Legend Chapter 108

Here’s Chapter 108, but please keep reading as there are some announcements, kinda.

Firstly, surprise, surprise, I actually manage to get two chapters done this week ahaha.
Chapter 109 should be out two minutes after this post.

Secondly, some info about the LN images. I only have LN illustrations up to volume 3.
The next arc is covered by volume 4, so I don’t have the illustrations on had to add in. They will be added in if I ever get them.
Keeping on the subject of illustrations, volume 8 of the LN of Legend was released this year so I’ve added the volume cover to the Gallery.

Thirdly, as with previous arcs, the next few chapters are likely to be a wind down of the previous arc before gearing up for the next one.
The next arc is called Azoth Firm, featuring your definitely honourable and not dodgy company, Azoth Firm.

Lastly, uni starts back up for me next Monday, followed by work placement the week after, so things are likely to get quite hectic for me until I settle into a routine.
However, chapters will still come out as usual, because I am machine I never sleep~
Actually no, that’s Chamber, not sure how he’s surviving translating that many chapters of Everyone Else is a Returnee, but I’m not complaining lol.

And wow this has turned into a wall of text.
If you’ve read all the way to here, thanks and go read that chapter now XD

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