Isekai Maou to Shoukan Shoujo Dorei Majutsu Volume 1 Chapter 3 Part 9

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Volume 1 Chapter 3 – Trying to Save the World 9/12)

The town of Faltra——
At the center of the west plaza, a pillar of light stood.
The people that were trembling with fear from the unexpected sounds of battle this time panicked wondering what was going on and started to run away.
Making the air quiver, particles of light formed into two people’s worth of silhouettes.
When the pillar of light vanished, in its place, there was a black clothed Demon, and an Elf girl that had her eyes wide open and was trembling.

Diablo surveyed the surroundings.
He hadn’t come here before, but it was the plaza.
The stone walls that he recognized were without a doubt the walls of the Frontier Town Faltra.
Among the Transfer magics, the one that was the most basic one, Return magic——was invoked.
He felt sick as if he had a bit of motion sickness, but it was of little significance and wasn’t a problem.
In the game, whenever he transferred, there was an effect of the image of the landscape being washed away at high speed. The actual transfer was exactly just like that.
It was a sensation of becoming grains of light that moved with a frightfully fast speed and flying through the sky.
The scene of the grasslands that he had walked up until now being washed away to his back had deep emotion that wasn’t in the game’s transfer, and was a precious personal experience.
However, he didn’t have the time to be delighted with the success of a new magic.
He was anxious about where they would appear but it seemed that they were transferred to the town’s plaza just like in the game.
Shera’s knees had given way and she was clinging onto Diablo.
「Fal, Faltra!? Why!? Why!?」
「I’ll explain it later! Right now, saving Rem comes first!」
「Ah, that’s right!」
「Tsk……Where the heck is he!? The inn!? The Adventurer’s Guild!? The Magician’s Guild!?」
If it were the game, it seems that a Message could be sent to Players that were registered as Friends.
Though, since Diablo didn’t have anyone to use it on, he didn’t use it……
It seemed that Chat was also possible with Party Members.
Diablo, he……
——It’s very likely that can’t be used.
Transference conformed with appearance of the world and its setting was presented.
However, things like Message and Chat were definitely things that were offered by the System.
It was the same with Item Storage and Item Trade.
Things that weren’t in the world’s configuration were all things that couldn’t be used.
He panicked.
Where should he go?
Shera pointed at the main street. That should be the street that the inn and the Adventurer’s Guild are.
「There’s an unpleasant presence over there, Diablo! It’s the same as the one that came from the inside of the Man-Eating Forest!」
「I’m relying on those words, Shera!」
Diablo started running.
He knew that Shera’s feeling was correct from the voices of the people that were running away.
And then, they finally reached the front of the inn.
They discovered a great number of dead bodies.

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