Kumo Desu ga, Nani ka? – Chapter 133

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133 No.1 of hardness, No.2 of speed

No, that’s impossible.
Nai wa.
What’s that?
Of course I escaped with Transfer.
There’s no choice to not escape.
There’s no way I can win.

Kaguna that I don’t know whether I can win or not is together with Geere that has “Space Maneuver” and it’s clear that it’s a speed type just by seeing its status.
It’s like I’m told to die.
If they come in such lineup, I can’t win even if I gather all of my “Parallel Will”.
Nai wa.

Earth Dragon Geere has a considerably smart appearance, and it was a figure close to Alaba.
Although it was huge, unlike the short and stout Kaguna, it has a sharp form that seems to be fast.
Actually, it’s speed type that has the speed exceeding 4000.
Besides, it has high perception-type skills and “Evasion” skill, so it seems that it doesn’t have the intention to receive any attack.

I mean, although it’s serious that my eyes are attracted to its speed, Geere-san’s defensive ability is quite a lot.
Although it’s not as much as Kaguna, it has high status with the support by the skills, quite a lot of resistance, and there’s also the “High-speed HP Recovery” skill.
It won’t hit and even if it hits, it’s not painful.
What can I do against such thing?

And, it’s physical offensive ability is high enough.
Especially, the blades attached to both arms.
I have the premonition that I will split in two if I receive it.

Move around in high speed, blessed physique, and the attack with the blade.
Of course, breath is a standard equipment.
My attacks can’t hit, and even if it hits, it’s not a big deal if the power is low.
What an impossible game.
Although this guy’s level is lower than Kaguna, isn’t it more troublesome than Kaguna in a certain meaning?

First of all, I should marked it, and wait for those two separate from now on and act.

Marking is one of the effect of “Wisdom”, I can attach a mark on the target.
It’s a function that I can know the target’s location no matter where it is as long as this mark is attached.
Well, if it’s a place that I don’t know, it will only show roughly “around here” though.
Although the lower layer’s map is not completed yet, the mark of Kaguna and Geere is close together.
It seems that they won’t separate for a while.
Incidentally, if I mark it, I can confirm the target’s status anytime.
If I see this, I can transfer to it and assault it when it’s weakened.
Though I don’t think that the two Earth Dragons will weaken.

By the way, something like composing a different magic before transfer, and fire it to the opponent at the moment I transfer can’t be done.
Even if I compose a magic beforehand, it will disperse at the moment I transfer.
This is not just the composition power, but it can’t be helped because it’s the specification of Transfer.

For the time being, let’s raise my level in a different location until these guys separate.
There should still be other Earth Dragons in the lower layer, so it’s alright to defeat the other one first.
Like a revenge on Alaba.

Come to think of it, I begin to be afraid of Earth Dragon is because of that guy.
It’s not bad to defeat that guy to overcome my trauma.
Should I return to the pit where the large swarm of bees are there after a long time?
Ah, I have “Space Maneuver” now, so doesn’t that means that I can overhunt the bees as much as I want?
That’s good.
Good for experience points and food.

Because I started to overhunt the monsters in the lower layer, I have secured too many foods.
But, when I start the level raising of skills that uses SP, the foods are consumed quite fast.
I have a lot of skills that I want to raise like “Dragon Power” and “Space Maneuver” that didn’t rise much in the middle layer and the upper layer.

That’s why, food is never too much no matter how much I have.
If it’s the current me, it won’t be a hard fight against the bees, so I will consider that place as my temporary food storage.
If luck is on my side, I will encounter Alaba, and I want to at least check its status and mark it.
Just by seeing Kaguna and Geere, it seems that it’s hard to fight the Earth Dragon without countermeasures.
Besides, Alaba’s level should be higher than Kaguna if my memory is right.
I return with the data, and I must fight after making the countermeasures.

When I think like this, the Dragon is strong after all.
I did well to defeat the Fire Dragon in first sight.
That was really a miraculous victory.

However, the Fire Dragon has a more smart composition of status and skills than the Earth Dragons.
If I say it well, it’s versatile.
If I say it badly, jack-of-all-trades and master of none.
There was only a little resistance, and it might not have much enemy in the middle layer.

Compared with it, the Earth Dragon seems to work its way up.
What’s with that high resistance?
What kind of eventful Dragon life did it live to become like that?
Did it became a Dragon after fighting to the bitter end?
Lower layer is terrifying.

It might because of that, it became such a one-sided status.
Raise it’s strength to the limit, and match it with the inborn defensive ability.
Kaguna swings to defense, and Geere swings to quickness.
Moreover, while they swing to one side, it’s nasty that I don’t have a chance.

When someone specialized in something like me, it’s normal that there’s a weak point that remains somewhere.
Those cheaters.

Anyway, even if I fight against such guys directly, I can’t win, so let’s work hard to raise my level until it becomes the situation where I can crush each one of them.
What if they never separate?
What should I do?
I don’t know.


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