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124 The first day of school after the war

Author note: 4th Arc starts.
There will be some announcement in the afterword.

「I am!! Really!! Sorry for what I did the other day!!!」

The next morning.

In order to show my apologetic attitude from my heart, I put all my strength into prostrating at the front of the classroom.


The silence filling the classroom.
Even after a while, no one gave a respond.

Well, that’s natural. There are many students who didn’t know about what happened yesterday.
For them, my prostrating figure is just an incomprehensible action.
But I am now apologizing to those who know about it……The people who experienced the danger caused by myself.
I cornered those who gathered as the trainees of the 『Talent Police Reserve Corps』 to the depths of death by my mistake.

The great disaster of the heat created by me–evaporating everyone in no time.

It seems that the reason why it didn’t reach that far was because Hikawa-kun and Tsuchitori-san created a wall desperately to mitigate the strong heat ray, but still, they couldn’t blocked all of it as there were some people who were on the verge of death.

Hiding themselves in the shadow created by Kurasaki-kun until the heat ray stopped, and after that, Kagura-san who barely withstood it, healed everyone and everyone barely survived. When I heard that from Meria-sensei, I don’t feel like living. Meria-sensei said that “It is okay because everyone was safe”, but that’s not the problem.

If something went wrong, everyone would have died.

Rather, not dying just means that they are lucky.
I almost killed everyone on that spot instantly.
When thinking of that, I don’t think they will forgive me with just this, but anyway, I need to apologize with all my heart first.
Thinking that, when I reached the school, I was going to prostrate myself.


After a long silence, I heard footsteps getting closer to me suddenly.


Even if I want to confirm who it is, I can’t raise my head. I am in the middle of prostrating right now. While rubbing my forehead to the floor, I confirm the person within the range I can see. Apparently, it’s a girl who’s approaching me.

「Hey, Serizawa-kun. Why are you……prostrating suddenly?」

This pressing voice……it was Yumino-san.
I replied to her question while keeping my face to the floor.

「This is my minimal apology to yesterday! Because of me, everyone was about to die! I’m really–」

Just when I wanted to say the words of apology again, I heard a sigh from above.

「Haa…………Are you seriously saying that?」

……Huh? I was prepared to be scolded, but……it seems to be different than what I expected.

「I don’t think anyone would blame you for this incident. Or rather, we are thankful」

「Eh? Why??」

Although I’m prostrating right now, I instinctively asked back. Thankful? Impossible. Just say it clearly that I attempted murder on you guys yesterday. I thought I was going to be resented for my entire life or being embraced by killing intent, but……

「Why, you say? You are our lifesaver, you know?」

Hearing that keyword, it made me a little confused. Isn’t that completely opposite to what I thought……?


「Don’t tell me you are not aware of it, aren’t you? ……You really amaze me」

A sigh again.
Um, is she……she is really mad at me, right?
When I was still confused, Yumino-san continued silently.

「Certainly–we almost died due to your rampage for a moment. Well, to the extent that we were going to be evaporated in a blink of an eye. It is horrible to recall it again. I am surprised of how we even survived」

As expected. That talk. I did something that can’t be undone–

「I-I-I am really……!!!」

「–But to the same level……no, more than that, you saved everyone. After all, you held back that desperate situation with your life. Regarding that, you are the hero of this incident, you know? I would prefer that you take actions appropriate to it though……Doing something like prostrating right away, really is disillusioning」


Um……as expected, I feel like I’m being scolded.
But she scolded me because I prostrated?

「Nevertheless, it won’t change our thankful feelings for you. So stop showing such figure, Serizawa-kun. No one wants to see that」

Hearing that, I felt like a commoner who received a judicial decision with kindness and warmth.

–Perhaps, everyone is not as mad as I expected?

Is that really true……?
Can I believe in those words……!?

「Fufu, it’s just as Yumino-san says, Serizawa-kun」

I can hear the a familiar refreshing voice–Midou Suguru’s voice from my side.
I always didn’t want to hear this pervert’s voice, but somehow, it feels really good to hear it now.

「Seriously……? You guys will forgive me seriously……?」

「Ah. Of course. So just raise your head in your posture right now. No one is mad at you」

Just like that, I raised my head slowly and silently with a clear face while staying in my prostrating form, and looked at the person in front of me.

……Nn? In your posture right now? What does「In your posture right now」 mean?

「……Wha!? Wait……!?」

I suddenly hear Yumino-san’s shaken voice. It’s strange to hear such voice from her.


And I who raised my head, saw.
Certainly, what I saw was not Yumino-san’s angry face.

It was something shining in white–

「This is–a white? –pan」

The next moment, the white thing blurred, and I felt an impact on my temporal region. And–

「–I take back what I said. As expected, you guys are the worst……!!」

I can hear Yumino-san’s scorning voice in my fading sight.
……Guys? What ‘guys’? Ah, this is–

「Fufu, Serizawa-kun. I want you to think of this as a gift from me for you who save us yesterday. Do you like it?」

Just like that, while I curse myself who got on his words,

「……I will……I will one day kill you……」

With those words–I lost my consciousness.

Novel Version 『Kuzu Inou』 Volume 2 releasing on 5/31!

(From left: Shiro, Hikawa Takeru, Kurasaki Yuuki, Kazato Rie, Hiuchi Yumiko)

(From left: Yumino Miharu, Kirishima Satsuki, Setsuna, Kaname)

There are many new episodes after revising!
As an added episode, Kurasaki-kun will turn into a slightly moe character……
And continuing from volume 1, Ogipote-sensei’s character design of Shiro, Hikawa-kun, Kurasaki-kun, the girls, Kirishima sisters……and the opening color page of the hot spring illustration are wonderful……
There is also the mysterious light protecting Shinozaki-san’s important parts!
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