Kumo Desu ga, Nani ka? – Chapter 176

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176 Spare body talks

I am Queen-in-charge.
There’s no name yet.

To be frank, rather than Queen-in-charge, I’m already the Queen.
Does the main body realize this?
Although I’m connected with the main body, I have become an almost different existence.

Not only me.
The others of the Parallel Wills that attack the Queen and the Demon King through the soul are more or less producing the difference with the main body.
Although I think that it’s probably because we take the others’ souls, the present us are different people from the main body.

Originally, we Parallel Wills didn’t have the concept of a body.
All Parallel Wills were the same, and there was no relation of the top and the bottom.
Only the charge is different.
Each one of us work as a different will while the root is completely the same.
That was us.

That has changed now.
It’s decided that the will remained in the original body to be the main body, and the pyramid that the other wills became the lower rank was completed.
Although I don’t know whether the main body realizes it or not, we have fall low to the accessories of the main body.
Well, there’s no dissatisfaction with it.
It’s just that the existence called me has separated from the main body as the Queen.
At present, there’s no absurd order given by the main body.

The present main body has the right to order us.
I mean, she holds our life and death.
If the main body feels like it, we will be absorbed into the main body, and we will actually die.
That’s why, we can’t go against the main body.

Well, at present, the main body doesn’t seem to have such intention.
She prepared my new body after all.
To be frank, if it’s only to recover me, she didn’t need to prepare a body.
Because I just have to let my soul to be absorbed by the main body’s soul.
In that case, the existence called me will merge into the main body and disappears.
Did the main body avoids it instinctively?

Doing things like this don’t have much difference with the Demon King.
The Demon King created the Queen as her spare body.
The Queen breeds and the species named the Taratect species was created.
The Demon King rules over it.
This is the true army of the Demon King.
The pyramid that the Demon King was made as the top.
The difference with us is whether there’s a will or not.

The Queen is only a tool for the Demon King.
Even though it’s a powerful monster to that extent, it only has a weak will that was devoured by me.
And yet, the intelligence is quite high.
It’s like a computer rather than a creature.
Although the operation function is excellent, it’s a living machine that has neither will nor feelings.
The Queen was such an existence.

It lives mechanically, lays eggs to increase the pieces and leave the eggs.
If they grow up to some extent, they will be placed under its control.
It’s a monster of the production line that follows the manual like some kind of factory.

And, the foreign substance that entered in it was me.
Me, or rather, it’s the main body.

The soul of the main body and me is still connected strongly just like the old days.
But, with almost the same strength, she fuses with the other souls.
In my case, it’s the Queen.
Thanks to the fact that the Queen’s will is weak, there’s no influence in thought.
But, I as the existence is totally different from before already.

Well, therefore, nothing is wrong.
At present, there’s no harmful effect.
However, did the main body judge instinctively that the Parallel Wills shouldn’t be increased and mutate like this? Even if the skill level of the “Parallel Will” rises, there’s no new will that appeared.
She only use magic in the degree of using it unconsciously.

It looks like the idiot main body always shoot very small magics on herself for some reason, and the skill level rises.
In case of my guess, I think that it’s the “Parallel Will” skill that can’t be expressed as a will.
If it’s the present main body, can’t the main body do the similar movement as me when I was the Magic-in-charge without separating the will?

I mean, I laughed when the middle-aged man have begun to imitate the main body.
The middle-aged man destroys himself, and the main body says that guy is a fool unconsciously even though he is imitating her.
Because it was interesting, I didn’t tell the truth.

After the main body left with Transfer, the middle-aged man stays.
Somehow, in these past several days, he seems to grasp something.
When I see it, his magic construction becomes considerably precise.

In addition, the level of the “Magic Manipulation” skill rose as well.
It considerably decreased to destroy himself thoughtlessly like the time when he came here.
But still, he sometimes destroys himself.

Because I was also free, I decided to raise the skills.
The skills of the main body link with me.
If I raise my skills, the skills of the main body should rise too.
Well, even if I intend to raise my skill level, I can’t raise it immediately like the main body.

My skills are borrowed from the main body.
The skills as the Queen have already been absorbed into the main body.
It’s not only the skills that were absorbed though.
So even if I intend to raise the skill level, it doesn’t rise easily because it’s borrowed.
But still, I can accumulate the skill proficiency.

I activate the very small magic like the main body, and wears it on myself.
This is unexpectedly difficult.
Although the main body always did this unconsciously, if it’s me, it’s difficult to deploy it always.
I understood the reason why the middle-aged man kept destroying himself.

The middle-aged man looks at me who activates the magic with sparkling eyes.
No, even if you look at me with such eyes, I’m not happy.
Ah, my concentration breaks and the magic was disordered.
I erase the magic before it explodes.

I activate the newly learned “Ice Magic” with full power like venting my anger.
Although it’s only a low rank magic that shoots ice, if it’s my status, the power becomes outrageous.
I keep the size of the ice as it is, raise the density of the ice and the shooting speed tremendously, and shoot it.
Can the density of the ice changed?
Although you will think like that, the ice generated in this world can do such a thing.
The weight and strength increase equivalent to the raised density of the ice.
By the way, because the generated ice will return to magical power by time progression, thirst can’t be healed even if the ice is eaten.
It’s really fantasy.

The shot ice makes a hole in the wall of the labyrinth.
It will even penetrate the former world’s tank.

Now that my feeling is cleared, let’s continue the skill raising.
Ossan, don’t give me such a hard look.


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