Kumo Desu ga, Nani ka? – Chapter 39

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39 Spider vs Bee ②

Third day. When I think that I should sleep soon, there’s a divine message from the voice of heaven.

《Skill proficiency reached. Skill 『Pain Resistance LV9』 has become 『Pain Nullity』》
《Conditions met. Skill 『Pain Alleviation LV1』 was derived from Skill 『Pain Nullity』》

The “Pain Resistance” rose again.
Moreover, it looks like it went up from 8 to 9 before I know it.
It probably rose while I’m sleeping.
The level notation disappeared and it changed into nullity in the name.
Indeed, it feels like reaching max value in a game.
This is the second skill to reach its max level after “Night Vision”.
This should be the first time I raise the skill level to 10 by myself because it looks like that the “Night Vision” was a high level skill by nature.
Though it’s doubtful that whether it’s worth having felt pain or not.

Well, I think that the derived skill is a genuine skill that relieves pain.
No, the “Pain Resistance” is not a fake.
There’s no much change in level 1.
As usual, the backache still exist.
If the skill level rises, the pain might get better. Let’s expect that the skill level rises while I sleep.
That’s why, good night.

Fourth day.
Since my stamina is starting to decrease gradually, I intend to act soon.
My aim is the bee that got lost.
The risk is higher to aim at a group.
I think I probably can win.
Though I think, I should be more careful here.
When there are multiple opponents, an unexpected situation can occur.

In that respect, it’s easier to do with the lost one.
The lost one’s judgment is vague because it’s not commanded by the captain bee.
When I was observing yesterday, there was an individual that entered the narrow tunnel that the group can’t enter.
I think that the individual that I caught once in the nest before also got lost after entering a strange passage.
But, I don’t think that the individual manage to reach my nest from this place so it’s most likely that there’s a different swarm of bees near that place.

From what I saw, the lost one doesn’t seems to be intelligent.
Therefore, it might be contented with getting lost without forming a group.
Anyway, the lost one might attack if I provoke it.

However, I don’t intend to go with this uncertain strategy.
I take out the new weapon that I thought of yesterday.

The harden adhesion thread shaped like a ball which is attached to the tip, I name it, Kumorning Star!
I will hit this on the bee in the air with the physical strength and the power of “Thread Manipulation”.
Perhaps, Or more precisely, it won’t hit most of the times.
But, it’s good.
I just need it to recognize that I’m an enemy.
After that, it should attack me arbitrarily.
It’s lucky if I hit it. I succeed if I manage to draw its attention.

After that, I hope that the lost one comes near to the nest.
From yesterday’s observation, it should go well because the lost one came to see the state of the nest frequently.

《Skill proficiency reached. Skill 『Pain Alleviation LV2』 has become 『Pain Alleviation LV3』》

While waiting, the skill level of “Pain Alleviation” rose.
The level rise is considerably slow compared with the “Pain Resistance”.
I thought that it will rise to around 5 while I sleep, but it didn’t rise that much.
The condition of skill proficiency accumulation is different?
Or, is it that the amount of necessary skill proficiency is different according to the skill?
I don’t know.

But, it’s clear that the level rose.
The “Pain Alleviation” is surely a skill that relieves pain.
Thanks to that, my backache doesn’t hurt much anymore.

The wound on the back is considerably severe.
Though I wrapped the wound with the thread using “Thread Manipulation” on the first day, but a big hole opened splendidly.
If it’s a human, this is surely a death wound.
Did I survive because I’m a spider? or because I’m a monster?
Either way, it’s a serious wound that’s mysterious to be alive.
I thought I was gonna die of the pain when my wound was cleaned with “Thread Manipulation” with the intention to scrape out the thing that seems to be poison.

I need to level up as soon as possible to recover this wound.
If I leave the wound as it is, it will definitely turn worse before long.
Suppuration, Necrosis, Bacterial infection.
Even though I washed it with “Thread Manipulation”, I didn’t washed it with clean water and it was not disinfected.
I must do something before the symptoms appear.

And then, a chance came.

A lost one is coming here.
There are no other bees around.
When there’s another bee, there’s a possibility that it will rush towards its comrade’s pinch.
Now that I don’t have to worry about that, it’s the perfect opportunity.

I swing the Kumorning Star.
Concentrate. Concentrate.
Aim well and, There!

《Skill proficiency reached. Acquired skill 『Concentration LV1』》

Ah, it hit.
I acquired a skill at the same time.

I never thought that it would hit.
The Kumorning Star that I threw hit the bee’s body splendidly.
Without delay, I use “Thread Manipulation” to coil a thread around the bee’s body.
I guide the bee that acts violently into the nest.
And make it as a victim of my “Poison Fang”.

It turned out well from the very beginning.
This seems to be a good sign.
I must not get carried away.
Because of that, I had a terrible experience.
Let’s be modest here.
For the time being, let’s have a meal since I manage to step forward to the first step.
Well then, itadakimasu.

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