Kumo Desu ga, Nani ka? – Chapter 14

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14 Chapter of reconstruction

A little time passed after the attack from my brother.

《Skill proficiency reached. Skill『Spider Thread LV5』 has became 『Spider Thread LV6』》

I played with my threads and its level increase when I was using it for training.
No, I had a hard time leveling it.
Thanks to that, it’s pure white in my home now.

My home have changed a lot compare with the original look.
First, the amount of webs has increased.
Before this, the webs were placed in sets at the top and bottom in a remote place from the T-shaped intersection. But now, the webs spreads till the branch road in the passage. I have spread many sets of nets in the passage.
With only a set of web, it would only allow invasion and breakthrough like what happen before.
It should take some time to breakthrough with all these webs.
With this, my home’s security has increased.

I decorated the walls because the skill didn’t leveled up.
I spread my threads on the wall and I painted it white.
Of course it’s not a mere decoration.
This wallpaper thread are linked to the webs, I adjusted it so that when a prey got caught, the threads will separate from the wall and wrap the prey.
This is my boastful trap that I completed after various trial and error.

When I started sticking my wallpaper threads, my skill level went up by 1.
After I finish sticking the wallpaper threads, I set up some extra-thin threads as it was invisible in my home.
I never made this thread adhesive and it snaps immediately after touching it.
It will snap eventually by the air even if I leave it, then it will get absorbed by the wallpaper threads.
I think that the reason why I was able to produce such a thin thread is that my skill level became 5.
The effect of this thread is to search for enemies.
The threads are connected to me and if there’s something that touch the thread, I would be able to know what it is.
Because I said that it’s inconvenient that I can look back before, so I thought that I should develop a enemy searching thread.
I decided to set it up in my home because it was not necessary to mind the rear while I’m in my home.
Someday, I hope that it can be operated remotely because I want to search outside of my home.

Well, after doing so much things, as expected, I didn’t have anything to do so I save up some threads idly and finally, my skill reached level 6.
Thanks to that, I leave the fur balls as it is due to the fine quality-like silk thread which had an overflowing luxury.
This seems to be able to sell for a good amount of money to a human.
Well, it’s not like I know anything about human’s textile industry.

By the way, if I released such amount of threads, it’s obvious that I am hungry.
Therefore, I have ate all the pitiful prey that was caught in the web.
It seems that the monsters here has poison in their body.
It doesn’t die easily even with my poison fangs.
Well, my victory was already decided by the time when my prey is restrained in the web.
Still, I think that it’s impossible to fight without threads.
At any rate, even with my poison fangs, it won’t be effective unless I need to keep on biting my prey.
For such a long time, it would be ruined by a counterattack if I don’t restrain it with my threads.

Thanks to that, my “Poison Fang” has increased to level 4 and “Poison Resistance” has increased to level 5.
I don’t know whether it’s because of “Poison Resistance” level rose but the bitter taste of monsters with poison has became a habit.

As for the monsters whom I defeated so far were 3『Elro Randanel』, 1『Elro Pekatot』, 1『Elro Basilisk』 and 1『Finjegoath』.
All of them were caught by the web and I restrained it with threads then killed it with my poison fangs.
Elro Randanel was a monster that looks like a small dinosaur. I got flustered because 3 of them came over at once.
Well, I didn’t have a hard time because all three of them were caught in the web.
Elro Pekatot was a strange monster with the arms of a monkey and the body of a penguin fused with a pelican.
Finjegoath was a bee-like monster with a huge body that can fill up this passage that was around 3 meters.
Because of that, it’s much more easier to get caught in the web.

The most dangerous was Elro Basilisk.
It was a huge lizard-like monster and just as its name, it can use petrifaction attack.
Probably the same as the fairy tale, it was the devil’s eye of petrifaction that petrified one of my foreleg.
Because of how slow the petrifaction progression speed was, I somehow managed to defeat it. But it was a terrifying enemy.
After that, until I level up and shed my skin, I have to spend my time with my petrified foreleg.
Though it might be a gain because I was able to acquire the “Petrifaction Resistance” skill, but it was much more dangerous that the first frog.

Ah, I just said it smoothly but I leveled up.
Moreover, it’s 3 level.
I’m level 5 now.
The skills that I know that I have were 『Poison Fang LV4』, 『Spider Thread LV6』, 『Appraisal LV2』, 『Taboo LV1』, 『Heresy Magic LV1』, 『Poison Resistance LV5』, 『Acid Resistance LV2』, 『Corrosion Resistance LV1』 and 『Petrifaction Resistance LV1』.
Though my level went up by 3, the skill did not rise to that extent.
“Appraisal” doesn’t level at all since LV2.
It seems that the skill proficiency bonus from level up is little.

And it seems that I missed it during my first level up that skill point increases by leveling up.
However, the amount is quite little.
I got excited when I heard the voice of heaven said that I obtained skill points, but after that, I tried acquire some skills but it’s no good.
In such a time, I tried to remind about all the possible skills like item box or automatic regeneration, but there was no skills that can be acquired.
In the first place, the voice of heaven won’t give me a response even if the skill exist or not.

《Insufficient skill points》

That was the only answer that came back.
Looks like the method to become matchless by acquiring every skill is impossible.
It seems that the skill limitation is more severe than I thought.

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