Kumo Desu ga, Nani ka? – Side Story 27

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S27 The Remnants of the Nightmare

That is on the rock.
The eight red eyes watch me coldly.
The size is not very big.
But, the presence is larger than any other monsters that I have seen so far.

I can’t move.
The others are the same too.
We can’t move even an inch at all like we hardened.
It seems that our hearts have been tightly held by the figure of the white spider monster.


Suddenly, a voice is heard.
It’s not as a sound.
It was Telepathy.
It’s not something turned to me.
I only tapped the Telepathy that’s sent to someone.


And, that ‘someone’ was there before I know it.
It was all over the place.

[Impossible to appraise?]
[Impossible to appraise]
[Impossible to appraise]
[Reincarnated people?]
[Reincarnated people]
[Reincarnated people]
[But, weak?]
[Weak weak]

The voice of Telepathy that sounds here and there.
Before I know it, the floor, the wall, the ceiling, they were everywhere.
Countless red eyes.
As far as I can see, they are white.

My thought stops because of the overwhelmed scene.
No, think.
These guys make full use of the language with proper intention.
There is an inexcusable word in those words.

「Do you know about the reincarnators!?」

I make up my mind and speak.
Although I know that Basgas-san have his eyes opened wide, I must ask this by all means.

[I know it]
[I know it]
[There’s no way that I don’t know]

The answers came back.
Mutual understanding is possible.
These guys are not monsters without intelligence.

「Why do you know it?」


「Is the Master a reincarnated person?」

[You will know soon]
[You will know it soon]
[You will know it immediately]
[You will know at once]

「What do you mean?」

[The beginning of end]
[The world starts]
[The world ends]

The white shadows gradually disappear.

「Wait! What do you mean!?」

[There’s no meaning to know it]
[You will die anyway]
[Everyone will die]
[Struggle and survive]

I felt that we were told so with the meaning of overlooking us till then.
And, the Remnants of the Nightmare disappeared in front of us.


「You fool!」

Basgas-san’s fist catches my face.
I received the fist contentedly without resisting.
Hyrinth-san pinions Basgas-san who was going to strike me.

「I should have said it! That Lad’s comrades might die by your thoughtless actions!」

Basgas-san shouts his anger while being pinioned.
It’s the force that seems to break loose from Hyrinth-san at any moment.

「Now, now. Because it end up safe like this, isn’t it fine?」

Sensei intercedes, and Basgas-san stops moving.
Although it seems that his anger still haven’t settled down, it doesn’t seem that he will act violently any further.

「I’m sorry. I have something that I must ask by all means」
「Even if everyone dies?」

I’m stared.
When it’s said so, I can’t say anything.

「It’s fine if Lad dies by yourself. But, don’t drag other people into it. If you want to suicide, do it yourself」
「Basgas-san, you’re saying too much」

Although Sensei chided Basgas-san, Basgas-san is more right.
For the reasons that I want to know, I took an arbitrary action against the other party who’s the dangerous Remnants of the Nightmare.

Basgas-san pushes Hyrinth-san aside.
Did he judge that he won’t act violently anymore? Hyrinth-san released Basgas-san easily.
Basgas-san lean on the rock in a slightly remote place, and sat down.
If I see properly, his expression is bad.
Basgas-san said that he encountered the Nightmare in the old days.
The trauma might have been stimulated.

When I see the others again, Katia and Anna sit down, and Hyrinth-san has a slight pale face.
Only Sensei who looked calm.

「Are you all right?」

I talk to Katia and Anna who sat down.

「I can’t stand up」
「I’m ashamed」

They look up at me with the face that seems to cry.
The goose bumps stood too, so they are very scared and it’s unpleasant.
Even though they have a relatively small build as a monster, being surrounded by big spiders is of course unpleasant.
Even I felt unpleasant, so the woman group is all the more.

「How can Sensei keep calm?」
「No. I’m not calm, you know? Although the appearance is cute, the contents were slightly creepy」

Ah, that was not a character making, but she really liked it.
After all, Sensei likes strange things since the previous existence.
Although I thought that it’s a part of the character making, it seems that she seriously like something like spiders.
It’s unexpected.

「By the way, what do you think about what those children said?」

Many mysterious words that the Remnants of the Nightmare said.

「I don’t know. There’s too little information」

In the first place, what on earth are those monsters called as the Remnants of the Nightmare?
Because they found out our information, it’s certain that they have a high level “Appraisal” skill.
In addition, the intelligence that can understand human speech.
The stealth nature that gathered that much without being noticed by me.
The cooperation between comrades making full use of the Telepathy.
Even a fragment has such ability.
What if it becomes a fight….
I don’t think that I can win.

「The beginning of end. Everyone will die, huh?」

The nightmarish ominous words.
Only that was stuck in my head and didn’t leave.


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  1. Jack Almighty says:

    Wow they’re so OP now… Oh and first 😀

  2. Matrim says:

    I’m sad, it really seems as if Shiro may be Kumo.I hope her personality survived in some way or another.

  3. Maple says:

    Kumo’s kins are also very cuteeeeee, lol.

  4. A-little-worm says:

    I think that kumoko is shiro, but also the demon king 😀 i mean… She can overtake the queen taractec, then why not overtake the demon king, who is the origin taractec?

  5. Gunther says:

    I think you all are wrong.
    I think Kumoko killed the Origin Taratect demon lord and became the real demon lord.
    And Shiro is a parallel will or offspring of Kumoko.

  6. So either the Demon Lord took kumoto (shiro) in, or Kumoto took the Demon Lord’s Body over.

    • RoflCat says:

      Actually, something I just thought of:
      Remember how it says Mother ‘unified’ with Kumoko when she ate her?
      And that all the stat/skills/titles combined?

      Maybe that’ll happens with Ariel (the demon king’s name), but since Ariel have her own ego, she’ll become something of a mix between her past self and Kumoko rather than being completely absorbed like Mother.
      And with the personality of Kumoko mixed in, she becomes the Maou we know while Kumoko joins her as Shiro, and with their power combined they even ‘convinced’ Guri to help out as Kuro.

      Although based on Balto’s chapter the current Maou take over recently, so maybe Ariel went through the same reborn process as Kumoko (using Kumoko’s skills) and nobody realized it’s her.

      • Luc says:

        That’s quite possible. They take over the manipulated body.

        But appearance wise change? It’s likely she used Abyss Magic against the Maou and evolved on her own. Of course, stealing the Maou’s techniques xD

      • Visunoriva says:

        this person ==== you guess it right XD

  7. Owl says:

    Kumo-chan’s kids are so cute too!

    「Do you know about the reincarnators!?」

    [I know it]
    [I know it]

    Can’t help but imagine a classroom full of little spiders waving their hands in the air.

    [I know the answer, pick me! Pick me!]


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