Kumo Desu ga, Nani ka? – Chapter 15

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15 The time I lose my paradise

Today also I spent my day lazily.
Ah, my home is .
The meals come over from there without permission and I can sleep soundly in a dangerous dungeon because the countermeasures has been secured.
Because I spread some soft threads on the firm floor, it feels like sleeping on a bed.
It has became a daily routine that I keep producing threads while relaxing.
Ah, this is happiness.

Thinking about my previous life that I spent my daily life restlessly.
I did not have such awareness, now that I think about it, what do you think of 4 hours sleep?
My life cycle in my previous life was wake up in the morning and go to the school. Once school is over, I go back home and did nothing but playing games. Once my drowsiness reached its limit, then only I sleep.
It was such a life.
Though it’s fun playing games, but thinking back now, there was an obligation to play it.

Being a free player while also being one of the top player in the online game, trying to live up to the expectations with pride, I inadvertently think that exceeded my capacity.
Such me, something like living up to everyone’s expectations, it stills feels good if it’s a joke.
I don’t mind the eyes of another person.
Though I thought so, but looks like I still have such human sense even though I noticed it after living this life.

Therefore, the real meaning is when I’m living a life where I don’t have anything to do, there’s a feeling of freedom.
At first, I felt uneasy when think that I can’t bear with the all the free time I have but it looks like it was just a needless anxiety.
Though I am surely free because there’s neither internet nor game in such environment, but it’s not that unbearable.

Looks like my standard of happiness is somewhat lower than normal people.
To put things bluntly, it’s already a happiness to be able to live.
I am already happy with the present life that have food and living secured.
I’m happy till I think that I intend to spend my life in here.
Though I don’t know how long a spider can live.

But I think that I will have to leave my home someday.
Unexpected situation. Changes in environment. The appearance of a powerful enemy who can breakthrough my web.
I don’t know when it is but I think that time will come.
There’s nothing that doesn’t change.
Therefore, I should prepare when the time comes.

Though I have decided it, it’s still too early!
I’m not prepared yet!

In front of my panicking view was one of my home’s entrance blaze up.
I was falling asleep and suddenly, flames started to rose.
The home which I put great efforts to build it is currently swallowed up by a sea of flames without being able to resist.
My spider thread which I boasted of it’s invincibility, is unexpectedly weak against fire.

However, why there’s flame so sudden?
I understood the answer immediately.
It’s a human.
There was a man in the depths of the fire.
A torch is in his hand.
He must have burnt my home using the fire from the torch.

This is bad.
Though it’s hard to see clearly through the fire but I can see the figure of several humans behind the man.
I don’t think they set the fire up accidentally.
It’s obviously an action that they are cautious of the spiderweb.
Then, they must be aware that in the depths of the web, there’s a spider which is me.

If I keep on staying here, I only have 2 choice whether I would die wounded by the fire or I would die being cornered by humans.
Fortunately, the flames have not reached my place yet and if I escape on the opposite side, the humans should not be able to catch up with me.

I look at my home one more time.
I spent most of my time here after I reincarnated.
I put great efforts to build it up.
Having done various discoveries in this place and each time after discovering something, I would be swinging from joy to sorrow.
So far, this was also the place that have protected me all the time.
I might love this place more than my room in my previous life.
I spent such deep times in this place.

I began to run.
With the flames at the opposite direction.
I go through the complicated spiderweb skillfully.
The last web.
I can never return to this place once I pass through there.
There’s no more security once I pass through there.

Still, I pass through the last web without hesitation.
Though I had the urge to look back, I didn’t do so.
Now, I need to escape as far as possible.

Thus, I, have been chased out of my home.

Though it’s a sequel, but the adventurers who set my home on fire seemed to discover my large amount of thread balls left in the center afterwards.
Fortunately, the flames did not reached there and they collect it.
It is said that the clothes made with the threads were sold for a large amount of money.
It seemed that the King of some country even purchased it and it became a topic for a certain period of time.
I only know the fact after a very long time.

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