Invincible Saint – Chapter 99

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Chapter 099: Unexpected helper

Translator: Tseirp


As we were really having tea and chatting underground, the 4 people begin waking up.

“Oof, where? S-rank?” (Dollarstar)

“Ah, Dollarstar-san you’re awake? Thank god you survived.” (Luciel)

“Ah! Are those guys alright?” (Dollarstar)

“We rescued everyone. Thanks to that, we’re currently trapped underground but nobody’s life is in danger.” (Luciel)

“? … So they’re fine … thanks.” (Dollarstar)

Dollarstar-san began waking up his followers so I went to wake Smic-dono.


“Where am I pu~?”

Looking at Smic-san who ended his sentence with a pu~ maybe because he’s still half-asleep, I spoke out.


“Are you awake? This is within the healing district building.” (Luciel)

” … Why are you here?” (Smic)

Maybe he was awake now so he no longer added pu~ to his sentences.


“I heard an explosion coming from this building and I thought that there would be wounded so I came to help.” (Luciel)

” … I see, sorry.” (Smic)

Smic-dono apologized but I could not understand why he apologized.


“Why are you apologizing? I would understand if you thanked us but there isn’t any reason why Smic-dono should apologize?” (Luciel)

” …… ” (Smic)

” … Dollarstar-san, what happened? It’s strange that these members are gathered here?” (Luciel)


Dollarstar-san looked at Smic-dono once before he began to talk.

” … An unusual odour leaked out to the first floor from the basement so we thought that it might be bad and came here to check.” (Dollarstar)


“I see, however, the explosion did not happen here right?” (Luciel)

“Yeah. The smoke here caused intense drowsiness and confusion so nobody would be able to stand here.” (Dollarstar)

“Drowsiness and confusion? But an amazing explosion happened? Since the 5th floor ceiling or in other words the roof was blown off.” (Luciel)

“What!?” (Dollarstar)

“You guys heard the sound of the explosion right?” (Luciel)


“No, I only vaguely heard cries and the sound of something bursting open.” (Dollarstar)

Just how strong was the smell down here?


“Smic-dono, you know something right?” (Luciel)

” … Yes. Warabis came.” (Smic)

“Warabis? … Ah, Warabis-dono huh?” (Luciel)

Now that I think about it, I had completely forgotten about that racoon dog beastman.


“Yes. As if he knew that I was transferring medicine over here, he said he came over to help.” (Smic)

“By any chance?” (Luciel)

” … A change that would not occur during regular compounding happened. Because various powders were mixed …” (Smic)

“However, it wasn’t something that would explode right?” (Luciel)

” …… ” (Smic)

Smic-dono began sweating profusely and he further diverted his gaze as he added some more information.


” … When the smoke began forming, I tried to collect the valuable herbs in a hurry like the flame grass and others but many of them were gone. I didn’t notice when I was compounding …” (Smic)

“Can such things cause an explosion so easily?” (Luciel)

“It wouldn’t explode. Although it would form something the size of a fireball upon contact with air …” (Smic)

That’s most likely the trigger.


Did it set fire to the smoke? Or was it a dust explosion? No, the visibility was clear so the chances of that are low.

” … I don’t know the cause. Because it didn’t seem like Warabis-dono was in the building.” (Luciel)


” … Is that so.” (Smic)

I should not just suspect him.

But I will, of course, have him take responsibility for releasing the smoke.


“Was there anything else suspicious?” (Luciel)

“Lately the number of people working increased and various races mixed together but there’s no way all of us worked together so I don’t know.” (Smic)


“I see.”

If it was a drama, I would have been able to immediately make an educated guess as to who the criminal is.


“Are the things here all important items?” (Luciel)

“Yes. But there is stock within the Herbalist Guild as well.” (Smic)

” … But I can bring it with me? Do you really want to leave them here?” (Luciel)

“Please bring it along.” (Smic)


I collected all the bottles and medicinal grass and Smic-dono lowered his head countless times.


“S-rank, how do we exit from here?” (Dollarstar)

“If you wish to exit we can immediately do so. Do you wish to leave?” (Luciel)


“Yeah. If the responsibility of the explosion is pushed onto us, we would not be able to hold against the masses.” (Dollarstar)

Ah, I forgot about the standing of the half-breed beastmen.


“Well, quite some time has passed so shall we make a move?” (Luciel)


I placed the broken logs and rubble at the staircase entrance into my magic bag.

To be safe, I had Lionel ready his large shield as I steadily collected.

There were sounds of exclamation from behind but there was no knowing when an avalanche of rubble would come down so I couldn’t divert my attention.


I firmly watched the steps as we ascended up the stairs and I carefully retrieved the scrap materials.

Then, we reached the door that Lionel cut to enter the basement and it was replaced with a wall of rubble and it would have normally been impossible to leave under such a situation.

“It’s really good that I brought my magic bag.”

When I placed the wall of rubble into my magic bag, within it was smoke and embers that were still smouldering. While thinking that I would have to inspect that as well, I frantically continued to move my hand, it took us about an hour before we escaped but we finally succeeded in escaping from the healing district building.


“The onlookers have greatly decreased huh.” (Luciel)

“Of course, looks like there was movement that made them worried.” (Lionel)

The onlookers that made it difficult to pass through them have now reached a number that I could count.


“Where should we go first nya?”

“Well of course, to the place that golem is at.” (Luciel)

I immediately replied to Cathy’s question.


The reason was because, at the scheduled location for the school, I saw a 5-meter golem rampaging.


“Let’s make those who picked a fight with us regret it. Dollarstar-san and guys, do you all have any idea of a place that half-breed beastmen would gather?” (Luciel)

“Usually, it would be in front of the leaders mansion.” (Dollarstar)

“Could you guys go over there first? Help me listen to what they say.” (Luciel)

” … Fu~ I’ll believe in you.” (Dollarstar)

“Yeah. Well then, I’ll have the 2 of you work.” (Luciel)



We headed at full speed toward the school construction site and the dog beastmen, cat beastmen and dragonewts were there. I held my illusion cane and voiced out when I approached.

“What is happening here?” (Luciel)


Reflected in my sight was Paula struggling to manipulate the golem and Dolan holding on to his hammer, the 2 of them forming a defensive line around the wounded figures of Yarubo squad.

It was a situation that easily suggested that combat began.


“I’ll ask again, what the hell happened here!!”

After I shouted, the dragonewt tribe prostrated and began to beg for forgiveness.


“Fo, forgive us Luciel-do, -sama. This was decided during the emergency 8 race meeting.”

“Is the dragonewt tribe making excuses?”

” …… ”

The roughly 30 dragonewt members were completely prostrating while facing my direction and kept their mouths closed.


The dog and cat beastmen trembled as I approached … but I ignored them and passed by them to apply healing magic to Dolan and the others.

“But 2 hours haven’t even passed since we were caught up in the explosion?”


“These guys claimed that Luciel-sama died or Luciel-sama used the half-breed beastmen and caused an accident so they were here to confiscate this land.” (Dolan)

“Hou. Can I take that as a declaration of war against me, the S-rank healer of Saint Schull’s church?”

The individuals who heard that began trembling and was further frightened when the greatsword held by Lionel burst into flames and was clad in flames, they rapidly dropped their weapons.


“If you intend to begin fighting to the death, I’ll stand in for Luciel-sama.” (Lionel)

There were some among the dog and cat beastmen that could not stand straight due to fear of Lionel’s fighting spirit.


“He, hey, you’re a cat beastman right? Help …” (Random cat beastman)

『Thud』 That sound was instantaneous, I think Cathy moved to the back of the man and struck his neck.


“I hate such unsightly people nya, I’ve remembered all the faces of the people here nya. Think about what you should be doing now, the people who move for Luciel-sama’s sake would have a much easier time later nya. First, save the half-breed beastmen nya.”

After Cathy said so, the beastmen looked at each other before grabbing their weapons and running toward the leaders mansion.


“Luciel-sama, please instruct us too.”

The dragonewt were still prostrating.


“Ah~ then, the real criminal who burnt the healing district building was the merchant who sawed wood there, catch those that are really responsible.” (TL: So in summary the explosion was a saw dust explosion triggered by the herbs Warabis stole)


The dragonewts formed platoons and moved out.


“Dolan and others, good job defending the site. Nothing is here as of now anyway so we’ll walk toward the place the half-breed beastmen are currently and return to the Healer’s Guild.”



Without rushing, we headed toward the dwellings of the half-breed beastmen and saw from afar that it seemed like it was lit ablaze.

“Everyone, check all the houses, I’ll heal them if they are alive!”

I slowly walked and surveyed the neighbourhood.

When I approached, I felt like the person was already dead, but I had a strange feeling telling me that I had to cast.

“「Extra Heal」”

The magic glow appeared but the person did not breathe in … he did?

The light rapidly returned the cut up body to its original form.

“The life force of beastmen is amazing.” (Luciel)

Even though the person I helped was a stranger, I was brought to tears.


Lionel acted like he did not notice my tears.

The result of the search was only this half-breed beastman who’s back was slashed and I speculate that he was made an example of.


“The presence of bloodstains mean that a battle happened. Perhaps the worst-case scenario has happened?” (Luciel)

“What shall we do?” (Lionel)

“The people pulling the strings from behind the scenes are unforgivable. This time, I will not absolve the crimes of the accomplices as well.” (Luciel)


The rabbit, wolf, fox and bird beastmen had stormed in from the front of the Healer’s Guild.

Defending the guild was the enlarged bear beastmen with the Hacchi tribe riding on their shoulders as well as my Priest Knight subordinates.

The first to notice me presence were the bird beastmen who stopped flight and came down.

The next to notice were the bear beastmen and the Hacchi tribe.

The reason why they noticed was because they were protecting the Healer’s Guild.

I did not expect the bird beastmen to become our allies but that must have been because of the bear beastmen’s pheromones. (TL: Wait what? I only know the bird beastman representative Souther likes the bear beastmen.)


“Well then, could you please tell me why you all are storming the Healer’s Guild? Ririaldo-dono, Olga-dono, Forens-dono.”

Hearing my voice, all the beastmen including the 3 of them stopped.


“I’m asking you all what’s the meaning of this? Did you not hear me?” (Luciel)

“You’re alive.” (Olga)

Olga spoke.

“This is …” (Olga)

The usually chirpy Forens was now acting somber.

“This was decided within the 8 races meeting. The half-breed beastmen that Luciel-dono gave preferential treatment to damaged the healing district. It was decided that the responsibility will be held by the leader Luciel-dono.” (Forens)

Isn’t that just shifting the responsibility? Oh well, it doesn’t matter either way.

“You guys did well to jam in a meeting in the mere 2 hours we were trapped within the fire. What’s the meaning of this? Ah, I see, everyone plotted against me and the Healer’s Guild. Hahaha.” (TL: It’s impossible the leaders met and came to a decision within the time they were gone so the people pulling the strings behind the scene most likely decided to do this a long time ago. They were just waiting for the correct opportunity.)

Forens rebuked as I was laughing in a daze.

“Why did you not discuss with us about the fact that you selfishly brought the Hacchi tribe into Ienith on your own?” (Forens)

“What’s the problem with that? They have not taken a single step out of the Healer’s Guild and have not caused any trouble?” (Luciel)

“That’s not true. You can gain an enormous profit by having them produce honey.” (Forens)

“So what? The people from the Hacchi tribe are my friends. Furthermore, this is my personal land and we have signed a contract stating that I have complete freedom in terms of profits. I believe that you, as a merchant, understand what that entails right?” (Luciel)

” …… ”

Forens was completely silent.

“The rabbit beastman Ririaldo-dono, not only are you corrupt, embezzling the money that the many races worked sweat and tears for, you even have the gall to pass the blame for the healing district that you all made. The eyes of the rabbit beastman I know are excellent but your eyes are evidently cloudy.” (TL: Most likely Cathy investigated and found out who embezzled the money?)

“Wha, I don’t know what you’re talking about. Furthermore, we never had the intention of making the healing district in the first place. It was only because everyone was fussing over it merely because you became a dragon slayer.” (Ririaldo)

“I see. Can I take that as the collective opinion of all the rabbit beastmen?”

I looked around Riraldo and the rabbit beastmen holding onto hoes were hiding in the back.

Because they were originally never an aggressive race, they desperately came forward and called out.

“I, I don’t want to die.”

“I only came because I was told to.”

“Ririaldo-san, did you lie to us?”

“Please forgive me.” (All 4 lines by random rabbit beastmen)


Despite acting this way now, they most likely just watched on as the half-breed beastman was slashed previously.

“Hah~ That’s enough. I’ll take it that only Ririaldo-dono thinks that way. However, as an S-rank healer of the Healer’s Guild, I will have you all that are complicit in this as well as the Ienith leaders receive corresponding punishment.” (Luciel)

They all drooped their shoulders and did not say a word.


“Olga-dono, at the very least, I had thought … that you were my ally. Since you made your intent clear that you wanted to create the school for Sheila-chan’s sake. What’s the reason for the wolf beastmen?” (Luciel)

” … Sorry. This is also for the sake of the wolf beastmen.” (Olga)

“Can you proudly say that to Shiela-chan?”

” …… ”

“So, what’s your decision? Will you choose to remain hostile?”

I do not think that he’s a bad person.


Olga held his sword with his other hand and closed his eyes before opening his mouth to speak.

“Gu … It’s already to the point of “Luciel, don’t bully him so much. Olga’s going to go bald.”” (Olga) (TL: He’s mimicking Shiela)

“I guess. Well, with this, roughly all the races’ are accounted for.” (Luciel)

“Luciel, if you don’t smoothly handle the case slightly more with various other information, you won’t be able to stand above.” (Garba)

“Well, I’m glad that you did not change you straightforward personality.” (Grulga)

The 2 wolf beastmen who suddenly appeared laughed.


“Why are the 2 of you here?” (Luciel)

Was I hallucinating?

However, I knew that it was not a dream.


The 2 of them seemed delighted as they spoke to me.

“This is our hometown after all and we wanted to see Luciel’s confused look. Furthermore, it seems like we have to slightly roast some people.” (Grulga)

“I received a letter from Olga saying that it would soon be dangerous. Nevertheless, why is the War Ogre General here? And that’s Instantaneous Shadow?”(Garba) (TL: Lol their Japanese nicknames are much much cooler, Sen’oni Shogun and Shun’ei. I’ll most likely use those instead.)


He’s most likely talking about Lionel and Cathy.

I told them about their position.

“? I bought the 2 of them as slaves but they are now my trusted retinue.” (Lionel)

The 2 of them looked at each other and laughed.

Moreover, I somehow heard a laughing voice from behind Lionel and Cathy.


“Well, it doesn’t matter. Well then, Olga, are the fox beastmen there and the bird beastmen above enemies?” (Garba)

“You’re late! Shiela would drown in tears if you were a little later! In any case, you 2 were most likely searching for the mastermind anyway.” (Olga)

“Olga sure knows us well. We’ve already caught the mastermind.” (Garba)

“The fox beastman Forens was an ally until just now but he was only confused from seeing the Hacchi tribe so he’s an ally. The bird beastmen are allies because the bear beastmen are here.” (Olga)

“Well, it’s about time the half-breed beastmen gathered so let’s move to the meeting place of the representatives. Luciel-kun, I was extremely happy to hear that you were working hard to make Ienith a better place.” (Garba)

“Thank you.” (Grulga)

“But, the beastmen have many fetters so if you do not properly discipline them by standing above, they will treat you with contempt. I’ll teach you how to properly discipline them at the meeting place so remember it.” (Garba)

“Yes, Garba-san.” (Luciel)

“Luciel, I heard you got that from the Adventurer’s Guild?” (Grulga)

“Eh, yes. Are you going to use it?” (Luciel)

“Yeah. Since there are guys that I must feed my new cooking to.” (Grulga)

“Grulga-san’s food terror?” (Luciel)

“What a disrespectful thing to say. I seriously made it edible okay.” (Grulga)

“Isn’t that amazing! But, perhaps, they will faint immediately … after eating it?” (Luciel)

“You’re the only person that can eat it normally. Let’s go.” (Grulga)


“Yes. But please wait a moment. Yarubo squad will be on standby here. Haniru-dono, Brian-dono, is anybody hurt?” (Luciel)

“We’re alright.” (Yarubo)

“We’re alright too.” (Brian)

It seems like the battle had not begun so there wasn’t anybody injured.


Thus, we once again began to walk together with Garba-san and Grulga-san toward the leaders mansion, toward the meeting place of the representatives.


After this, I finally saw the true strength of the wolf beastmen brothers that seized Ienith.



Author’s Note:

Thank you for reading.


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