Kumo Desu ga, Nani ka? – Chapter 40

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40 Spider vs Bee ③

For the time being, I was able to secure food.
When thinking about the size of the bee’s body, I can survive from starvation for a few days.
It’s not necessary to worry about my stamina now.
Then, the choices of action increase.

The most realistic one will be keep hunting the bees with the same method until I level up.
I can earn experience steadily and safely rather than exploring.

Another idea is to expand the nest more.
Towards the top.

I don’t want to explore the bottom area here.
It’s not the problem whether it’s possible or not.
No way.
Earth Dragon is scary.

That’s why, I want to crawl up back to the original passage.
To do that, I must somehow dodge the bees.
I would become the bee’s prey if I climb the wall simply, so I must think about some measures.

Therefore, the idea that I can think of was to extend my nest to the top.
Calling it an idea or just basically bulldozing through.
Un, it’s a terrible brute force even if I say so myself.
But, I can’t think of another method to return to the top.

Of course, there are various demerits too.
First of all, making the nest consumes a lot of stamina.
Moreover, I need to make the nest to climb the wall to the top unlike the usual one.
Because the situation is different, I don’t know how much stamina I will use.
It will become a considerably large-scale nest making and with the bee I have now, my stamina won’t last long.
It’s necessary to replenish it somehow.

Besides, I might end up fighting against the bee.
Though now I’m overlooked by them, but if I extend my nest upwards, I will be invading the bee’s main territory.
It’s an airspace violation.
Will those guys overlook me?
The worst, several hundreds will attack and if I’m unlucky, the large army of bees of several thousand will attack all at once. It might become such nightmare-like situation.
As expected, the nest won’t be able to defend against such a number.

What I should be cautious of is not only the bee.
At present, there’s no other monster except the bee that enter the bottom of this pit.
Only the snake and Earth Dragon at the beginning.
But, if that Earth Dragon appears suddenly….
Although I hide in the rock shade last time, I will stand out if I expand my nest.
It’s the end if it’s curious about it.
Even now, I’m still scared that the Earth Dragon might come or not.

That’s why, if I succeed, I can escape from this very dangerous zone, but the risk of the strategy is high.
But, I don’t have any other choice.
Perhaps, there’s one but it didn’t come into my mind.

Therefore, I resolved myself and start making the nest!

First of all, the foundation.
At first, to build a house, I must make a strong foundation.
It’s not an exaggeration to say that the result of the house is decided by the foundation.
A rock suitable for such a foundation is here!

The first rock which I escaped to.
The rock enshrined close to the wall having the height around 7 meters and the width around 5 meters. It’s considerably large.
I will make this rock as the foundation and expand the nest.

The completed nest is made between this rock and the wall and a little protruded sideways.
First of all, I block the gap between the rock and the wall on the other side.
And I attach a thread to the wall diagonally from the top of the rock.
I connect the rock and the wall with that thread as a core.
With this, the foundation is completed.

After that, I just need to expand the nest to the top slowly.
Recovering stamina by eating the bee and continue working.
On the middle of working, the group of bees looked here several times, but as expected, it didn’t attack.
It seems that I’m still in the range that can be overlooked.

I stopped the work on this day after I finished eating the bee and I went to sleep.

Fifth day.
I think that the pain has softened somehow.
HP is as usual, still 6.
My skill level of the “Pain Alleviation” didn’t increase while I was sleeping because I didn’t recover.
It’s probably so.

It’s wonderful that there are few pains.
After all, thanks to “Pain Nullity”, I was able to move without any problems, but as expected, there’s a huge difference between there’s pain and there’s no pain.
No, it’s not like the pain has gone completely and my wound was not cured yet.
It’s quite comfortable.
Because I never suffered such a serious wound before when I was a human.
The most painful experience I had when I was a human was when my little toe hit the corner of the door.
That was painful.
But, I can’t compare it with the serious wound on my back.

The work advances smoothly because I’m in a good mood.

In the middle, a lost one came close.
But, the group is relatively near too.

With the meaning of experiment, I will meddle with the lost one.
Whether the group will react for the lost one or not.
If the group reacts, I will withdraw immediately deep into the nest.
If it doesn’t react, I will go as it is.

I swing the Kumorning Star.
That reminds me, the skill called “Concentration” that I acquired previously, is it a skill that only increase the ability to concentrate?
Well, it won’t have great effects in level 1 and even if it has a different effect, I just leave it if I can’t use it.

Concentrate. Concentrate.
The concentration is disturbed when I was thinking of “Concentration”. What is this!
I aim well and, Here!

Ah, it hit.

E, ehh?
Isn’t that amazing?
Though I thought I can’t hit it, it has hit 2 times in a row.
In a physical fitness test of softball throw, me, who got the lowest score in my school year.

Oops, I was surprised and I didn’t see the movement of the group.
The group was there.
No movement.
So there’s no counterattack even if I attack a lost one.
Aren’t they heartless?
Or is it that it can’t live in the wild if it’s not that strict?
Well, either way, it’s convenient that it doesn’t attack.
With this, I can hunt the lost one without reserve.

I recover the bee that I caught with an overjoyed face.
I finish it off with my “Poison Fang”.

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