Legend Chapter 198

Here’s Chapter 198,

Rei finally leaves Baar and begins the journey back to Gilm.

Apologies that this chapter came out slightly late, there were a few things I was setting up which I will talk about.
So a lot of you have probably realised by now, but practically speaking, I stand effectively 0% chance of ever catching up with the current chapter of the Legend webnovel that the author has written up to.
I’m enjoying translation still, but the fact that I will never catch up has sapped a bit away of my motivation.
I’m not at the point where I can’t stand the story, because I would just drop if that were the case, but it does feels like I’m trying to do the impossible.
I’ve talked about it with a few other translators and they’ve given me some suggestions which I’m going to put up on a poll with a link below.

If most of you don’t mind that I will probably never finish the series, I don’t mind continuing to translate the webnovel either.

Another option is that I can start to translate the light novel version instead.
If this is the case, I would likely translate from volume 1 again, but I think it would be worth starting from the beginning as the light novels are more polished and have some slight story differences.

A third option is that I drop Legend and work on some other series that is slightly more manageable.

Any decision I make will likely be at the end of an WN arc, and as this arc ends at chapter 201, I thought it would be an appropriate time to say this.
I will continue to link the poll until the release of the last chapter of the arc.


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