Legend Chapter 204

Here’s Chapter 204,

Rei get’s an invitation he can’t refuse, or rather that’s what they think.
A guy called Uruipuka shows up again in this chapter, for those that don’t remember, that was the name of one of the adventurers Rei saved from the Gamelion rare species.
However, I don’t know if it’s the same guy, just keep that in mind.
I will update in future once I know.

And again, apologies for the delay.

Long story short, I spent most of yesterday writing a research report due next Monday.
Due to my various procrastination, I ended up starting to write it up a lot later than I should have.
It’s not long, but but there’s a bunch of research I need to do for it and in the end I only started translating this chapter late last night.

And then a friend invited me to continue a Skaven co-op campaign we had going.
It was meant to be a 1.5 hour session, but as games like Total War tend to go……let’s just say we stopped about 3 hours later.

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