Kumo Desu ga, Nani ka? – Side Story 12

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Before this, I think I used Daztoldia. I changed it to Dastordia.

S12 Academy

There’s an academy in this country.
In the former world, going to school was natural, but in this world, only few who goes to school.
Privileged class nobles, etc or some affluent commoners, or those who are blessed with talents, only can go to school.

Because I’m from the royal family, it’s not a problem to go to the academy.
Sue is also the same, and Katia who is the Duke’s daughter also cleared the conditions.
It has been decided that the three of us will enter the academy together.

General studies is taught in the academy similar to the school in the former world.
The lesson to fight will also be attended at the same time.
That is the main one.
Although Dastordia continent is a Human race territory, in the case of other continents, the fight against the Demon race and monsters is still intense.
Monsters also inhabit in the Dastordia continent, but the people who can fight is insufficient.
That’s why, fight is often learned in the academy.

The three of us is in the hall where the academy’s entrance ceremony was held.
If I look around the surroundings, the students who entered the academy this year sit on the seat while waiting for the ceremony to start.
Because this academy boast of being the largest structure in the neighborhood, children from foreign countries came to enter the academy.
Among them, there are also Demi-human, etc, can be seen here and there.
When I look at such students, I avert my eyes quickly and I’m watched by the students.
I can feel the glance sometimes, and the voice speaking of a rumor can be heard.

「The person over there, I heard that he’s the prince in this country」
「Although he is said to be a genius, judging from his appearance, he doesn’t look strong」
「Can’t I get acquainted with him somehow?」

Although I’m said variously, because of “Enhanced Hearing”, I can hear everything.
It’s very uncomfortable.

「Good morning」

A nonchalant voice breaks such atmosphere and reaches my ear.
Turning around, as expected, Oka-chan aka Firimes of the Elf was there.

「Good morning. Somehow it feels strange that Sensei is a student」
「Sensei is excited that Sensei can taste youth once more」

Sensei sit down next to me.
Sue who sat on the opposite side sends a glare at Sensei.
Rather than glaring, she’s staring usually.
Come to think of it, this is the first meeting for both of them.

In the next moment, fear runs on my back.

「Imouto-chan. The next time you release your killing intent towards Sensei, Sensei will kill you, you know?」

Sensei who says it while smiling.
Her tone is still the same as always.
But, her eyes didn’t laughed at all.
Sue is also pressured by that power.

Katia and I were surprised at such Sensei’s appearance.
Because she was called by the nickname, Oka-chan, Sensei should be a person who had the charm.
She never got seriously angry, and she was a friendly teacher.
Even if it’s wrong, she shouldn’t be a person who release a dreadful and cold killing intent.

「Did that surprised you? But, if we don’t do this much, we won’t be able to survive in this world. Because the Elf’s growth are slower than the Human, we get underestimated of being small, but if you want to pick a fight with Sensei, then please come after you have resolved to die, okay?」

Sensei might have experienced unimaginable experiences because she was able to use the word “resolute to die” without hesitation.
I stealthily use “Appraisal” that I raised steadily on Sensei.

『Appraisal was obstructed』
「Shun-kun, it’s not an admiration to look at a lady’s profile without permission」

My head was hit by something almost at the same time as the result of “Appraisal” failed.

「Sensei has never taught you to be a peeping tom」

Although I don’t know what’s the principle, Sensei senses and obstructs my “Appraisal” and counterattacks.
And in addition to that, in the method that I can’t react at all.
Just in that exchange, I understood that I can’t defeat Sensei.

「I’m sorry, I got interested」
「Un. If you do something bad, the best is to apologize. But, the next time you appraise Sensei without permission, Sensei will have you feel a bit more pain, okay?」
「Hai. I will engrave it on my heart」

It’s better that I don’t do anything imprudent.

「But Sensei, if you have the ability to that extent, then is there a need to go to the academy?」

I suddenly held such a doubt.
Actually, Katia, Sue and I have been training, but we have no experience in combat.
For this reason, we came here with the purpose to perfect our basics.
But, judging from Sensei’s ability and the way she speaks, she looks like she has already gained combat experiences.
Is there something to be learned in this academy now?

「There is. There are plenty of things to be learned in this academy. But, that’s just half of my official stance, and this country will be the base of activity for a while」
「If that’s the case, then there’s no need to go to the academy…」
「The activity that Sensei is saying is not searching for students」
「Eh, then, what?」
「That is still a secret, but the search of the remaining students is entrusted to the Elves」

I stiffen toward Sensei’s shocking remark.
When we met before, Sensei said that six students are yet to be found.
What on earth Sensei wants to do to the point that she abandon that.

「You might think that’s cold-hearted, but here is the limit of the search. The place we haven’t search is the Demon race territory and the untrodden land. To be honest, Sensei don’t think that they are still alive」
「Sensei, are you serious?」
「Serious, really serious. Action in the earliest stages is important for such disaster relief. Sensei has done the very best after being born again. But, I think it’s good that half of the number were found. It’s great as a result because it was exceeded drastically」
「Then, will you look for the remaining six? How? With your legs? You think you will find them?」

My feelings shrinks like being grabbed tightly towards Sensei who suddenly speaks normally.
Sensei who saw that, breathe a heavy sigh.

「Although Sensei has said it before, Sensei has done the very best. From now on, Sensei thinks that making the former students that were found to live properly in this world is the priority. Therefore, Sensei wants to learn various things in this academy and act variously at the same time」
「I under…stand」

Although I’m not consent from the bottom of my heart, Sensei certainly have done her best.
Besides, I, who didn’t contributes to the activity at all, I can’t state my opinion.
Perhaps, Sensei herself might be the most painful.

「I’m sorry. I said something in a presumptuous manner」
「Shun-kun never said anything wrong. However, even if it’s not wrong, there are a lot of things that are not correct in this world」

Afterwards, the entrance ceremony was held.
Honestly, the contents didn’t entered at all.
Therefore, I overlooked what kind of face did Sue and Katia made.


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