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68 Talent School Assault 5

Just when I was going to exit to the schoolyard in front of the main gate after leaving Shinozaki-san to the other teachers who came to the infirmary.

I saw something unexpected.


「Variant」, the ruin of what once was a Talent User after Extrafication.

Furthermore, I have never seen nor heard of such a huge Variant.
How strong is that……surely, equal to a Level 4………No, it’s better to think that the Talent Image more than that was forcibly overwritten. An abnormal individual under the state of excessive overwriting.

In that case, the Talent power’s overflow will not stop. That body will enlarge and sooner or later, this region will be swallowed by that abnormal individual. We need to destroy the 「core (Talent Field)」 of that as soon as possible.

The one fighting that now is Serizawa-kun? And, Hikawa-kun?

I need to tell them.
That the real body is just a 8 millimeter small core……and the only way to stop the monster is by destroying it.

While thinking that, I was shocked. I realized that I don’t have any way to get there.
The battle unfolded there is too intense. The exchange of overwhelming violence.

If I step into it even with just a step, I might get killed in a blink of an eye……

However, suddenly, the offense and defense stopped.
When I look there, the rock 「Variant」 that was raining down rocks, raised its hands up, and stopped.
Serizawa-kun and Hikawa-kun wait and see the opponent’s conduct.

A brief silence.

Now. I need to tell them the way to defeat that now…
While thinking that, it was when I tried to run.

Suddenly, it gets dark as if it’s going to rain.
No, today was supposed to be a clear weather……

Just like that, when I look at the sky.

There’s a huge object covering the skies.
A few kilometers big black mass with rough rock surface, is falling towards here.

「No way……!!!!!」

If that thing reached here.

Surely, not only this Teihen High School, but even the town……No, according to the speed, it might even affect the neighboring cities. A large-scale destruction will occur. If we let that thing fall, the city will be destroyed for sure.

But I’m sure that we can’t do anything about it anymore.
I understood that immediately.

In this country, there’s no one who can do something about that ridiculous thing immediately.
……There’s an 『exception』.


And that 『exception』 is not here now.

I have already send a rescue signal. He should be heading towards here from Hokkaido now.
But that huge mass of rock is already falling.
It’s different during his golden age, but with the handicap he is carrying now, Otou-san will never make it in time.

I fall to my knees, and I look up at the sky in despair.
The 『only exception』 who’s always here, is absent.
With that, with just that, Teihen High School is that fragile.

While sitting on the ground at my wit’s end, I look up at the approaching huge shadow of death.

「I’m sorry……Otou-san……In the end……I couldn’t protect anything……」

Just like that, it was when I accepted my expected death in a few minutes later……

A cloud of dust blew up from the schoolyard, and I saw a figure of a boy flying towards the sky like a rocket.




What to do? What should I do?
What should I do after reaching there!?

I don’t know.
Without knowing what to do, the distance between me and that huge rock shortened, and I finally arrived…


In front of the huge wall…I start to heat up the air below the huge mass entirely, giving it an upward propulsive power. The next moment, a membrane of thick air is created under the rock.


I feel like the rock’s falling speed has decreased slightly. But…

「Not good!! If like this, the result will be the same!!!」

The fall of the rock won’t stop. What should I do!?
If I break it……it will become smaller.
But those fragments will rain down and cause destruction on various places. As a result, it’s the same.

What to do……!!!

「Shit!!! I have no choice but this!!! 『Ignition』!!!」

Just like that, I move the air with the maximum output, and continue to push the huge mass.
I can’t think of anything but this.
But……the fall of the rock won’t stop. Clashing to the ground is a matter of time.

「Not enough output……!」

Air is not good enough. I need something else, something that has a great firepower.
Nothing here. Something with a greater power……!

……No, wait. It feels a little weird.
Calm down. I’m definitely overlooking something. I have such feeling.

Not enough firepower? No fuel?
………No. No no no. There’s no such reason.
What am I saying? Are you blind? After all, in front of me…

「Isn’t there……a super-large fuel」

Just like that, I place my hands on the huge ceiling, and continue to heat up the bottom of the rock. And the rock surface starts to boil…

「『Heat Up』…!!!」

And I evaporate the rock, and immediately turn it into propulsive power by burning it.
Now, I just need to do it like how I do it with 「air」.


The rock in front of me, starts to blow out fire from the bottom like a rocket, and rises up.
Changing the fuel from 「air」 to 「rock」……by just changing to a super-large solid fuel, there’s a surprising difference.
If like this……it will work.

「Fly back out of the atmosphere!!!!! 『Heat Up』!!!」

While using 「Pleasable」 at the same time, the rock’s propulsive power increased rapidly, launching the rock up.
While releasing a strong flash as if a satellite rocket’s launch, I was blown away downwards due to the recoil from the fire.


Shit. I didn’t think of the recoil. But I have already master 「Ignition」. While controlling my posture in the air, I raise the propulsive power just before hitting the ground.


Just like that, I returned to the air while gouging the ground. The fragments of the rock that were torn off by the impact, entered my sight.

As expected, it broke.
But if it’s that size………!!!
Raising my speed, I head towards the fragments of the rock.

「『Heat Cut』!!!」

I confirm the rubbles one by one, cut them into small pieces, and burn them into solid fuel.
After the slashes, a flash ran……and the rock burst.
Oh yeah, if I make them into trash like this, then, it won’t be a problem even if they fall.

Just like that, I dispose all of the large rocks that I saw one by one. My internal organs are okay, but since a while ago, I almost lost my consciousness a few times due to the sudden acceleration. But still, I have something to do. I need to do what I can do now.
Thinking that, while desperately enduring the pain as if my body is tearing apart, I head towards the next aim.




At that time, everyone in the town looked up at the sky dumbfoundedly.

A huge black something appeared suddenly in the sky.
Everyone trembled and stared at the thing that covered the whole town in shadow.
A sudden threat without any harbinger. An omen of clear destruction. If there are people who cry and shout on the spot, there are also people who stand still……Everyone had a hunch that their lives are going to end.

But just when it suddenly shined, it rose up……immediately following, a shock wave blew above the town.

Just like that, the shining object flew up like a rocket, and there’s a large amount of flash below it. The thing that sheds light as if a firework, accumulates and accumulates…
When they realized it, a carpet of light covered the whole town, and illuminated the town.

A delayed sound of explosion resounded.
There’s a male student with pointed hair who woke up by that. He looks at the sky through the classroom’s window……

「Ah…what, a dream…」

Muttering that, he returned to his own seat in the classroom slowly, and went back to sleep.

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