Isekai Maou to Shoukan Shoujo Dorei Majutsu Volume 1 Chapter 1 Part 6

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Volume 1 Chapter 1 – Being Summoned (6/15)

Takuma lightly looked at the surroundings, and discovered a moderately sized rock.
It’s height was about three meters and its width was probably around five meters. Since the surface was smooth as if it were polished, he didn’t think that it could be a natural rock.
If it were in the game, it was an object that couldn’t be destroyed no matter how many times it was hit with magic.
From here on, he would try attack type chemical elemental magic out on that rock.
However, he was nervous.
Although he had said that he would show them his ability so that he would not appear to be some weirdo that suddenly fires attack magic in a field, he might have stirred them up a bit too much.
They had really gotten their hopes up way too high.
「L, let’s see……Even if I were to make way too serious of an effort, I can’t exactly go and exterminate the ground. A fragment of my ability. Maybe one one-thousandth of my full power, maybe one ten-thousandth……If it’s to that degree, I believe that it would be alright to show you guys that much.」
「Whatever, hurry up!」
「……Your power, please show it to me.」
With this, there was no turning back.

In front of the two that were extremely interested——Takuma concentrated.
Matching up the mouse cursor with the target and pressing the shortcut key that had a setup magic, that was the way of using magic in regards to the MMORPG Cross Reverie.
There was also an automatic lock-on as well but, in order to make use of techniques like 『Sliding Fire』 or 『Scraping Hits』, Takuma prefered the method of manipulating the cursor from an over the shoulder visual point.
——With the intent of matching the cursor with the mouse, I look at the rock.
There was another one of himself that overlooked himself, is what he imagined.
With the other self, he would manipulate the self that was a magician, and make him fire magic.
He chose something that he frequently used in the game.
Causing a detonation, it was the chemical elemental magic of fire that would make a small range of area combust——《Explosion》.
Belonging to intermediate level magic, if a chemical elemental magician were to appropriately assign the bonus points they acquired until they were level 50, it was something they could learn.
It’s power isn’t high but, because it had a moderate effectiveness range and it was quick to generate, it was easy to use. Even after raising one’s level, it was frequently used.
The Diablo that was in the game was already level 150 and of the highest grade of magicians.
A simple magic like this, there’s no way I can’t succeed with it!
Takuma turned the pointed end of 《The Staff of Tenma》 at the rock.

——Can I really use something like magic?
From the doubt that suddenly crossed his mind, he involuntarily stopped moving.
Rem tilted her head.
「……Is something the matter?」
「What are you doing? Weren’t you going to show us your power?」
From the two’s words, his heart started to pound.
At this rate, it’s not good……not good……
「D, do not be hasty.」
「……As the Summon Master, I have the need to know about your power. Please hurry up and show it to me.」
「I’m the master!」
Shera insisted that but, Rem didn’t react.
If it doesn’t succeed, his position will disappear.
Motionlessly, he shed sweat.
——Remember the magic’s explanatory note!
For the sake of fortifying the image of the magic being successful in more detail.
The theory should have been written in the explanatory note.
That’s right, if remembered correctly, it was something like『collecting the hydrogen within the atmosphere, it ignites that spot using magical power』.
He wasn’t sure if it was scientifically correct or not, but he tried to imagine it.
He should be able to do it.
——Even if the me of the real world couldn’t do it!
Having slaughtered a multitude of players, if it were the Demon King Diablo, it should be possible.
《The Staff of Tenma》 started to cast a light of darkness.
Drawing an image of the magic’s definite success within his head, Takuma——No, right now, he himself wasn’t Takuma. In this world, he was the Demon King Diablo!
He muttered.


It exploded!
The gigantic rock was repelled out from inside.
The rock’s fragments were scattered into the surroundings as if they were shot out.
Rem and Shera raised a scream, and hid behind the flustered Diablo’s back.
Although they were just rock fragments, if one were to be hit by that velocity, they might not be safely excused from it.
Diablo didn’t avoid them.
Since there was no damage, if it were an effect, it was an unconscious habit. If there was damage, it would have been dangerous but……
The clothes his body was clad in 《The Hollow of Jet Black》’s physical damage reduction activated. The rocks that came flying had, right before hitting Diablo, lost their force.
There wasn’t a problem.
——I used magic!
He himself was able to use magic!
From having succeeded, a joy that was enough to make him want to jump was welling up. However, he couldn’t perform that kind of childlike behavior. He is a Demon King after all.
「Fumu……I guess it’s something like this.」
It would be even more amazing if it were my original power, is what his way of speaking implied when he said it.
However, an unpleasant thought came to mind.
——The inhabitants of this world might not think of this as being a big deal.
Diablo turned his head to the two that were hiding behind his back.
Shera and Rem had shrunken their bodies and were whispering to each other.
「What was that just now?」
「……Magic……is what I saw. And in addition to that, chemical elemental magic……However, that can’t be.」
It looked like the two were surprised. However, whether it was being surprised from how strong it was or being surprised from how weak it was, he couldn’t tell. It would have been better if they spoke out all of their thoughts more.
If it were in the game, the monsters of this area would have been around level 60.
He thought that would be the reasonable level of the players in this area. That being the case, 《Explosion》, which is something that could be learned around level 50, might have been seen as weak.
「I shall show you another magic.」
He pointed the staff at a rock that was even bigger than the one before.
——Imagining it in detail is very important.
He felt that remembering the things that were in the magic’s setup was effective.
If he were to take into consideration the things that he learned in school along with the configurations for manipulating the chemical elements, he should be able to make the image more concrete. Surely, there’d be no doubt that he’d be able to fire even stronger magic.
That and, it would probably be better to try out magic other than the flame type.
The monsters of Cross Regalia had attributes in their configurations, and would have rules like 『for the water attribute, fire attribute magic would have a small effect』 for example.
At the very least, if he couldn’t use two types, it would be dangerous.
——Next, I’ll try using the level 80 magic 《Freezia》.
It was magic that would freeze the target’s range.
For its setting, 『putting a brake on the molecules’ motion with magic, it makes them freeze』 is what should have been in the documents.
Pointing the staff, he lowered the temperature from the effective range——is the image that he took.
There was a response.


A sculpture of ice in a shape that looked like a lotus flower was produced. This was a vision due to magic. That remained in the center of the range for a short while and before long it became phosphorescence and smashed to pieces. It was a magic that had a beautiful production.
The rock was frozen in an instant.
That wasn’t all.
The vegetation in the vicinity was also frozen, and even the dust in the air became white.
In an instant, the surroundings of the rock were changed into mid-winter ground where ice effects fluttered about.
That cold air had reached even us who were outside of the range.
Diablo turned his head towards the two that were behind his back.
The two looked up at him with dumbfounded faces.
He couldn’t understand what kind of responses those were.
He was starting to become anxious.
——It can’t be that it was so utterly weak that they were at a loss for words, could it?
Shera muttered to herself.
「Amazing……Amazing amazing amazing! What was that!? It looked like it was something like chemical elemental magic, but is chemical elemental magic capable of something like that!?」
Rem’s lips were trembling.
「……The highest grade……No, it’s an ability that can’t possibly be estimated……Even 《Ifrit》 or 《Leviathan》 whom have been confirmed to be summoned beasts of the highest grade shouldn’t have overwhelming power to this extent.」
「Diablo’s whole body went Puwaaah! And lit up! That was an amazing current of magical power, wasn’t it! Amazing!」
「……Diablo……If I have you around, I’ll also surely be able to save……No, at any rate, it’s worthy of admiration. By all means, I would like you to choose me as the master.」
「I said that I am the Summon Master! Rather, since I’m the one that needs him, I absolutely, absolutely, absolutely won’t give him up, got it!?」
「……I as well have no intention of yielding.」
Seeing the reaction of these two, Diablo patted his chest down.
——It would seem that, even in this world, my magic is on the strong side.
He still couldn’t let his guard down, but he could at least have a feeling of relief.
Diablo arrogantly laughed like a Demon King would.
「Amazing you say? That is only natural……I am Diablo……One that is feared as 『Demon King』!」

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