Legend Chapter 193

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A purple fog emerged in the city of Baar, paralyzing all those who touched it. Diarog and Seis reacted quickly after knowing that the dungeon core, that was the cause of the fog, had been destroyed.

Whether they could be called mentally connected, Seis immediately nodded after looking at Diarog.

「Mm. The slimes were the one producing the fog. If the dungeon core that was spawning the slimes is not around anymore, the matter is not that hard. If we manage to clear the fog itself before the fog causes anymore damage, we’ll be able to end the disturbance.」

「But, Seis-san. The problem is how to do that.」

At the words of the middle-aged man, the others in the office nodded similarly.

Indeed, the resolution to the situation was welcomed by everyone in the office, but it was important how they were actually going to deal with it. It was no exaggeration to say that the people here represented the interests of all residents in the city of Baar. If something bad were to happen. They couldn’t help but have such thoughts.

However, it was because they believed in the ability of Seis and Diarog, who was governing the city on behalf of the actual lord, that they only said that much. If it had been the original lord and not Diarog, what would have happened.

The middle-aged man imagined that in his mind.

As a noble very interested in magic, the dungeon core would have been extremely appealing. Yes, for example, he would nurture the dungeon core even at the cost of the residents of the city. He couldn’t ignore the possibility that lord would even go all the way into turning the city into a labyrinth city.

He felt a cold tingle down his spine before shaking his head and turning to look at the guild master. He hoped that Seis, the greatest mage in the city, would have some means to deal with it.

「Hmm, that’s right. If that purple fog is really fog, the easiest method would be to blow it out of the city with wind magic. Or, if we can raise the temperature, the fog can be cleared……however, those are only measures to deal with ordinary fog. I can’t say I’ve actually tried it.」

「Ignoring wind, fire isn’t great. Especially in the eastern storage facility where the distilled spirits are stored. It’s possible that it would catch fire if things go badly.」

Wind and fire. Seis proposed those two solutions but fire was immediately dismissed as an option by Diarog.

Southernus, who had been listening in, nodded as well. Rei gave a sigh as it looked liked his fire specialisation wouldn’t get a turn this time.

Seis saw Rei sigh and gave a questioning look before asking.

「Rei. If you have such great magic power, you should be able to use quite powerful magic. But can you use wind magic?」

「……No. Unfortunately. I might certainly have a great amount of magic power, but I’m pretty much a fire specialist mage. It’s not that I can’t use wind magic, but the most I can do is to create a hand out of wind or to use it to slash enemies.」

「What……no, it’s true that it is difficult to master magic outside any attributes you are good at even if you have such an amount of magic power. Hmm, I have no answer to that.」

Seis gave a sigh as he looked at Rei.

To be honest, Seis had thought it would be possible to utilise Rei’s magic. However, his idea was easily rejected by Rei.

(If it’s somewhere no one can see, I might be able to manage with Set’s Tornado and the Death Scythe’s Wind Hand……well, I’ll consider it a last resort if we run out of options.)

As he was thinking about it, he also felt that Seis, who gave off the atmosphere of a first class mage, would come up with something different.

And it was quickly proved that his thoughts were right.

Seis, who had been thinking about something, suddenly turned and looked at Rei with a strong gaze.

Maybe he was wondering about Seis’s state, Diarog spoke up.

「Seis, what’s wrong? Is there some method?」

「……Mm. Speaking of that, there is. However, it’s a bit pathetic for me. Do you remember the magic item you got in the dungeon previously?」

「Huh? What’s with that all of a sudden?」

Diarog was confused at the sudden change in topic, but Seis ignored that and kept talking while keeping his eyes on Rei.

「It’s the magic item we got in the dungeon called the Snow White Labyrinth. Hey, the one Marina used to pass me more magic power after I couldn’t finish the Aqua Golem with my magic.」

At those words, Diarog though for several seconds before immediately remembering what his best friend was talking about. It was as if he was hit by a spark.

「Ahh, the resonance necklace or something.」

「Yes. That’s the one. Do you remember it’s effect?」

「If I’m not mistaken, it’s used to send magic power to someone else……-!?」

It seemed he knew what Seis was suggesting. Like Seis, he looked at Rei with a strong gaze as well.

「Diarog-san, Seis-san. I’m sorry, but could you two explain it to use so we can understand?」

Everyone in the office gave a small nod at Southernus’s words as he turned to look at the two of them

Diarog communicated with Seis using their eyes before Seis nodded and started to explain to everyone else in the room.

「It’s a magic item I have called『Necklances of Resonance』. As Diarog said earlier, it’s an item that only shows its effects when there are two mages. ……At this point, I think you can understand that it isn’t easy to use. ……For the person recieving the magic power, in this case me, there are also some side effects」

Everyone in the office, including Rei, nodded at Seis’s words.

Basically, there weren’t many mages. If it was a magic item that could only show its effect when two mages were present, its usability was certainly quite low.

「It’s a pair of necklaces with the effect that magic power can be sent across them. In other words, using simple calculation, a single magic can be used by two people. ……However, because there is some loss while sending magic power, it can’t exactly be considered the addition of both mages. Right here, I am good with wind and water magic and Rei has a massive amount of magic power. I think Rei will understand by now.」

The others, who had been wondering what to do with the fog, finally understood. Their expressions shined brightly.

「Is that possible right now?」

At that question which was filled with hope, Seis turned to look at Rei.

「I have no problems. ……How about it. We will be grateful if you can do it for the city.」

「No, I don’t have any problems. There would be no point otherwise even if we have gotten rid of Magic Fever.」

Should I request for some sort of reward? Rei considered that, but the first place, request was to investigate the cause of Magic Fever. In that case, he judged that the fog that was currently in the city would fall within the range of the request and nodded immediately..

Those in the office who heard Rei’s words all had smiles on their faces as the situation finally reached a resolution.

「Okay. Let’s quickly clear up the fog before anymore damage is caused. Seis, where are the Necklaces of Resonance?」

「They are in the guild office.」

「Can you get them right away?」

「Ah, of course.」

Seis immediately answered at Diarog’s question. Following the spread of Magic Fever, the city had been attacked by purple fog. He was filled with joy that he could do something about it. Neither Diarog or Seis had been born in Baar. But even then, because they ruled or worked with the city, it was impossible for them to not have feelings for it.

「Okay. Seis will get the Necklaces of Resonance right away. Please wait outside Rei. We’ll start right away when Seis gets back.」

Following Diarog’s instructions, they each started their actions. Seis quickly headed for the guild while Diarog left the office to give further instructions.

Rei was about to head out of the office to clean up the troublesome problem when.


Southernus called out to him from behind, stopping him.

「What’s wrong?」

「……That, I don’t know what to say. ……This city, I’ll leave it to you.」

Southernus’s attitude wasn’t as casual as when he had been searching for the cause of Magic Fever with Rei today but was more like the serious attitude he had when Rei had reached the city of Baar yesterday.

(It seems he’s properly differentiated official and private situations. Or, is it because of this personality that he is liked by his subordinates despite the various things that have happened.)

While thinking to himself, Rei gave a small nod.

「Leave it to me. ……However, as you’ve heard the story from the guild master, I can only supply magic power. Shouldn’t you say those words to the guild master and not me?」

「……But whatever I say to Seis, he is the guild master of this city. In other words, he has an obligation to protect this city. But isn’t it different for you Rei? In the first place, you were only supposed to bring relief supplies, including Aurani grass powder. Although you can say you received a request to investigate the cause of Magic Fever, there was no need to go to the point of exposing yourself to danger.」

「You know, I’m not working for the city without considering the danger to myself. I don’t know whether you heard about it, but even though I brought the relief supplies, or even though I investigated the cause of Magic Fever, it was because I wanted the reward I was promised for it. Regarding Magic Fever in particular, with my magic power, I know that I won’t be affected.」

「Even so. I would still like to thank you for saving this city.」

Rei gave a small sigh at the stubborn Southernus.

「I understand. Do as you want. If there’s any more, I’ll have to get going soon. I want to be waiting outside before the guild master gets back. I would like to finish this troublesome thing quickly so I can sleep for the rest of the week.」

「Ah. I don’t think I’ll be going as I have to watch over the paralyzed residents as the guard captain……I’ll leave it to you.」

Sent out as Southernus called out to him from behind, Rei left the lord’s residence while receiving looks of expectation from the others in the office.


Set, who had been monitoring the fog from the top of a roof, quickly found Rei as he came out of the lord’s residence and landed on the ground with a flap of his wings.

The residents near Rei retreated for a moment before noticing Rei and nodding in understanding. They resumed their actions of calming family and friends of those who had been paralyzed by the fog.

Like that, Rei and Set walked together. The evacuation of those who lived in the east side of the city had finally settled down as he passed through the gate while looking at the surroundings and joining up with Diarog, who was giving out instructions nearby.

「Oh, you’ve come. Seis will be coming soon, please wait a bit.」

「Yes. There’s no problem. I can move out at any time. Diarog-san, please leave your time to giving instructions out.」

「Thanks. Hey, bring the injured and sick into the lord’s residence! People ill with Magic Fever go to the hall! Those who are paralyzed due to the fog go to the garden!」


「Also, calm down those who are evacuating. We still have plenty of food don’t we? Start cooking!」

「I understand!」

While Diarog gave out instructions like that, Rei turned to look at the city’s east.

Fortunately, the fog that covered the eastern part of the city had spread no further. It just stayed there. In that regard, Rei’s decision to destroy the dungeon core was a success in some way. If he had just evacuated from the storage facility without doing anything when it started to spit out slimes, half the city would have been covered in fog by this time.

(Fortunately, the production of the fog has stopped. In which case, the only thing left to do is to deal with the remaining fog.)

While he was thinking about that, he heard footsteps approaching.

When he turned around, he saw Seis wearing a green robe and holding a 1.5m cane in his hand with a serious expression. It seemed he had made his preparations. Although he was close to an elderly age, from his figure, Rei could feel his skill as a first class mage.

「I’ve kept you waiting. Let’s go right away.」



 Nodding at Seis’s words, Rei went after him, followed by Set.

「Seis, Rei, I’ll leave it to you.」

「Mm. Leave it to us. As the lord, make sure that the residents of the city won’t get hurt.」

「Please leave it to us. I’ll get rid of that horrible fog right away.」

At Diarog’s words and expectations of the residents who were in the area, the three of them left for the city’s east.

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