyang Tao feel a bit more relieved —— looks like it’s only a misunderstanding.

But when he thought about it, something felt off. What would someone from the Mechanical Engineering Department and his sister from the Elements Department talk about for so long? What happened?

Monica however, seemed to have understood and nodded: “Ohhh, so it’s like that…… Speaking of which, you two are siblings?”

“Yes, she’s my sister Ouyang Xue.”

“Yeah, he’s my brother Ouyang Tao.”

“You don’t look alike, but that doesn’t matter.” Suddenly, Monica grabbed Ouyang Xue and hugged her. “So cuteeeee~~”

“Ehh? Ahhh! NOO! Bro save me!!” Suddenly being hugged caused Ouyang Xue to be shocked and she struggled violently, but due to the difference in stature, it was to no avail.

“Don’t worry little girl! Let Big Sister hug you.” Monica seemed to really like Ouyang Xue. She hugged tighter and even rubbed her face against Ouyang Xue’s. “Wahh, as cute as a doll, I want to hug you home~”

Chen Feng, who was watching on the side, could only shake his head as if saying “Here we go again…… I can’t really do anything about this fellow.”

Ouyang Tao could not deny that his sister was cute, and even envied Monica. Being a girl must be nice……

After a while, Chen Feng thought that she fooled around enough and pulled Monica away from Ouyang Xue.

However, it seems that Monica had not shown enough “affection” yet, and continued: “Since it’s already so late, why don’t you join us back at our dormitory.”

“Ah? Together? What does it mean?” Ouyang Xue hid behind her brother in fright —— She must have felt that she might get eaten up by Monica.

However, what Monica suggested was worth considering. It was already very late, and such a thing had just happened. Ouyang Tao didn’t feel that it was safe to let his sister go back alone. Seeing her back would also take up too much time. Letting her sleep over was actually a good idea.

“I think that’s a pretty good idea. Ah Xue, just stay with me tonight.”

“Eh? Bro…… Big Bro…… You mean that…… Can’t…… You can’t mean……” Hearing this, Ouyang Xue looked as though she suffered a huge shock. She was speaking gibberish and her two small hands continuously shook. “No…… Since we aren’t blood related, it’s not wrong…… But I’m not ready…… But I’m fine if you want……”

Ouyang Xue obviously misunderstood something (even though Ouyang Tao did say it quite suggestively). When thinking about her dormitory’s private space, and them sharing…… Her imagination ran wild.

Ouyang Tao didn’t know what his sister was thinking, but it seemed that he had to clarify: “Ah Xue are you okay? What I meant was that my dormitory still has an empty guest room. If you’re not willing then forget it.”

When the misunderstanding cleared, Ouyang Xue was stunned for a moment: “Not…… Not sleeping together?”

“What are you imagining.” Ouyang Tao poked his sister’s head.

“So it’s this kind of relationship. Hehehe……” Monica mumbled to herself. From the conversation, she roughly understood the sibling’s relationship. “Okay okay, you siblings should stop flirting here. It’s not early anymore, let’s go.”

And thus, the four of them started their journey back to the dormitory.

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