MMS – Volume 1 Chapter 16

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Volume 1 Chapter 16 – Concentrate and You’ll Lose Track of Time

“No library card, not allowed to borrow.”


Ouyang Tao opened his mouth, but he was speechless.

He had originally wanted to quickly leave this creepy and quiet place that was filled with spirits, after borrowing the books, to slowly read them back in his dormitory. However, because he did not have a library card, he had no choice but to read it in the library.

What was even worse was that the library card needed one month to be issued.

This meant that, not just today, but also during the next month, Ouyang Tao would have to read in the library.

Oh gosh, don’t tell me I have to read in this haunted place for a month? Ouyang Tao’s heart could not cope with this, but he had no choice.

However, the manager did not care about Ouyang Tao’s distress. She only continued: “There are chairs and table everywhere for you to read. Please help yourself.”

With that, she went back to focus on the book in her hand.

There were indeed many study desks for students to read in the library. These desks were even equipped with a lamp, pen holder, foolscap paper, notebooks, drawing tools and other stationery. However at such an empty and haunted place, how could one keep calm enough to read.

Ouyang Tao had no choice. He hugged the books and chose a desk close to the manager —— at least when there’s someone close by, I won’t get too shocked at the appearance of another spirit.

But Ouyang Tao felt very weird. Why is it that no one visited the library of such an important place? Didn’t anyone read? They couldn’t have been scared away by this manager girl right……

As he thought about these insignificant things, he sat down at the table, and flipped his book with one hand while recording notes with the other.

In the past, his techniques were all reliant on his own talent and the remains of his memories and past experiences, imitation and some knowledge obtained from books. Such detailed and systematic data was something he did not had a chance to interact before.

After reading for a while, Ouyang Tao already felt as if he had struck gold and completely forgot about the haunted library and any sense of time.

After reading about the basics of how to use magic stones, Ouyang Tao felt that he had learnt much more. Magic Stones were minerals capable of supplying magical energy. If he could use Magic Stones as fuel or even directly absorb the power of Magic Stones, he could reduce his magic consumption by a large amount.

As he finished that book, he picked up another book 《Basic Machine Creation Grade 1》 and started reading.

During the battle with Tia, Ouyang Tao realised that the machines she created were all pre-designed. Furthermore, she kept re-creating them, making her experienced in the use of machines. Ouyang Tao finally understood why.

Actually, basic machines and equipment have a pre-existing blueprint, and they were categorized into 15 different grades based on their battle capabilities. Battle machinery were split into two categories, machines and weapons. They were all used semi-independently and were therefore interchangeable, suiting different battle needs.

At the same time, the machines could be modified according to the user. One example would be Tia’s Vengeful Spirit which used Light Manipulation camouflage

Thinking about the battle before, Tia’s maximum creation grade was restricted to 5, which also meant that she could not even bring out one third of her actual strength.

As he thought of this, Ouyang Tao’s desire to win rose to another level. Obviously, if he wanted to remain undefeated the next time, he would have to buck up.

Ouyang Tao was fully concentrated on his reading and studies. As he finished a book, he picked up another and continued.

The other person in the library was silent as well, as she quietly flipped the pages of the book in her hand.

Time passed quickly under the tranquility of the library, when Ouyang Tao had finished reading……

“Ugh……” As he looked at the time, Ouyang Tao nearly screamed in shock once again. However, as if the manager girl had predicted it, she was already looking at him.

Without talking and without showing any emotion, the girl tried to convey a “quiet please” desire. Ouyang Tao understood it and immediately covered his mouth.

Unknowingly, it was already 11:30 p.m. Ouyang Tao wondered why no one visited in such a long time. However, now was not the time to think about that as Ouyang Tao grabbed the books preparing to return them to their original location.

“Just leave it there.” The manager girl said. As she lifted her hand, the books floated out of Ouyang Tao’s hands and disappeared. The stationery on the desk also reverted to its original position.

Fortunately, Ouyang Tao did not lose his composure this time because of his previous experience.

However, Ouyang Tao thought it was weird. From his memory, the sign outside wrote that the library would close at 5:30 p.m.

Could it be that because of him, she stayed here all this time? That would be embarrassing!

As Ouyang Tao walked over to the manager girl’s counter, she lifted up her head: “Is anything wrong?”

“That…… I…… My apologies, because of me, the closing of the library was delayed……” Ouyang Tao sincerely apologised.

“No worries.” The manager girl did not seem to mind. “I belong here.”


“You’re welcome to come again.” She said as she looked down and continued reading.

“Oh, then I won’t disturb you. Rest early.” After Ouyang Tao said that, he turned and left. He himself did not know why he said the last sentence.

Although it was a bit creepy, the librarian was quite responsible.

Even though there was no change in her expression, Ouyang Tao felt that the girl revealed a bit of loneliness near the end. Why did no one visit the library? These thoughts kept bothering him.

As he left the library, the outside was nearly empty. There were only street lamps lighting up the road. The free buses had already stopped their service at 8 p.m. and Ouyang Tao’s dormitory in the special district was at least one kilometre away.

What else could I do? Walk I guess……

Augustus Academy was very quiet in at night but the atmosphere was unlike the ghastly library. There was no curfew the students had to abide by, therefore, one would occasionally hear the small talk of lovers in the bushes or the small forests.

Augustus Academy did not restrict relationships between students so therefore, the night was the best rendezvous time.

“Hey, chickie, is there something going on between you two?”

“Yeah, I didn’t expect this kid to know his stuff. He actually got such a fresh chick.”

Such speech that sounded like hooligans’ bullying was suddenly picked up by Ouyang Tao. This caused him to slow down his steps.

It can’t be? Such a prestigious academy had this kind of people? Should I care?

“Don’t be like that, we’re friends who had just met. Please don’t make it difficult for her……” The bullied party spoke, but sounded very weak.

“Did I ask you? Scram aside!”

This was followed by the sounds of a beating. Ouyang Tao could not take this anymore and clenched his fist tight.

“Don’t go overboard! Let’s see, how should I deal with you two!”

“Yo, this chick is pretty spicy.”

“Come, I want to see how you deal with us.”

Uh? This voice…… It can’t be!

Ouyang Tao immediately sprinted into the small forest……

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