Just One Smile Is Very Alluring

Alternative Name: 微微一笑很倾城
Author: 顾漫
Artist: –
Category: Gaming, Romance
Status: Completed
Source: Buy in original language here
Translator(s)/Translation Group: Dreams of Jianghu

If you were “tragically” dumped, and then a very strong, very cool and very arrogant man proposed to you, how you you react? Bei Wei Wei’s response: Da Shen, did your account get stolen? This world is too fantastical! Her ex-“husband” just moved on to marry the “Most Beautiful”, the “Strongest in Jianghu” has just come to propose? And said he’ll give her a better and more magnificent wedding. The faculty “flower” at a famous university, Bei Wei Wei was embarrassed but quickly once again married…

just one smile

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Status: Currently in the process of uploading all the chapters. Chapter 1-30 are completely edited and uploaded.

13 Responses to Just One Smile Is Very Alluring

  1. Ynara says:

    Ah, Thanks for translation. :3

  2. Tried says:

    As an mmorpg player of a wuxia game, I must say everything in this novel was just dead on relatable. It felt like I was playing with her the entire time! Really enjoyable! Thanks 😀

  3. Mach says:

    Ohhh! I Rad this one last year, and read it all in 16 hours straight. Thanks for the translation.

  4. Ceally says:

    Arrggg too good! It just makes me want to play MMORPG again!
    Wish the next chapters will come soon 🙂
    Thanks for the good work!

  5. haliban says:

    i love these !!! Thank you! – Malaysia.

  6. abhilasha says:

    beautifully translated..awesome..loved the waiting for the remaining chapters..

  7. Yuna says:

    This is so relatable! I love it and I can’t wait to read it all

  8. Yuna-chi says:

    I absolutely love this! As an mmorg player i do sort of identify with them.thank you very much for translating this novel!❤️ You are awesome

  9. Zilver Iluna says:

    Next please~

  10. Nicole Bermejo says:

    A very wonderful and exciting novel! I’m waiting for more updates. Please hurry in updating, I’m so excited, I can’t contain myself. I’m very excited on the flow of Wei Wei and Xiao Nai!!!

  11. Aica says:

    I love this!! I already identify who is who the player in the game!Thank you so much for translating this novel!

  12. Helene says:

    When are the next couple chapters coming? 🙂
    Love the novel (and the drama).

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