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I Use My Privilege.
Translated by End.

How much time had passed?


Barely managing to open my eyes, the ashen bricks that made the Room of Summoning came into view. Fortunately, it looked like there was some time left before I had to enter the Rite of Passage. If I close my eyes right now, I would go back to sleep. So with all my energy, I lifted my head off the ground.  

As I imagined, there were message windows floating in the air. Lying on the ground didn’t impede my view, so I rested my head back on the floor and started reading the messages.

You have received a shock that is beyond what the body is able to handle. Vitality decreased by 10 points permanently.

Congratulations. You have burned away all the waste and impurities within your body. Energy is circulating, the flow Magic Power has been greatly increased. Vitality 2 points, Magic Power 6 points, has been permanently increased.  

The eternally blazing inferno, Hwajung has settled in your heart. Assimilation with Hwajung is current at 100%.

Dazed, I read the messages one by one. When I saw the info about my Vitality, it was like a cold water was dumped on me as I snapped back to reality. Reading the following messages, I munched on my lips. Seraph’s voice streamed into my ears, soon afterwards.

“Player Kim Su-Hyun. Have you regained your senses? Are you alright? Player Kim Su-Hyun!”

Well, I have at least recovered my hearing. At that annoying voice that was constantly interrupting my thoughts, I was about to retort that she should already know my physical state.

“───. ───. ───.”

‘Wha, what? Why is there only air….’

My voice didn’t come out. Rather, my voice did come but it was only a harsh rattle. My voice was gone. My heart felt hollow. No matter how much I tried to speak, only air passed through my throat.  

‘Nothing left but wait for my body to recovered.’

Giving out a large sigh, I called up my Player Status. I decided to wait for my body to recoup by checking the status window with the privileges applied.  

< Player Status >

1. Name : Kim Su-Hyun (Year(s) 0)
2. Class : Secret, Sword Specialist, Master
3. Affiliated Nation :
4. Affiliated Clan : –
5. Title · Nationality : Principal who is required to validate his entitlement, a Spare Player · South Korean
6. Gender(Sex) : Male(23)
7. Height · Weight : 181.5cm · 75.5kg
8. Alignment: Lawful · Chaos

(Before Change)
[Strength 86] [Resistance 92] [Agility 98] [Vitality 78] [Magic Power 90] [Luck 88]
(After Change)
[Strength 94] [Resistance 92] [Agility 98] [Vitality 70] [Magic Power 96] [Luck 88]
(Remaining attribute point: 0 point.)

< Achievements (0) >

1. The Third Eye (Rank: S Zero)

Description: Beyond the concept of ordinary eyes, The Third Eye falls under the Mystical Class. Put it simply, it is the ‘invisible eye’ linked to the principal’s instinct. Above the concept of simple ‘sight,’ all events in present state are discerned through higher order perception.

Originally, this ability allowed for the perception to leave the present state to observe the esoteric realm, but having forcefully gained this mysterious strength without training or attaining enlightenment, the ability declined by 2 ranks. Due to the effect of the permeating energy of the pure fire from Hwajung, the Ability has been adjusted upward by 1 Rank. In effect, nothing can fool Player Kim Su-Hyun’s eyes.

< Special Ability (1/1) >

1. Advance Weapon Mastery (Rank: Extra)

The ultimate pinnacle of swordsmanship, a zenith where sword and man become one. The moment a blade is held, a corrective action is asserted onto every swing. Although the blade has awakened to its limitations, the Player has yet to reach the pinnacle of swordsmanship. However through the years of experience and hard work, a multitude of achievement and class selection, the Ability has been adjusted upward by 2 Ranks. 

< Latent Ability (4/4) >

1. Close Combat (Rank: A Plus)

Description: An Ability that surpassed the extreme of what people can do with a melee weapon. At this point, it is no longer a simple battle ability but a skill that had reached the highest peak attainable for humans. In close combat, it is impossible to be pushed back. Due to years of experience and hard work, with the current Class selection, the Ability has been adjusted upward by 1 Ranks.  

2. Last Man Standing (Rank : A Plus)

Description: Giving up a battle is a foreign concept. Defeat is unacceptable. With such will, even fatal injuries will not impede fighting ability. In the case of mortal wounds, battle is possible but the ability to maintain fighting power will be reduced by half.

3. Mind’s Eye (Rank : A Plus)

Description: Seeing beyond the outward appearance, a mind’s eye to see the target’s inner being. Self-contemplation, the observation of all creation, the ability to detect or call forth similar phenomenon. With the heart governed by an iron fist, the principal can keep calm under the influence of mental pollution magic below S Rank.   

4. Blessing of War (Rank : Extra)

Description: Athena, the Goddess of War and the Guardian of Peace. Only active on the battlefield, a single soldier can enjoy the Goddess’s blessing on the field of battle. The player blessed with the divine protection receives the sight that spans the whole battlefield, and can pinpoint the location of any friendly forces in mortal peril. Having received a holy blessing, any damage caused by a magic ritual is always reduced. (This depends on the player’s Luck Attribute and the Rank of the Ability. Player Kim Su-Hyun’s Luck Attribute is at a respectable level, but this being a supreme divine protection, any magic ritual that is 1 Rank higher than the current Ability rank will receive some protection, magic ritual that is 2 Rank higher can still receive some damage reduction.

(Remaining Ability point: 0 points.)  

Reading the player status, I was filled with both elation and regret. Close Combat and Last Man Standing had been received randomly so there was nothing I could do about it. Still, the Abilities weren’t that bad and the Rank came out alright. More than anything, it should be as good as the Abilities I used in the past.    

One thing that defied my expectation and blew up in my face was the reduction of my Vitality. This attribute was the attribute that propped up everything else and acted as the pillar.  

Vitality, 70 points. I can pull the originally intended overall power, but 70 Vitality that propped it up was a very worrying problem. Using a car as a comparison, by design conditions everything was beyond outstanding, but the internals of the engine itself was very unsettling. In the case of engine overheating, there was a risk of burning or explosion. In the end, what Seraph and I imagined happened, both of us were half right.        

The worry about Vitality whirled continuously in my mind, but there was no immediate solution. There was no certainty on how much I could increase it in the future, but I had to scrap and secure every free point I get.

‘I am at 0 year but I did load up a 10-year physique…. Increasing it through training will be difficult.’

Still, it was a characteristic I could not solve immediately. Pushing these complicated thoughts in a corner, I decided to dedicate my entirety in healing my body. Because Seraph’s glare was becoming hotter and hotter. Well, my Abilities are already dazzling as is, wanting more at this point is greed.  

……. ……. ……. ……. ……. …….

I wonder how much time had passed. Maybe about 20 minutes, but I wanted to know the exact figure. I’m sure Seraph would provide it, but after I received all my privileges we didn’t seem to be on talking terms. All conversations became extinct. I closed my eyes, whatever will be will be.

Slowly time passed and my body became colder. No, it wasn’t a euphemism for death, the increased heat due to Hwajung’s energy was leaking out into the surroundings. The hot fire within me was gradually being reduced and I was regaining the lost sensations.    

The Player Status Window checked out. With the remaining time, I quietly meditated on my internal situation.

This was a huge drawback, but seeing life was still attached to my body, I achieved my goals. Having overcome a difficult ordeal, the reward was tremendous as the difficulty. Every waste and impurities in my body was boiled away, and all the pathways were unclogged.  

Not only that, the place where Magic Power didn’t flow to, the minute acupoints within the hand and feet being pierced was an unexpected outcome. My energy flowed faster than before, the increased flow of my Magic Power and its efficiency could not be compared to its previous state. If a fight between two equal Player occurred and a minuscule difference decided who won, then I had several weapons hoarded within.  


I felt some of the sensation returning and tried sending out my Magic Power throughout my body. From hand to foot, I let it flow to the very tip of my body. Bit more confident now, I gently pried my right arm and found that I felt a lot lighter. Every joint in my body still creaked and ached, but comparing to before when I couldn’t even feel anything, I was a whole lot better.  

After a while, with great difficulty, I raised myself up. Lifting my face toward Seraph, I met her eyes. She looked disinterest, her eyes remained tranquil as she looked blankly at me. My cloth was more miserable than rags, but I didn’t feel any shame. Because the woman in front of me was an Angel and couldn’t be seen as the opposite sex.

Shrugging my shoulder, I tapped my left wrist with my right hand, indicating I wanted to know the time.  

“Time to enter the Rite of Passage has come. Please be ready.”

Seraph’s voice was cold and dry. She was definitely angry. The memory of her just now, rolling on her feet as she watched over me came to mind.  


I decided it was enough. I did not want any more quarrel with her. I got everything I needed anyways.  

“I am ready. Transfer me.”

“Player Kim Su-Hyun. Is your condition alright?”

“Mhmm. It’s not bad.”

“…. Then I shall transfer you immediately. Time is short, therefore when you enter the Preparation Room, I advise that you act quickly as possible.”

“Sure, sure.” At my insincere response, Seraph’s beautiful brows were marred with a frown. However, she lightly lifted her fingers and flicked.   


With the sound of fingers snapping, my body became gradually transparent. How to explain it, like getting erased by an eraser?

“I shall give one advice, inattention in any situation is prohibited. Please pass the Rite of Passage safely, it would be a pleasure to see you once more. Player Kim Su-Hyun, good luck..”

“Seraph. Nagging is prohibited from now on. Next time I see you, please keep your mouth closed.”

Kkung, Kkeeeeung.

After the light banter, I heard the familiar sound of machinery again. I kept my calm and looked down. A third of my legs had already faded, and soon the rest of my body would follow. I slowly closed my eyes as I saw myself fade.  

A new start that was 10 years in the making. A new future would be established. The future that will come, a future that I will establish. Where no one would be lost, where no one would fall into despair. A future that I, Kim Su-Hyun, would change. These thoughts filled my heart with emotions.

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