Kumo Desu ga, Nani ka? – Chapter 80

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I have translated the title and the skill wrong. It’s suppose to be Fire Drake.


80 Spider vs Fire Drake ①

Because I’m satisfied with Appraisal-sama’s results, I eat the catfish that cooled.
I need to wait like this for the monsters in the middle layer to cool down in order to eat it.
Even if I waited, only the outside has cooled, and the inside is still hot.
My HP will decrease if I’m careless. It’s unpleasant to use my nerve in order to eat.

Ah, the catfish is delicious.
It’s the first time I meet an ingredient that’s delicious in this spider life!
I shouldn’t have let the other one go.
No, I can still catch up with it.
That guy was considerably slow, so can I catch up now?
Ah, but, I can’t do anything if it escape into the magma.
Shit, I failed.
For the time being, let’s eat this catfish.

《Skill proficiency reached. Skill 『Enhanced Taste LV5』 has become 『Enhanced Taste LV6』》

I’m glad that I’m born.
Seriously delicious.
Although it’s still far compared with what I ate in my previous life, I have only ate unappetizing things so far.
Finally, I really meet something delicious.

Though I’m not particularly picky in eating in my previous life.
I only know how blessed am I in those days after I became a spider.
I’m already sick of unappetizing monsters.
I want to eat delicious things.

Let’s hunt the catfish.
There’s no need to worry about the catfish being a little stronger.
To satisfy this desire, I will risk my life.
That shows how worthy it is.
Now, wait for me, catfish.
I’ll consume you until extinction.

Caatfiishh, wheree aree youu!

I wander around the labyrinth searching for the catfish.
When I don’t want you to appear, you appear suddenly, and when I want you to appear, you won’t appear at all.
Come out quickly.
Come out and be eaten by me.

The other guy appears at such a time.

『Elro Generush LV8
Average Offensive Ability:87
Average Defensive Ability:84
Average Magic Ability:84
Average Resistance Ability:81
Average Speed Ability:91
「Fire Drake LV1」「Accuracy LV4」「Swim LV4」「Heat Nullity」』

Three seahorses appeared.
One of the status among them has something added on it.
Ooh, that’s right!
Appraisal-sama’s level rose, so I can see the opponent’s skills!
Finally, Appraisal-sama looks like a cheat!

However, seahorse, aren’t your skill too few?
Only 4.
It’s too lonely.
It’s no wonder that I feel that you are weaker than your status.
Moreover, “Heat Nullity” is obviously the max level of “Fire Resistance”, and the other skills are all low.
For the time being, let’s appraise the skill that I seen for the first time.

Fire Drake:A special skill owned by the Fire Drake species. A special effect is displayed according to the level. LV1:Fireball Breath』
Swim:Increases the swimming movement』

The “Fire Drake” is as expected, a special skill that exists only in the Fire Drake species.
Similar to my “Spider Thread” skill.
It looks like it can only shoot the fireball at level 1.
I mean, even though the guy itself is level 8, the “Fire Drake” skill is level 1.
Is the skill level hard to raise? Or, is it just because this guy is lazy to earn skill proficiency?

And, “Swim” is a skill that makes a person swim better.
I’m convinced after seeing the skills.
I won’t lose against these guys.

Thus, quickly, well, this won’t end quickly.
After all, these guys are in the magma.
I only have stone throwing as an attack from here.
Ah, wait?
What will happen if I smear Deadly Poison on the stone?

You’ll never know unless you try.
First of all, avoid my opponents’ fireball, and pick up a stone in that interval.
“Thought Acceleration” is doing a good job.
If it was before, I might need to devote myself to avoid if there are three of them, but thanks to “Thought Acceleration”, I have the composure to counterattack.

Facing the stone, I use “Poison Synthesis”.
Yosh yosh.
Now that the poison sticks to the stone, darasshaa! ( ダラッシャー!)

The stone that I threw hits one of the seahorses splendidly.
How’s the decrease of HP?
It’s not very good.
Although it’s better than doing nothing, it doesn’t increase that much.
After all, by putting it on the stone is not enough to stick to the opponent’s body firmly.

My Deadly Spider Poison has two kinds of damage which are contact damage and intake damage.
The contact damage is the damage that occurs when the poison is attached to the skin, and the intake damage is the damage that occurs when the opponent’s inside is invaded by the poison.
In the case of contact damage and intake damage, the intake damage is overwhelmingly higher.
Although the contact damage is not so high, the damage increases tremendously after a certain time when leaving it with poison on it.
It’s because of the adhering poison that enters the opponent’s inside.
In other words, contact also will eventually become intake.
Well, it will be a different story if it’s washed off before that.

That’s why, if the opponent is a monster that won’t wash off the poison, I don’t need to aim at its mouth purposely because all I have to do is to stick the poison on its body.
When I’m in hurry, the best will be aiming the mouth or the eyes, but when thinking about safety, I should stick it at the place that has a lot of chance.
That is used properly in the situation sometimes.

Thus, let’s cover the seahorses one by one with poison because the seahorses’ MP are exhausted, and they have came ashore nonchalantly.
For these guys, because their mouth are small, I have no choice but to splash it on their body.


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