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119 War in the Forest 20  Running Thunder God 5

「So……I heard there are 『enemies』 around here, but are you them? Come to think of it, I came without asking Mizusawa anything. That was careless, hahaha!!」

The man continued to talk to the two beyond the 『wall』 while laughing cheerfully.

「Who……who is he?」

Midou was puzzled from the man’s friendly manner.
He is wearing the uniform of Teihen High School, but……is he an ally or an enemy? But fortunately, the two men stopped moving. In this opportunity, Midou runs towards Serizawa. But even if he reached him, he can’t run away. The surrounding is still covered with that large 『wall』.

He don’t have much time anymore.
What should I do in this situation? How can I save Serizawa Atsushi?
Midou meets up with Ueki while thinking desperately, and run.
However, a light can be seen at the direction they are heading.

「What now……? ……………………!?」

The next moment, a flash and a thunder sound.

A white lightning fell beside Serizawa Atsushi along with the shock.
The lightning flew over the wall as if dodging the 『invisible wall』.


When I realized it, a shiningly white fox stood next to Serizawa. It looks around while its body sparks.
And the fox’s head stopped at the direction of a man. Then, a 『voice』 resounded in the head of Midou and the rest.


「……Shiro, huh?」

The bearded man who ran like a lightning to here, Todoroki Gouki had a recollection of that figure.
The fox he met everyday who lives at the back hill similar to him.
Its body color is somewhat different, but for him, its face is familiar.

『I rely on you while I heal Atsushi』

Such voice resounded in the three.
Serizawa Atsushi’s body started to be covered in white light similarly to the fox.

「Ah, I don’t know well, but……you want me stall time, right?」

The white fox doesn’t reply to Todoroki’s question, and places its forehead on Serizawa Atsushi’s head.
Then, the white light became stronger and brighter.

「That fox was Shiro-kun, huh……and it looks like the man is an ally」

Midou knows the light covering Shiro.
The light when Kagura Mai uses her Talent.
……But why Shiro is covered in that?
I don’t know why. But I have no choice but to bet on that.

「……I leave Serizawa-kun to you」

Muttering that, Midou and Ueki disappear once again.

『……Atsushi……you mustn’t die-nojya……』

Just like that, the white fox wished strongly.

–Just 『heal』.
I still want to be with Atsushi.
I don’t want you to be as cold as my friends in the hill and not speak with me anymore.
That’s why, heal. 『Heal』 everything as before.

Atsushi is already on the verge of becoming cold.
His heartbeat has already stopped when I reached.
The blood spreading the ground is as if all the blood flowed out from his body.

–Atsushi is already dead.

But I won’t give up just like that.

Mai can even heal this.
I took Mai’s power and came here.
Then, I should be able to do the same thing.

No…………I will heal you no matter what.

『……Come back-nojya……Atsushi……』

The next moment, Serizawa’s body is covered by a stronger light.
At the same time, the blood that flowed out of his body, returns to his body. The wounds on his body start to clog and that can be seen even from afar.

「Hey……don’t tell me……」

Urushibara and Rindou gasped.

……He is reviving.
That boy who caused the large destruction and destroyed Rindou’s invincible wall. Most likely, he will wake up in a perfect condition.


There was only one thing in the mind of the two right now.
Don’t care about the appearance, and kill as quick as possible. That boy must not wake up.

Just like that, Rindou sharpens the 『wall』 like a sword and launches it towards the fox and Serizawa while Urushibara distorts the space to approach Serizawa Atsushi quickly and moves to kill him.
That is the instant attack with their whole soul. For them, it’s the attack with all their might.


But just when the bearded man suddenly appeared in front of the two, a thunderbolt struck them from the side and their body became numb.

「Hey, stop that. Doing that is dangerous. …………Are you perhaps the 『enemies』?」

Todoroki Gouki asks the two who fell on the ground while raising smoke from their mouth. However, there is no reply.



Just like that–

While being covered in faint light, the boy opened his eyes.


「What is this……? What happened to me?」


While speaking out the questions in his head, the boy raised his body slowly.
Then, he can feel the white fox rubbing its head on his side. The fox is fully white, and for some reason, it is shining, but……for Serizawa Atsushi, he knows this fox.

「You……you’re Shiro?」

『Thank god-nojya, Atsushi』

Just like that, Serizawa Atsushi who is covered in faint light, stands up and look at the two men in front calmly.


「Ah, I don’t know what happened, but…………thanks, Shiro. It will be a little dangerous……from now on, so get away from here」

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