Isekai Maou to Shoukan Shoujo Dorei Majutsu Volume 1 Chapter 2 Part 10

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Volume 1 Chapter 2 – Trying Out Being an Adventurer 10/14)

They left the Adventurers Association’s building and headed to the western gate of the town of Faltra.
As usual, Rem and Shera seemed to be bothered about their necks.
Even for Diablo, he felt that although he didn’t get much of a tired feeling, walking again for who knows how many hours was a pain.
「It sure would be convenient if we used 《Transfer》 to get to the Man-Eating Forest……Is there no portal in the vicinity of the forest?」
Rem and Shera were flabbergasted.
——Huh? Did I say something that I shouldn’t have?
「……Uh, um, what is this Transfer you are talking about?」
「Diablo, is that also some kind of magic?」
「What? Magic to return to the last town visited is one of the basics isn’t it? Return items should have been easy to obtain even in the opening.」
It wasn’t just the slightly slow minded Shera, even Rem who should have been wise made a wondering face.
Diablo arrived at a single thought.
「Could it be that this other world doesn’t have Transfer? Oi, you two, the name might be different but do you know of any magic or items that allow you to instantly move to another location?」
「……According to legend, it is said that the Divine Beings had moved from one location to another in an instant. Also, I have heard rumors that……that kind of ritual magic has been handed down in the royal capital’s Magicians Society.」
「That’s just a rumor, right? If there was something that convenient, everyone would be using it! Even I would be at ease if I didn’t have to feel scared and walk through the night forest!」
「……I really do question how an Elf would be scared of the forest, you know?」
「The night forest is different!」
So this is another difference from the game.
If it’s mentioned in legend and handed down in the royal capital’s Magicians Society, there’s a high possibility that it exists in this world but……
It hasn’t been spread out in general.
At the very least, it doesn’t seem to be something that Adventurers use freely.
Thinking about it, if there was Transfer, the distribution of goods would probably have a completely different form.
Armies and goods would be dispatched in an instant, and even the transmission of orders wouldn’t be any inferior to telephones and internet in modern society and be even greater.
Come to think of it, the Fort Bridge Ulg that took three minutes of walking to arrive at in the game took three hours in this world.
There might be a big difference in relation to movement.
——Should I test it out?
His curiosity once again started to boil.
However, he controlled himself.
There was no need to meaninglessly do a dangerous experiment.
Even attack-type magic required a large amount of concentration when he used it. It wasn’t as lighthearted as just aimlessly clicking a mouse.
What if Transfer magic was something that required strong mastery of it? It would be terrible if it failed and turned into something like 『being within a rock』.
——Well, I guess I’m not in that much of a hurry.
This was another world and not a game that you frugally play in the spare time of things like school or work.
If it was a place that took half a day to get to, they just needed to go and take that much time.
Since he didn’t feel particularly tired, there wasn’t a problem.
Diablo closed his speculations in regards to Transfer and headed to the western gate.

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