Isekai Maou to Shoukan Shoujo Dorei Majutsu Volume 1 Chapter 1 Part 7

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Volume 1 Chapter 1 – Being Summoned (7/15)

The girls had called Diablo 『Demon King』, but this was the first time he called himself 『Demon King』.
Rem nodded with a satisfied look at these words.
「……Thank goodness……I was able to successfully call a Demon King of another world.」
「That’s how it should be! It’s because I was thinking of making a Demon King a summoned beast!」
Shera said proudly.
Rem then breathed a sigh.
「……Not having any comprehensive faculty and not listening to what people are saying. This is why Elves are so……Well, it’s fine. If Diablo were to lend me his strength, I might be able to defeat that.」
「What do you mean by “that”?」
「……It’s this world’s Demon King, Krebskrem.」
She tightly grasped her chest with her tiny hands.
As if she were praying.
It was an expression that could be seen as pained.
In the MMORPG Cross Reverie, speaking of the Demon King Krebskrem, it was the strongest boss in the official settings.
Cross Reverie’s story went just like this.
『Long ago, there was a battle between the divine beings and the demonic beings. The divine beings triumphed over the demonic beings and sealed the Demon King’s soul. However, currently, one thousand years since then, the demonic beings are planning the Demon King’s revival. The ones to prevent that are the tribes with descendants of the divine beings——the adventurers.』
With a setting of players being “tribesmen with talent”, they were introduced to the lands of Cross Reverie as adventurers.
The adventurers would fight with the demonic beings that were planning the Demon King’s revival and prevent that plan. In the event that he were to revive, they would join forces and crush the Demon King, that was the objective of it all.
——Though, with that being said, that was the higher objective of the story, and I think that most players would go “I want that weapon” or “I want to learn that magic” or “I want to clear the next event” and played for the sake of greed.
The MMORPG Cross Reverie still hadn’t completed its story.
Online games were that kind of thing. Until the service ended, the tale would continue to progress.
Even now, limited time events and additions of new story quests were being performed.
At the time of the game’s start three years ago, 《The Demon King of the Sword Sancdius》 that the demonic beings revived became the last boss, and when Sancdius was defeated, it was technically a cleared product.
However, it seemed that Sancdius was a “fragment of the Demon King” in the end.
Eventually, it invited speculations between players of “then wouldn’t the completed Demon King be revived?”
——However, is Krebskrem the completed Demon King? That still hasn’t been defined yet.
In the official settings, only 『the name of the one the demonic beings worship』 was written.
There wasn’t a scenario opened to the public where Krebskrem makes his appearance.
In any event, not recklessly claiming to be the 『Demon King』 might be for the best. He didn’t know what kind of reaction would be made by people who didn’t know the circumstances. At the very least, he probably wouldn’t be received favorably.
Shera pulled the sleeve of my 《Hollow of Jet Black》——My black clothes.
「Hey, hey! Let’s hurry and go back to the town and do the adventurer registration! Because, if Diablo is there, I’ll finally be able to register as the Summoner that I aspired to be!」
「U, umu?」
Rem unhappily glared at Shera.
Diablo was interested and asked.
「For you guys, is a Summoner an existence that people yearn to be?」
Speaking of the Summoners in the game, it was an occupation that those who made a mistake in the assignment of bonus points or free people that worried way too much about things like efficiency could become.
The main occupations that one could choose at first were 《Warrior》, 《Magician》, or 《Archer》.
Among those that chose 《Magician》, some would normally allot the points after becoming a 《Magician》, so that the chemical elemental magic would become stronger.
In Cross Reverie, the occupation name would automatically change according to the parameter distribution and the learned skills.
When points are distributed with efficiency as the top priority, 《Magicians》 that possessed skills, for example a 《Flame Magician》 would become a 《Combustion Magician》 then into a 《Scorching Heat Magician》……or maybe, into something like an 《Ice Flame Magician》……According to level and distribution, several designations are prepared.
Normally, even if someone reached the highest level of 150, it wouldn’t be possible to be versed in all magics.
It’s because just the level up bonuses aren’t enough for that.
Clearing high difficulty events, triumphing in competitions with players, obtaining a supplement of relevant goods……and then by investing all of those earned bonus points, Diablo’s occupation name became something called an 《Annihilation Magician》.
It was believed that there could only be one player with this occupation name. That’s because, even if someone grew into the same parameters, it would become 《Very Powerful Magician》.
In addition to having that which was called a unique occupation name, it was believed that it was a title that was bestowed upon the one that first arrived at that condition. Officially, nothing had been announced but……it was probably a meager reward for the challenger that opened up unknown territory that wasn’t in the walkthrough site.
In any case, the role that Magicians were expected to do was, to boost the chemical elemental magic’s power, become a fixed battery, and deal a huge amount of damage to the enemy.
It wasn’t to bring out a summoned beast and increase the front line by one animal. Allotting bonus points to something like summoning magic wasn’t efficient.
In the game, there was that kind of common knowledge but……
The girls were proud of 《Summoners》, and looked like they yearned after it.
Shera made a surprised looking face.
「It’s a Summoner, you know!? If you’re talking about Magicians, it’s totally going to be about Summoners!」
「What about chemical elemental magic? I had shown you my power, had I not. Is chemical elemental magic not the supreme?」
For that question, Rem answered.
「……Normal chemical elemental magic doesn’t possess power to that extent. At best, firing a fireball the size of a fist or causing a gust that could only make a person fall over, it’s at that level.」
「Right~. If someone called themselves a Chemical Element Magician, they’d get laughed at. 『If you need a fire, you could just use a flint』 is what they’d be told.」
「……I won’t deny that. If children were going to learn something for the sake of practising magical power manipulation, it would be chemical elemental magic but……Normally, once they grow to adulthood, they would learn summoning magic.」
「How could this be……」
——Is the chemical elemental magic of this world that weak?
“Isn’t that the biggest difference with how it is in the game?”, is what Diablo thought.
The occupation that he had poured many hours and zeal into was——a misfortunate occupation! To think that it was treated to the point of being laughed at.
He felt a sadness from how his days of collecting information, earning bonus points, and training his chemical elemental magic were all denied.
Rem shook her head left and right.
「……Diablo’s chemical elemental magic is extraordinary……If the other Chemical Elemental Magicians were able to display a tenth……no, a hundredth of the power you had just shown, their treatment might have become just a bit better.」
Shera nodded.
「Generally, if someone said that they wanted to become a Chemical Element Magician, they’d either get kind looks from those around them, be spoken ill of, or get seriously scolded.」
「……They’d probably receive treatment that an Elf that doesn’t aim to be an Archer would.」
「Choosing the path that matches my own talent isn’t a bad thing!」
Making the two’s quarrel be BGM for a while, Diablo sorted his mind.
A Chemical Element Magician was a misfortunate occupation.
However, that is just because chemical elemental magic hasn’t been researched in this world, and Diablo’s magic was exhibited the same power it did in the game. It appeared to be strong enough.
Although small, he felt some sadness from having lost the kindred minds that he exchanged information regarding chemical elemental magic with at a walkthrough site but……
There wasn’t a problem.
Diablo steeled himself and raised his voice.
「Are you guys unable to do anything but quarrel when you open your mouths? ——We are going to the town. Follow me!」
After he finished saying that, he noticed.
At this point, asking something like 『Which way was the town again?』 wasn’t very Demon King-like. It was really uncool.
——Please, please let the direction of the town be as I remember it!
With his memories of how it was in the game as the source, he started walking.
「W, wait up~.」
「……Y, you’re a bit fast.」
Since the two of them were following him with a jog, he was relieved that it matched.

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