Isekai Maou to Shoukan Shoujo Dorei Majutsu Volume 1 Chapter 1 Part 5

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Volume 1 Chapter 1 – Being Summoned (5/15)

The stone stairway had footsteps resounding.
Because it was somewhat steep, the pace was slow.
While keeping his hand on the inner wall, Takuma descended the spiral stairwell of the narrow tower.
——It’s real.
From the minute scratches engraved on the stone, to the chill of when they were touched.
Probably due to the passing of the ages, fragments fell from the seams of the walls.
What came in from a small circular window was the light of the sun.
The name used for the sun in Cross Reverie was something that he couldn’t remember.
The information that Takuma had interest in gathering was, not the backstory of this other world, but, intelligence on the application of magic that had good efficiency and on new items.
Since he had already cleared all of the Story Quests, he should have known very well about the setting of the world itself but……
Rather, the question was about how consistent was it with the game.

They slowly left the tower.

Takuma narrowed his eyes from the torrent of pure white light.
Getting accustomed to the light, the features of the world became distinct.
Scenery that was just like the game, but, had a reality to it that the game couldn’t compare to had extended before him.
The place that he was at until now was 《Starfall Tower》.
On the west side of it , the extensive 《Man-Eating Forest》 was spread out.
The dense and overgrown trees kept anyone from looking inside but——around the entrance to the Man-Eating Forest, there should have been a dungeon that had the shape of ruins.
On the east side, grasslands continued on as far as the eye could see.
In the game, there was a river beyond these grasslands, and even further beyond that, there should be the 《Frontier City Faltra》.
If he remembered correctly, one should arrive there in about five minutes even if they were moving on foot but……From here, he couldn’t even see the river. Maybe it was because there were ups and downs on the grasslands or maybe it was too far.
Or maybe, the geography was different from the game.
The means of movement of Cross Reverie were of three types: on foot, by vehicle, or by transference.
In the case of going on foot, there was a possibility of a monster encounter. Monsters would pop up randomly and many of them would attack when they found players.
In the grasslands that spread out before him, giant scattered rocks were laid about. Hiding behind these, one would be able to avoid monsters.
However, since he was doing a Demon King role play right now, he couldn’t show the unstylish appearance of hiding behind a rock.
Surveying the surroundings, and confirming that there weren’t any monsters, Takuma was relieved. It was great that it didn’t turn into a situation where he would have to be protected by the two girls.
In the area of this Starfall Tower, monsters that were around level 60 would appear.
If it were in the game, for Takuma’s character——for Diablo, the monsters wouldn’t even become an opponent but, for himself right now, he didn’t know how things would turn out.
That is something that he would confirm now.
Rem and Shera were quarrelling 「This summoned beast’s master is me」 as usual.
Takuma turned his head towards the two of them.
「You guys are misunderstanding one thing.」
「……And what would that be. Though, it is true that this low quality Elf is misunderstanding things in thinking that she was the one that summoned you.」
「It isn’t a misunderstanding at all, okay!? Diablo was summoned by me!」
「……How foolish……This time was your first summoning right?」
「That might be true but, it’s because I’m a genius! Everyone in my home town said so after all!」
「……I have already contracted seven summoned beasts. Even among the Summoners in town, this is a top class number, right……In other words, I am an excellent Summoner, you are less than someone that isn’t an excellent Summoner, and Diablo is an excellent summoned beast. Therefore, one can derive the conclusion that the one that summoned this Diablo was me. You can understand this, right?」
「Eh? Eh? What, in other words……what?」
「……Elves should just shoot their arrows or something. You stupid Elf.」
「Don’t lump me together with the other Elves! Same to you! Pantherians should just sharpen their claws or something!」
「……It’s because I’m special.」
Rem turned away with a *Tsun*
Takuma breathed a sigh.
——Girls, when they start to talk, the topic steadily gets derailed, doesn’t it? Do these two have those kinds of personalities?
However, since a “Demon King making a troubled sigh from handling girls” does indeed not make him look strong, instead, he scornfully laughed.
「Hm……You guys, it looks like you are very reluctant to listen to what I was going to say, doesn’t it?」
The two jumped.
They were so scared that even he pitied them but, right now, for the sake of pulling out information, things as they were now was probably good.
In the first place, since he didn’t know a good way to deal with girls other than the Demon King role play, he couldn’t help it.
——What should I do, seriously.
Well, he could only carry on as a Demon King right here.
「Listen up, I’ll say it clearly……I am not a summoned beast!」
The two of them exchanged glances.
Shera opened her mouth.
「B, but, you were summoned with the Summoning Ritual, right?」
「It is because I am an existence that transcends common knowledge. Being lined up together with those summoned beasts that can only do one thing is irritating.」
「……So in short, you aren’t held down by the restrictions of a summoned beast?……Are you saying that you have more than two abilities?」
The summoned beasts in Cross Reverie each had their own configured parameters and possessed only a single special ability.
Things like poison, paralysis, recovery, getting on the summoned thing and traveling, mowing down several enemies with a beam cannon——There are various things that they can do but, 『having only one action other than normal attacks』 was the specification. That was the configuration in the game but, from Rem’s words, it seems that it’s the same even in this world.
He was a bit relieved.
With a *Niyari* (Grin), Takuma curved the shape of his mouth just like a Demon King.
「Umu, that’s right. As proof, I possess abilities other than 《Magic Reflection》.」
It was chemical elemental magic.
Unless he could use this, he wouldn’t be worth considering.
Of course, he also possessed various effects from his other equipment but……
Takuma stood at the edge of a pool of water on the ground, and saw his own appearance that was reflected.

What he was wearing was black clothing called 《The Hollow of Jet Black》, which decreases the power of physical attacks and, just by wearing it, had the effect of increasing most parameters.
What covered his back was a mantle called 《The Curtain of Dark Clouds》. It had the effects of preventing bad statuses and, at the time he would receive an attack that would make his HP hit 0, it would have 1 HP remain. It was equipment to make people go 『The Demon King won’t die!』 but, he hasn’t been driven down to 0 HP even to this day. Though, he would die from receiving an attack after that remaining 1 HP.
He wore on his head something that 『would give him a devil-like visual when worn』 called 《The Distorted Crown》. It didn’t only just change his outward appearance, it also had an automatic HP recovery effect.
He had a staff equipped as a weapon called 《The Staff of Tenma》 which raised the INT parameter and shortened the magic chanting time.
At his waist, there was an Item Pouch.
Hidden within the mantle, potions for MP recovery use and, since 《The Demon King’s Ring》 would reflect even restoration magic, HP recovery use should have been inside it.
And then, he also had a reserve rare item that he thought of giving as a commemoration when someone that could defeat the 『Demon King』 would appear.
He had wanted to take them out to check but, in regards to the game, 『taking out』 would be simultaneous with 『using』 it. In this world that showed signs of reality, he thought that that shouldn’t happen but——he wanted to avoid the risk of uselessly consuming the items until he had finished checking his own abilities.
On the middle finger of his left hand, there was 《The Demon King’s Ring》.
It was the sole item at present that he was able to check on its effect. Even in the game and even in this world, it truly was Diablo’s trump card.
And then, Takuma witnessed for the first time Diablo’s face in this world.
——Uwaah, I’m a good-looking guy.
A figure that had a face, that was quite different from that of the Takuma of the real world, was reflected right there.
The glint of the black pupils of his eyes were sharp, there were birthmarks that looked like bluish black tattooes that went from his forehead to his cheeks, and it looked like there were two horns on his head due to the effect of 《The Distorted Crown.》.
On his mouth, a scoffing-like smile was attached.
With a beautiful form that overflowed with a rough charm, when his body was tensed, his skin was dark-skinned and sturdy.
This wasn’t 《Sakamoto Takuma》 at all.
It was the 《Diablo》 as it was in the game.
The outward appearance was as it was in the game.
——What about abilities?
His own battle style was, due to his chemical elemental magic and how he conducted himself, a one-to-many extermination battle that wouldn’t allow the opponent to counterattack. Could he really do the same thing?
Rem and Shera brought their heads together and were discussing.
「……Not a summoned beast? Certainly, I haven’t heard of a summoned beast that possessed more than two abilities but.」
「Diablo is a summoned beast, isn’t he?」
「……Just why are you so bad at comprehending things?」
「Heh? Comprehend?」
「……Diablo is displeased with being treated as a summoned beast, that is what he was talking about.」
「But, he was summoned from another world, right? Isn’t that what a summoned beast is?」
「……Just forget it. More importantly, those abilities other than 《Magic Reflection》, what could they be?」
Rem had a pensive look on her face.
With a *Pon*, Shera brought both her hands together. As if to say that she had thought of something good.
「We just have to have him show them to us, right!?」
「……Certainly, as a Summon Master, there is a need to grasp an understanding of his abilities.」
Rem’s eyes that looked like they could pierce, faced his way.
Shera drew near with her eyes glittering.
「Hey, Diablo! Show us those abilities of yours!」
「……That’s right. If you really do have several abilities, by all means, I would like you to show us.」
Because some additional things came up, naturally, he had intended to try them out.
Surely, he could use magic——he should! Probably……He’d be troubled if he couldn’t.
He couldn’t say something like “It might be impossible” now.
Takuma smiled with a *Niyari*.
「Ku ku ku……Very well! I shall show it to you……The true power of Diablo!」

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