Kumo Desu ga, Nani ka? – Side Story 2

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S2 The fourth prince

It’s warm, like being soaked in lukewarm water.
I can feel security in the warm feeling wrapping myself vaguely.
It ends after a while and I go out through a small hole.
I feel uneasy after losing the warmth but after going out, I can feel of freedom.
It is my oldest memory for now.

「Your Highness, you will catch a cold if you stay here」

The voice of a maid reaches my ear when I’m looking outside from the window.
Now that you say it, it’s certainly cold.
The scenery outside is covered in snow.
I was enjoyed looking at the snowy scenery but it seems that I have been standing here for a long time.
It looks like recently, I will forget about the time when I concentrate on something.

「Yes. Let’s return」

The maid lifts me up….. and carries me to the bed.
There was a person on the big bed.
It’s still a young baby.
The baby is sleeping comfortably.
I gently laid next to the baby.
The crib is a special ordered product that was made so that two babies can sleep in it.

You should be able to understand what am I now.
I am a baby.

Why I, who is a baby can think clearly? It’s because I have my memories of my previous life.
I was an ordinary high school student in my previous life.
When I noticed, I became a baby.

It’s probably the so-called reincarnation.
A dead man being reborn as a different man.
That means that I died in my previous life.
My last memory of my previous life was attending the Japanese Language class.
At that time, I found a crack in the space above the classroom and from there on, I have no memories of it.

A crack in the space, such a thing doesn’t usually happen in the Earth.
That’s probably the cause of my death.
And somehow I was reborn with the memories of my previous life.

I cannot say that there’s no regrets in my previous life.
It’s full of regrets.
I’m still in the middle of my youth and I wanted to play more with my friends. And also I didn’t have the chance to get a girlfriend of the same age.
In addition, I think I am undutiful to my parents to die earlier than my grandparents.
I feel depressed when I thought that I would never be able to meet my family anymore.

I am worried about the state of my school after I died.
I remember correctly that the crack exploded.
I died because of that but how are the others?
Kyouya, Kanata, Hasebe-san who sits next to me, everyone, did everyone die together with me?
I become scared when I think so.
It was normal during the morning but now, it’s impossible to meet anymore.

After being reincarnated, I continued to fight against the uneasiness crushing me.
Without understanding what’s going on, I became a baby when I noticed it. It’s obvious that I feel uneasy in this situation.
Moreover, the country where I was reborn is not Japan.
It was not even in Earth.
Here is not Earth but a different world.

I didn’t know that at the beginning.
I don’t understand the words here and I never went out of the nursery before.
Therefore, there’s a lot of things that I don’t know.
At first, I thought that it was a country in Europe.
But the moment I saw magic, I knew I’m not in Earth.

There’s magic in this world.
The first time I saw magic was when the time where the great person of the church gave me something called blessing.
Sparkling light surrounded me and I can feel that my body was full of power.
It was neither an imagination nor a trick.
I realized there was magic after experiencing it.

At first, I was excited at the fact that magic exists.
But later, I became uneasy again.
In a world with magic, can I do well in this world?
I was really just an ordinary man in my previous life.
When I was in Japan, there’s no inconveniences in my life.
But in this world, I not allowed to be ordinary.
Can I live up to expectations?
I become uneasy.

I learned the words desperately.
It’s more terrifying than I imagined that I don’t understand the words here.
I don’t understand what the other party says.
I didn’t think that I felt so helpless.
It’s like I’m the only one in the world being isolated.

I’m uneasy because I was reincarnated in a different world.
I’m uneasy because I don’t understand the words.
I’m uneasy because I don’t know whether I can do well or not in the future.
I, who was uneasy in everything was saved by my younger sister who’s sleeping peacefully next to me.
This small younger sister who was born of a different mother did not held any uneasiness.
She looks carefree as if the world doesn’t have anything uneasy.
Well, it’s natural because it’s a baby.
A frail existence that depends on the world and leaving all to the others.
Originally, a baby is such an existence.
I feel this uneasy is because I have the memories of my previous life.

And I realized.
Because I have the memories of my previous life, I should at least be mentally stronger than my younger sister.
And yet, why am I troubled with my worries when my younger sister next to me look so peaceful.
I am the older brother of this child.
How can an older brother show a miserable appearance to the younger sister.
As an older brother, I need to show a cool appearance to my younger sister.

It’s just a mere vanity. ( ただの見栄といえばそれまで。TL note: not sure about this)
However, after that, I stopped worrying.
Though the uneasiness has not disappear yet.
But I want to at least protect this powerless younger sister.

I learned words and I get to know about this world from the voices little by little.
I moved my body of a baby forcefully so that I can move as soon as possible.
Thanks to that, I was able to crawl earlier than normal babies.
Like this, I mustered my motivation from the appearance of my younger sister.
In order to become an older brother that my younger sister can be proud of it.

It was the starting point of the Fourth Prince of Anareich Kingdom, Shurein Zagan Anareich.

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