Kumo Desu ga, Nani ka? – Chapter 20

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20 I am a spider, currently behind you

I had a hard time to defeat the turtle.
After having it lying upside down on the ground, I bite it once but it withdraw itself into its shell.
I almost got caught between the shell while biting it.
Having such a feeble strength, it’s impossible for me to drag it out of its shell.
Therefore, I put my fangs into the gap of the shell and drip my poison. Then, the turtle came out quickly.
It came out looking like it’s in pain and I quickly bite it.

After that, I ate the turtle.
I ate a meal without poison for the first time in my life.
Well, it’s hard and was not delicious.

This time, it was a flawless victory.
It’s because I was able to avoid all of my opponent’s attacks.
Or perhaps I should say that the turtle only rushes forward foolishly and it’s movement is also slow.
It does not mean that I have learned the secrets of avoiding.
It’s just that our compatibility was good.

But I have a feeling that my speed has increased.
Even if I level up, I don’t know how strong my other status are but it’s obvious that my speed has become faster than before.
I think I was able to move quite fast compared to the fight against the frog.
Looks like the Taratect species is a monster specialize in speed.
Nevertheless, specialize in evasion is impossible.

My greatest weapons now are my speed and threads.
Deriving from these two, the most suitable strategy for me is surprise attack!

There’s no cowardice in a life-or-death fight!
Besides, it’s just a preemptive attack.
That’s not cowardice.
Well, the match would probably be decided by the preemptive attack.

Shouldn’t I suppose to experience combat?
Even this is a legitimate combat!
A great person won’t be able to understand it!

Well, even if I say to launch a surprise attack, the probability to succeed is only half.
Even other monsters don’t live in such a danger zone for show and it should be sensitive with dangers.
I would gain if the surprise attack succeed.
I will have to make my decisions quickly in the situation if I fail.

The problem is if there’s other monsters that can tear my thread like the turtle.
Indeed, to tear my thread which I thought that it’s only weak against fire….
My “Spider Thread” skill is on level 6.
Within my skills, it has the highest level.
To be able to tear it, is approximately equal to my defeat.
I was saved because the turtle was compatible.
But it’s frightening if I think that other monsters can tear my threads.
At any rate, I put too much confidence on my threads.
I will put it in my head that my threads might be torn in the future.

After that, I didn’t encounter any other new monsters except the turtle and I became sleepy.
I went to sleep in my simple home.

The sun rises the next morning even though I don’t know whether it’s morning or not. Anyway, I woke up.
Well, let’s restart my search.
However, this dungeon is really wide.
Though I wander around ever since I got lost in this labyrinth area, there’s no sign that I can get away from this labyrinth.
When there’s a forked road in the passage, I would always go to the right.
I heard before that “Placing your hands on the labyrinth wall while advancing will help you reach the goal”. Advancing with a regularity is easier to remember.
When the time comes, I can follow the thread which I release into the ground unconsciously and return.

Like that, I advance rapidly but there’s no sign of the labyrinth’s goal.
As usual, the “Appraisal” skill which I had it running, keep repeating the wall of labyrinth and the floor of labyrinth in my head.
Though I don’t know the accurate distance I advanced, but it should be at least dozens of kilometers by now.
Ah, I came very far when I thought so.
When I was a human, I would die if I walk such a distance.

And I found my first prey for today.
Umu, it’s a monster that I never saw before.
It is a monster with a lot of legs similar to a centipede.
For the time being, I should appraise it.

『Elro Ferect Failed to appraise its status』

It failed?
Ah, the level doesn’t appear.
Hee, the “Appraisal” can fail.
I knew it for the first time.
Well, it doesn’t make any difference even if it fails.

Ah, but wait a minute.
It didn’t failed because of the our level difference right?
If that’s the case, that means that the centipede is much more stronger than me.
But it doesn’t look stronger than me.
Is the failure of the “Appraisal” have nothing to do with our level difference?
If so it’s good but what if it’s like a wise man keeps some of his talents in reserve?

There’s no help even if I am at loss.
Woman is brave.
Let’s go!

I approach my opponent’s back quickly without making a sound.
Sususususu. ( ススススス。)
Hello, DIE!

The surprise attack succeeded easily.
I’m a bit disappointed that it succeeded too easily.
My opinion on the centipede that I feared of was a misunderstanding.
Without tearing my thread like the turtle, I complete restraining it.
And I finish it with my poison fangs.

The centipede looks unappetizing from its appearance and it was unappetizing as expected.
Moreover, it has a strange poison in it and it made me feel sick after eating it.
Somehow, my body feels a little stiff.

Ah, I never ate anything delicious after being reborn as a spider.
Although I think that it’s a luxurious worry, I want to eat something delicious.
Aaah, why don’t a cup noodle fall somewhere.

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