Legend Chapter 116

Here’s Chapter 116

Did I say that skill acquisition was over last week? Well I lied!
Actually, to be honest, I only got to this chapter around 8pm last night so I didn’t know either ahaha.

A few other things I would like to ask you all this week as they have been things I’ve been considering for a while.

First is Zepairu vs Zephyr.
I’ve stuck with Zepairu so far because that is what I started with, but it’s beginning to sound awkward compared to other names. I am considering changing to 87%’s translation as Zephyr.

Second is King’s Awe vs King’s Intimidation.
It struck me recently that Set’s skill is more of scaring other creatures rather than putting up a grand display, so intimidation might fit better.

Drop your thoughts and I will decide on one by next week. Actually changing all mentions, if I do, will take a bit longer due to me having to change every mention in over 100 chapters.


Lastly, I decided that since I actually have a desktop at home, maybe I should actually use it instead of using my laptop at home. The end result is that I can now run Nier Automata at 1080p highest quality graphics instead of at 360p, lower than lowest quality graphics on my laptop. This also means I can now admire 2B’s high quality assets.

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