Kumo Desu ga, Nani ka? – Chapter 132

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132 Earth Dragon Kaguna capture preparations

Well, how to defeat that Earth Dragon?
I mean, can that be defeated?
Completely specialized in defense.
Although my status is also one-sided, that guy even has its skills specialized in defense.

High defensive ability and the ability to interfere magic by the Dragon’s default skill, “Reverse Scale”.
And increasing the defensive ability even more with the “Hard Shell” skill and “Steel Body” skill.
Both are continuous activation-type skills, so it simply increases the defensive ability.
Because of these skills, it’s already high defensive ability improves even more.
And there, the various resistance-type skills.
It doesn’t have the intention to receive any damage.

Especially, the troublesome one in the resistance is “Great Abnormal Condition Resistance”.
It’s the evolved skill of the “Abnormal Condition Resistance” skill that the Fire Dragon had.
It’s the worst affinity to me who uses abnormal condition attack as my main weapon.
Thanks to that, neither the poison nor the paralysis nor the curse work.
Ah, the curse seems to enter the abnormal condition category somehow.
Because of that, the Evil Eyes are almost useless.
It’s considerably painful that poison doesn’t work either.

After all, I have relied on poison so far after I was born.
It’s considerably a shock that it doesn’t work.
I who even made resistance holder into my poison’s prey up until now, but the opponent has high defensive ability this time.
Although it still receives damage, it’s recovered instantly by “High-speed HP Recovery”.

Abnormal condition doesn’t work.
Having said that, it’s impossible if I say whether physical attack works.
Even the “Corrosion Attack” only graze it, so if I think to do something on that with physical attack, I will need the physique of Mother class.
But still, it’s frightening that I don’t know whether I can break through that defensive ability or not.

Even if I break through the defense and inflict damage like that, after all, it has “High-speed HP Recovery”, so it will gradually recover.
What a cheat to be tough and a recovery holder.
Thanks to that, there’s not much meaning in using heavy attack.

If neither physical nor abnormal condition work, as expected, I only have magic.
Fortunately, there’s no resistance to my specialty, dark.
But, when becoming a battle of reducing each other, the possibility for it to endure with recovery and high original defensive ability is high.
Then, it’s possible that it will acquire resistance in the middle of the fight, and the damage and recovery are reversed.
If that happens, it’s already the end.

“Space Magic” don’t have offensive means.
If its evolved skill, “Dimension Magic”, it has offensive means, but because it’s difficult to use, I don’t want to use it.

“Heresy Magic” is out of the question.
If I use Soul Break, it’s putting the cart before the horse.
Why did D include such a thing in the system?
No, although I understand the reason, I can’t help but to doubt her sanity.
Ah, no, there’s no way that it’s sanity.
It’s a person who has a mad existence.

Well, leaving aside D.
If I shoot magic foolishly, it might acquire the resistance, so it’s better to think that halfway damage has the opposite effect.
Then, after all, the reliable one will be a huge shot.

There’s only “Abyss Magic”.
With what I have now, it’s the only one that has winning chance.
The problem is how to activate it.

The “Abyss Magic” can’t be activated by me alone.
I must use the power of “Parallel Will”.
Because it’s decided that only one will return, it can be activated.
But, the other me can’t do any other supports in order to prepare for the activation.
Then, after all, I need to fight with that alone until the preparations are completed.

Earth Dragon Kaguna’s attack is plain and simple.
It will crush me with its large build physically if I’m near, and it will release a breath if I’m far.
That’s all.
But, even though it’s only that much, it’s strong.

The power of the breath is impressive.
It’s more dreadful than the Fire Dragon.
Although it’s the only help that its “Accuracy” skill is low, it doesn’t matter if it releases a wide range breath.

Its physical ability is also high.
Being huge alone is a threat.
Because that huge thing approaches without questions, it’s not a thing that can be endured.
With that body, it’s slow, or so I thought, but because it’s speed exceeds 1000, it’s more faster than common monsters.
Well, if it’s my speed, I can dodge it, but it will probably end if I receive it.

Must I complete the “Abyss Magic” in the tension?
It’s hard.
Because the magic composition of “Abyss Magic” is complicated, I can’t do a skillful thing like making it beforehand as reserves.
Although it might be possible if I gather everyone, it’s impossible to gather everyone now.
After all, I have no choice but to construct the magic while fighting and fire it on the spot.
But, it’s possible.

After all, I have the perfect skill for restraining called “Universal Thread”.
I will make full use of “Universal Thread” to restrain the Earth Dragon, gain some time to advance the preparations of “Abyss Magic”, and fire it when it’s completed.
It’s good.

Just wait for me, Earth Dragon Kaguna.
Your fate will end soon.

I explore the lower layer triumphantly.
And, I found my heart’s desire Earth Dragon Kaguna.

『Earth Dragon Geere LV24
Average Offensive Ability:3433(Details)
Average Defensive Ability:3874(Details)
Average Magic Ability:1343(Details)
Average Resistance Ability:3396(Details)
Average Speed Ability:4122(Details)
「Earth Dragon LV2」 「Reverse Scale LV6」 「Hard Shell LV2」 「Steel Body LV2」 「High-speed HP Recovery LV3」 「MP Recovery Speed LV1」 「MP Consumption Down LV1」 「Magic Perception LV3」 「Magic Manipulation LV3」 「Offensive Magic Power LV1」 「High-speed SP Recovery LV3」 「Great SP Consumption Down LV3」 「Earth Attack LV8」「Enhanced Earth LV8」 「Enhanced Destruction LV9」 「Great Enhanced Slashing LV8」 「Great Enhanced Piercing LV4」 「Great Enhanced Blunt LV8」 「Space Maneuver LV5」 「Accuracy LV10」 「Evasion LV10」 「Probability Correction LV7」 「Danger Perception LV10」 「Presence Perception LV8」 「Heat Perception LV7」 「Motion Perception LV8」 「Soil Magic LV2」 「Destruction Resistance LV4」 「Slash Resistance LV8」 「Pierce Resistance LV8」 「Blunt Resistance LV9」 「Shock Resistance LV5」 「Earth Nullity」 「Lightning Resistance LV3」 「Great Abnormal Condition Resistance LV3」 「Corrosion Resistance LV1」 「Pain Nullity」 「Pain Alleviation LV7」 「Night Vision LV10」 「Visible Range Expansion LV5」 「Enhanced Vision LV7」 「Enhanced Hearing LV5」 「Enhanced Smell LV4」 「Enhanced Touch LV3」 「Constitution LV9」 「Magic Well LV1」 「Heaven Motion LV2」 「Abundant Sky LV1」 「Herculean Strength LV8」 「Solid LV9」 「Mage LV1」 「Amulet LV8」 「Idaten LV3」
Skill points:31000
「Monster Killer」 「Monster Slaughterer」 「Dragon」 「Conqueror」』

Together with another Earth Dragon.


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