MMS – Volume 1 Chapter 18

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Volume 1 Chapter 18 – The Dormitory’s Serenade

“Wow, these are actually your dormitories! I thought that they were for the professors.” Seeing that the dormitories in the special zone were actually villas, Ouyang Xue found it hard to hide her shock.

Ouyang Tao completely understood his sister’s astonishment as he remembered that on the day he first came, he stood outside of the door for a long time, not daring to enter: “Hehe, yeah! I felt the same way on my first day.”

Then, Ouyang Xue looked behind and saw that Monica and Chen Feng were still behind them. Monica waved at her while teasingly sticking out her tongue. This caused Ouyang Xue to turn away immediately: “But why are the two seniors still following……”

“Because they stay here too.” Ouyang Tao replied like it was obvious.

“Boys…… Boys and girls staying together?”

“The four rooms are split apart, and this is actually a four man dormitory. You can’t expect me to live in such a large villa alone, right.”


Walking into the villa, ah no, dormitory made Ouyang Tao relax all of a sudden. He felt like he was home. His sister Ouyang Xue was curious and surprised, and went to explore every room on the first floor.

“Wahh, it’s so big! And it has everything.”

Afraid that his sister might play too much because she was so happy, Ouyang Tao kindly reminded her: “Okay, it’s late already, go bathe and rest. There’s still lessons tomorrow.”

“Ummm…… Bro……” Ouyang Xue embarrassingly tugged at her brother’s sleeve.

“What’s wrong?”

“I haven’t eaten dinner yet……”

As if being reminded by his sister, Ouyang Tao suddenly remembered that because he had read too long, he also had not eaten dinner yet.

“Hearing you say that, I feel a bit hungry too. Having patrolled for half a day, I want a midnight snack.” Monica said as she took the opportunity to gently kick at Chen Feng, “Chen Feng, what about you, do you want something to eat?”

Chen Feng nodded as well. The lessons of the Magical Swordsmanship were all high leveled training which used up a lot of energy. Therefore, not only did Chen Feng have the habit of eating midnight snacks, he also had a large appetite.

“Okay then, I will make something. Ah Xue you go and bathe first.” Ouyang Tao said and put on his apron as he walked into the kitchen. Chen Feng followed him in and picked up the kitchen knife, and seemed to have the intention to help with the food. He waited for Ouyang Tao to bring out the ingredients.

Ouyang Tao thought for a while before deciding: “Let’s make a mixed seafood curry. I’ll cook the rice and curry. Could Senior help me with the vegetables?”

Chen Feng nodded his head and then took out the carrots, potatoes, and yams to swiftly begin the process.

Since Monica was free, she rushed to Ouyang Xue and smiled sheepishly: “Hehe, let the boys deal with supper while we take a bath together, little girl.”

“But I don’t have a change of clothes……”

“Use big sister’s then.”

“Eh!? AHHHH —— !”

Not waiting for Ouyang Xue’s response, Monica had already carried her and sprinted towards the bathroom.

“Wah, little girl, come, let big sister see your figure.”

“Senior, don’t be like this. I can remove my clothes by myself.”

“It doesn’t matter, we’re both girls anyway.”

“But, this is very weird, ahhh, there…… Noooo, Yiyahhhh —— !”

“Heehee, you’re too cute.”

“Brooo, save meeee —— !”

“It’s no use, just obediently come into the arms of big sis. Here I come~”

The playing sounds of the two girls in the bathroom was clearly heard by Ouyang Tao in the kitchen, and made his imagination run wild.

If Monica was a guy, Ouyang Tao would definitely storm in to save his sister.

Just as the curry had finished cooking, the two girls had also come out of the bathroom. Monica had a face of satisfaction while Ouyang Xue looked down and pursed her lips. Her whole face was red in embarrassment and she looked as if she was about to cry as she walked to her brother.

“Uuuu…… Bro…… I can’t get married anymore……”

“Hehe, okay okay, it’s not so serious.” Ouyang Tao could only gently touch his sister’s head to calm her down.

“That’s right, little girl, you will definitely marry someone. If not, let big sis marry you.”

“Wahhhh —— ! Bro save me!!”

Monica looked like she was about to pounce onto Ouyang Xue, and scared the young girl. She immediately hid behind her brother.

However, that was not enough to stop Monica.

“Hehe, it’s no use. I will eat your brother up as well. He can be my appetizer.”

“Nooooo —— !”

Senior is really going overboard today. But how come I’m pulled into the picture as well…… Ouyang Tao could not help it as well.

Luckily, Chen Feng knocked on the dining table, which helped the Ouyang siblings to get out of the difficult situation. Monica temporarily stopped her teasing.

“Okay okay. I know I know. But she’s really cute.” Obviously, Monica had no sense of remorse at all.

The rice smelled fragrantly and the mixed seafood curry was also spicy, yet bore the sweet taste of the vegetables. It tasted just right. Ouyang Xue seemed to have forgotten what had happened and was eating quickly. Despite her small stature, she had already finished three bowls.

“Mn, it’s nice! Bro’s meals are the best.”

“Eat slowly. There’s still a lot left.”

“The taste is pretty good, little junior, give me another bowl~” Monica’s appetite was even bigger as this was already her fifth bowl.

Chen Feng also passed his empty bowl over to collect his tenth bowl of rice.

The four of them finished three kilograms of rice and a huge pot of curry.

After eating, Chen Feng again, knocked on the table to prevent Monica’s attempt to sleep with Ouyang Xue. Because each person’s room had a living room and a restroom, Ouyang Tao placed his sister in the guest room before packing up the area.

Chen Feng also went upstairs to rest, and left Monica to help Ouyang Tao.

“I feel embarrassed for eating and using your stuff for free, so I can’t just throw the rest of the work on you, little junior.”

Ouyang Tao understood the “eat” part but what did the “use” part mean? She can’t be talking about my sister…… Forget it, Ouyang Tao felt that it was better to not think too much about it……

Although sometimes Monica took her jokes rather far, she was still a caring and passionate big sister. Furthermore, she was a graduate student which made her even more dependable.

Therefore, Ouyang Tao had a few worries that he hoped to clarify with her. While washing the pot, he asked: “Oh yeah, Monica senior, may I ask you a few things?”

Monica easily agreed: “Sure, just ask.”

“Why doesn’t anyone go to the library? And the manager…… She seems very weird……”

“Oh, the library. Because there are some secret invisible things in here. And most of the books have already been read numerous times before people entered the academy. That’s why no one goes. Furthermore, everyone has a multi-purpose crystal ball nowadays which is much more convenient. But if you go the activity centre’s magazine section, there should be some people.”

“Ohh……” It looks like it’s not that people aren’t hardworking, but that most students in the school already have a solid foundation.

Moreover, if one had anything they wanted to find, the multi-purpose crystal ball would suffice. There was no specific need to go to the library.

“However, speaking of the girl in the library……” Monica laughed mysteriously, and spoke in a spooky tone, “Now that’s a long and scary story. Are you sure you want to hear it?”

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