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Zero Code, Turning Back 10 Years.
Translated by End

< Player Status >

1. Name : Kim Su Hyun (10 Years)
2. Class : Normal, Sword User, Master
3. Affiliated Nation : Terra
4. Affiliated Clan : –
5. True Character · Nationality : Contemplates the World wanting Seclusion, Zenith(頂上) · South Korean
6. Gender(Sex) : Male(33)
7. Height · Weight : 181.5cm · 75.5kg
8. Alignment: Lawful · Chaos

[Strength 86] [Resistance 92] [Agility 96] [Vitality 78] [Magic Power 48] [Luck 36] (Remaining stat point is: 0 point.)

< Achievements (21) >
< Special Ability (1/1) >
< Latent Ability (4/4) >

Nothing came to mind. Numbness permeated as I flicked the small marble in my left hand.

“Player Kim Su-Hyun.”

10 years. In that long time, I accomplish what I yearned for, what I dreamed of. But, it didn’t disappear. I was still filled and tormented by the feeling of loss and coldness in my heart.

“Player Kim Su-Hyun. Will you permit me to ask again?”

The quiet, but beautiful silvery voice knocked on my ear. Pulled by the voice, I gradually lifted my head. The more I came about, the more I was haunted by the ashen brick floor. When my vision was filled with a space reaching 30 坪, my gradually widening sight stopped.

That which announces the start of all things, and forms all ends, the ‘Room of Summoning.’ In the centre of the room was a rectangular altar, and on top of the altar, a translucent wing swayed shining a white light. Filled with the feeling of emptiness, I focused my sight on the ‘Angel’ sitting on the alter.  

“Player Kim Su-Hyun, I shall reconfirm your request. Do you truly wish to revert the time of Hall Plain?”


Slowly nodding my head, I stare at the angel in front of me. Looks that would be praised as pinnacle of beauty, skin that was flawless and smooth, the risque clothes which hinted at her body. All of this had eyes only for me.   

But no desire swelled up in me. Even with Angel’s beauty, or her loving gaze. Nothing could make my already dead heart to react. Since that ‘day’, I had lost all feeling.

“I cannot consent to this. Every Angel including me, cannot understand you.”

“No, you are mistaken. I had never wished for your kind’s understanding, Seraph.”

My ear picked up my own voice, it was cold. The Angel, Seraph, unusually her voice was trembling slightly today. Except for today, I cannot even remember once where she had disagreed with me. Did what I said really that unsettling?    

There was a hint of assent, but Seraph had immediately recovered her blank expression. She began to admonish me with her subdued, but a courteous voice.  

“Player Kim Su-Hyun, you have accomplished all the mission of Hall Plain and became the first player to grasp it’s pinnacle.”


“‘So’ is not the answer. That you have earnestly longed for, the Zero Code has been attained. You have ‘entitlement.’ With the boundary of ‘entitlement,’ you can accomplish whatever you want.”

“Seraph. The discussion’s already over.”

“Return to Earth? Acceptable. You can return to Earth retaining all your abilities. Remain in Hall Plain? Also Acceptable. With the Zero Code you can become the ruler over the whole continent, no, you can become an even greater existence than a king.”

She didn’t seem like she would end anytime soon. Giving out a large sigh, I rested my right hand near my hips. My hand came to rest on a familiar handle of a blade.  

“Sigh, 10 years of swallowing your flattery is enough. I tire of it. Seraph? I shall speak no longer. No matter what words you use to entice me, I shall not reconsider the use of the Zero Code.”

Grasping the handle tightly to the breaking point, I awakened my magic power. As if she read the rising energy from my body, Seraph closed her lips in an instant. But even that was momentary. Her ever watching face was etched with worry. Seem she still had not given up trying to persuade my course of action.

“The complete ownership of Zero Code is within the Player Kim Su-Hyun’s hand. We do not have the jurisdiction to touch it. Therefore it is so much more regretful. Using the item harbouring such almighty power to simply turning back time is, illogical.”


“I shall confirm for the final time. Player Kim Su-Hyun, do you truly wish to repeat the 10 years of torment?”

Seraph’s voice was close to sad pleading by the end. Suddenly, reasonless laughter erupted from me. This was as exactly as described, a laughter without reason.

I laughed silently for a long while.


This was not Earth. This was completely different to the simple day’s people were blessed with, ‘Hall Plain,’ a different world where something occurred outside the bounds of an ordinary routine.

I closed my eyes gently, and retrospectively retraced everything that I had experienced one by one.  

First time I had arrived in Hall Plain, it was 10 years ago, when I was 23 years old with the whole future before me. The last memories I have of Earth was me happily returning home from 2 years of army training. That was the only thing I can dredge up.  

After reporting my discharge from the military and during my return trip home, I fell asleep on the train. When I came about, I was summoned to this very ‘Room of Summoning.’ As I gained full awareness, an Angel that only existed in imagination was in front of me, with her wings gently swaying about.

A situation I didn’t know anything about, or could have done anything about. Buoyant by the dream of finally going home, the situation was no different than being thunderstruck.

This was no dream or imagination. As I came to the realization of this reality, I pleaded with the Angel to return me home. But I was moved to the next place called, ‘Rite of Passage,’ a place that ascertain my entitlement. In that place, I saw monsters for the first time in my life, I was pursued and forced to finish the test against my will.

The test duration was set for 7 days. Set in a battlefield with constant struggle for survival. Sunk into innumerable life threatening situation, I hanged onto dear life for a week to be earn the entitlement of ‘Player (User)’ to enter the world of ‘Hall Plain.’

But the Rite of Passage did not end there. The true start was at Hall Plain itself. If the Rite of Passage was a battle of life and death, Hall Plain was true hell where only death awaited.   

And the start of my life in Hall Plain.

I wanted to live. Because I wanted to live, I adapted to this abnormal world called ‘Hall Plain’ with desperation. I clinged all my hope to the Angel’s word that I could return once I reached the end, I staggered through 10 years of existence. Yes, I only wanted to live and return. With all my loved ones that I could not break.

“Player Kim Su-Hyun. What are you thinking so deeply about? Perhaps your thoughts……”

As the words ‘loved one’ came about, a rush of emotions arose. I shook my head violently. Being trapped in my reminiscence was not the important issue.  

“Ah, I was just thinking some old thoughts. By the way, repeating 10 years of torment…. To see you use such words, do you at least have some shred of conscience?”


“Yes. Thanks to your kinds, I experienced anguish I did not have to. No less than 10 years of it.”

“Player Kim Su-Hyun.”

As if she was trying to read my state of mind, Seraph’s eyes were observing my every point. The instant I tried to tell her to quit it, her beautiful lips opened and a tranquil voice poured out.     

“Perhaps, if Player Kim Su-Hyun is thinking about Player Han So Yung…… I believe I understand what is it you want. Player Kim Su-Hyun. I have a very reasonable proposition. With the currently possessed GP, you have amassed enough points to invoke several wishes. You need not be so obstinate about using the Zero Code to return to the past…..”

‘I don’t want to admit it, but that bastard was right.’

I knew such words would come out. Even before Seraph’s finished her speech, I pulled out my sword from it sheath and with all my strength whirled it.


The sharp piercing tone of the wind being ripped to threads. The wave I shot shook the altar Seraph was sitting on. Though that was all it did. The wave dissipated without a trace against the pure white shell she created.

“Player Kim Su-Hyun….. I understand your sentiment, but that was meaningless. I believe you yourself already realise this.”

I already did. Players could not harm the Angels. Regardless, the reason I pull my sword was to vehemently reaffirm that I was determined on this course of action.

“Astaroth told me as such the moment he died. That in the end, you were cut from the same cloth.”

“Will you now believe in the words of a devil? You of all people?”

“Is it not the truth? That is not permissible, this is not permissible. In the end, there is no difference.”

“Pause, pause the conversation…. I believe you have sufficiently clarified your request.”

“You do not have ‘entitlement.’ That is not permissible without ‘entitlement.’ Why are you so dissatisfied when I even told you I would go back and make the gain ‘entitlement’?”

“Su Hyun!”


“Be quiet, I haven’t blocked my ears. Also, used the Player title like you always do.”

Again the waves flew at her and disappeared. As if she couldn’t believe the sudden outburst, she stared at me with melancholic eyes. Regardless I fixed my grip on the fiercely shining sword that was measured at her. As I pumped magic power into it, small sprouts of deep blue flames began to soar. Staring at the tip of the sword, Seraph gnawed her lip.

“I shall warn you for the last time. Remove your sword at once. No matter what setting you are allowed to use, your origin is Human. Please allow me to clarify that it’s a miscalculation to think you can kill a Far Dimensional Class being”

“Really? Should we test it out? Leaving off everything and using the Zero Code for the entitlement to kill your kind should work.”

“You have the clear authority in its use. Though to complete the activation of Zero Code, it must go through us unconditionally. Please abandon your fruitless dream.”

“You are confident. Is there really no other way?”

“Su….. Player Kim Su-Hyun. Ple…… This is a meaningless altercation. Though…..”

Seraph seems to have more to say as her lips stumbled. But as if she felt the blossoming, cold rage from the sword and earnest emotion that followed with it, she closed her mouth tightly.



Momentarily, the heavy silence clouded over between Seraph and I. I settled my boiling agitation and let the sword down slowly. With my desolate spirit I lifted the Zero Code that was clasped in my left hand. A dark blue light was brooding within the small, alluring piece of marble. Really, this small thing…….

“Seraph. I do not wish to fight, or talk about this any longer. If you truly understand my heart, and you truly have my best interest. I entrust you.”

Seeped in sorrow, as soon as I spoke of ‘entrust,’ Seraph’s eyes became suddenly wide. I stretched out the hand holding the Zero Code in her direction. Now, I was completely certain in my decision.  

“I shall request again. I want to go back 10 years. That time when I first entered here, to that specific period.”

As if it read my sincere determination, at that moment, the dark light that gave off from the Zero Code erupted to a bright haloes of light. I opened that hand that was tightly grasping the Zero Code. The brilliantly shining sphere floated gently, it drew a very thin parabola as it flew toward Seraph. She accepted the sphere with a vacant expression.

Seraph’s empty gaze met with mine and became entangled in space. How long we must have spent looking at each other. Her lips, slowly, very slowly opened.

“If that is what you truly wish.”


“I shall respect your wishes.”


As Seraph blankly looked at me, her spiritless face spoke again.  

“Please do not misinterpret what I am about to say. I spoke before, Player Kim Su-Hyun, you are currently in possession of considerable GP. To let it disappear like this is not a rational action.”

I shook my head left to right at Seraph’s words. I was going to go back so what was the use of the Gold Point (GP)? But it seems Seraph had a different idea, she manipulated her hands so fast that it couldn’t be seen by the naked eye.  

“This is an unbelievable occurrence, your determination has awakened a reaction from the Zero Code. Acceptable. By my authority as your Assistant, I shall take care of the specific matters at my discretion. Of course, User Kim Su-Hyun will not see a scrap of the work required. I shall see you once again as soon as the work is complete.”

After the work is complete? See me soon? The instant I was about to ask how I could exchange words when she sprouted things that made absolute no sense, the moment I was about to open my mouth, the Room of Summoning was filled with a grand voice I had never heard before.  

“Received User Kim Su-Hyun’s request. 27%, 58%, 77% 100%. Loading…. Approved. Access granted. Right now Code Name Zero shall commence. Please be ready.”

Grrrr. Krrggrrrrrr.

From nowhere, a sound similar to rusted machinery moving could be heard. Simultaneously, the Zero Code that entered Seraph’s bosom, shined with a clear, bright light that scattered in the air.  


Light so bright that it stung the eye continued to pour forth. The sound of rusted machinery filled the background. An indescribable and eerie sensation rippled through my whole body and passed by. This was not unfamiliar. The sensation of space being twisted, and the feeling of something flying by. The sensation closely resembled the world being distorted when the Great Prince of Hell made an appearance in the battle to recapture Atlanta.

As more time passed, the radiant light covered Seraph completely that I could no longer see her figure. Before long, I closed my eyes, whatever will be will be.

============= Postscript =============

1. Revision to the Player Status Window.

2. Supplement the activation of Zero Code.

3. Revision of typo and context.

============= Translator’s Note =============

평:- Phonetic: Phyung(坪) is about 3.3 squared meter.

사용자 – There is a mixture of English in the raw, the word User/Player is intermingled by the author.

Gamedev.stackexchange this Sean Middleditch explains it quite well:

The user profile is handling a service that deals only with users. The simulation server deals with in-game things. The simulation server has an ID that corresponds to each user, so its Player class might look something like:

struct Player

{ UserId _user;

PlayerId _player;

int _health; // etc.};”

Technically as the alternative dimension can be considered as a ‘simulation server,’ Player would be the right definition. At the end, as the Zero Code is affecting the ‘User Account,’ and the term has been used as such.

자격 – Qualification would be a better literal fit, but in terms of the story and tone, I decided ‘entitlement’ would be the better diction.

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