Invincible Saint – Chapter 98

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Chapter 098: Echoing roar in Ienith

Translator: Tseirp


The day after the representative meeting ended, the dog beastman Sebec-dono and cat beastman Kyasral-dono bowed their heads together.

“Even if you tell me that, I can’t do so immediately. I first have to construct the school so it will have to wait till after then.”

They came forward with a request to readjust their land and renew their buildings.


“Yeah. That is alright. Of course, we would not have you do it for free.”

“Races like ours are deemed as inferior races by the wolf and tiger beastmen but that is only applicable to combat.”

“The dog beastmen have a greater ability of concentration compared to the wolf beastmen and we absolutely keep our promises.”

“The cat beastmen are better at reading the atmosphere compared to the tiger beastmen and we are not a lazy race.”

“In the future, if Luciel-dono, no, Luciel-sama have any orders, we will stand by your side so we’ll be in your care from now on.”

“The cat beastmen will be in your care as well.”


“It’s alright to not attach -sama. Please wait for the time when we discuss if the previously mentioned topic will be attempted.”

After I said that, Sebec-dono’s tail was wagging and Kyasral-dono’s tail was standing at attention and slightly swaying when they left.

Seemed like they were delighted …


“In the end, even though nothing was decided, they still went back.”

“Luciel-sama is quite a villain nya.”

Lionel and Cathy laughed while saying disrespectful words.

It’s not like I intentionally made them misunderstand, this time, the fault was not on me.

I’m open to negotiation but no agreement was said and even that would be a verbal agreement at best so it would be inconsequential.


“The priority now is to not be bound by anything we say. Cathy, what’s the update to the task I assigned to you?”

“The horse, elephant, cow and monkey beastmen were all skeptical nya. Even so, I convinced them nya.”

“That’s great. Then, continue with the negotiations.”

“Understood nya.”

Cathy left the room.

Previously, I sent out letters to Instructor Broad, Garba-san, and Grulga-san and had multiple exchanges but it was written that if Garba-san moved it would become a reign of terror so I should weather through the incidents unless I am in the utmost pinch.

However, 4 copies of a letter were enclosed and it was written that if I deliver those to the races that were chased out of Ienith, they would most likely become my allies.

Under Cathy’s guidance, Kefin and the others split up to meet up with the various races.

Somehow it looks like everything proceeded smoothly but just how much influence that man still possess in this country, I was too scared to ask and felt that it was better to not ask …


“However, we just barely made it in time. We were in such a situation.”

“Yeah. Although you still can’t be careless, I believe the risk of your life being targeted has decreased slightly even if you go out.”

The mental relief was great since we no longer had to be cautious of arrows from the centaurs.


“All that’s left is if the honey could be produced smoothly …”

“Haniru-dono said that it would be impossible to increase it any further.”

“I see … I received reports that it arrived at the Pope but I had no idea that its scarcity value was so high that a single cup of honey could be exchanged for gold.”

“Looks like it is not something commoners could eat.”

“I would never have imagined that it would be more expensive than sugar.”


The Hacchi tribe was rare in the first place and it appears that they were worked as slaves in the past.

Isn’t it the same now? I tried asking Haniru-dono but he replied with a smile.

“This environment where we won’t be attacked by anyone, where we can collect plenty of honey in clear air, it is an absolute heaven to create offspring.”

Apparently, the undeveloped forest rarely saw any adventurers entering so their enemies, the monsters, were so numerous that they could not nurture their young in peace.


Here, they could nurture their young and get permission to return to the undeveloped forest so currently there wasn’t a single Hacchi tribe individual who held any dissatisfaction.

I was glad to hear that.


It was written along with the letter from Grulga-san about the demand for honey and the market price.

The 100ml worth of honey I passed to the bear beastman Brian previously would cost a gold coin at the very least.


“Nevertheless, we still have stock so when would you sell them?”

“Once we sell it there’s a possibility that the Hacchi tribe would be targeted. I was thinking of doing so during the time we unload the fruits made in the underground 3rd floor into the market …”

” … Forens-dono’s expression when he saw the fruits was certainly dangerous.”

“It was like that just with the fruits you know? If we unload the honey … even thinking of it makes me fearful.”


When I offered to share a portion of the profit from the underground produce with the merchant Forens-dono, he was so surprised that he was stunned and muttered.

“With products like these, you could regain your initial capital with just 3 years.”

His eyes were terrifying to me and I didn’t hear his mutterings but Cathy heard it.

While feeling that it would be bad to anger such a person, my various worries began.


“So when would you sell them?”

” … To be honest, I only know about the amount and nothing else so I would like to think about it slightly more … once the school is completed it would most likely become busy as well … changing to a different topic, talking about the school, I was thinking of having XXX become the school’s principal.”

” XXX? I see. I also believe he/she is qualified.”

“Okay. Although there were many things to take into consideration, it’s great that it is gradually taking shape.”

“Yeah. When the healing district is complete, it would be about time your term as Ienith’s representative ends so isn’t it just right?”

Lionel seems quite happy.

I did tell Lionel that I would head to Meratoni once so he’s definitely looking forward to having a rematch with Instructor Broad.


” … So do you think we would be attacked?”

“I can’t give you a definite answer. Though, it wouldn’t be strange if the tiger beastmen themselves already made a move …”

“Hah~ it only seems like they would make a move but they haven’t. What will happen during the expedition tomorrow to the forest?”

“We’ll pay careful attention.”

“Thank you.”


In reality, we were already in possession of lumber and magic stones such that we no longer need to go for material procurement.

But because of the 3 big spenders we have in relation to magic stones, the rate it decreased was amazingly fast.


However, it’s not like I gave them free reign to create anything they want, I had them create magic tools with the concept that it will be usable even by beastmen, if it turns out well then I’ll let them create one item that they like.

Those were actually a considerable hit in Ienith.

I was selling them to Forens-dono.

Because of that, Forens-dono returned to the usual smiling Forens-dono instead of the bloodshot eyes Forens-dono …


The problems that occurred up until then were only the beginning and more problems would surface when we reveal ourselves later so I completely forgot about the existence of something I should have born in mind.

Then, that became a large problem.


That happened when another 3 months had passed and we were on the verge of beginning to assemble the school.

The sound of an explosion that resonated deep within as if a giant ball of fireworks were set off resounded throughout Ienith.


Looking toward the direction of the sound, I saw crimson flames and black smoke rise into the air.


” … That’s the healing district, right? Lionel, Cathy, come with me. Dolan and Paula will be on standby but move according to your own judgement. Kefin and others, the next target might be here or the Healer’s Guild. Please guard the locations depending on the situation.”

I ran off without hearing the replies.


The healing district was in simple terms something like a general hospital, a facility such that one can come and go easily between the Healer’s Guild and the Herbalist Guild.

It was currently under construction but close to completion so instead of only half-breed beastmen, various other beastmen were entering and exiting.


I could imagine that a considerable amount of people were caught in the explosion.

Furthermore, in my previous life, I heard that even without external injuries, in cases of fire, needless to say about external burns, but even internal burns would lead to respiratory failure or in the worst case, death if it is not treated well.

Currently, I am the only one who can help them.

Energy surged through my body with that thought.

Onlookers were blocking the road but I yelled out and passed through.

“Move it~!! You’re in the way of treatment~!”

In response to my voice, a path opened.


There, Lionel stood in front of me and Cathy was behind me in the usual formation.

When it became the usual formation, I noticed that I was getting flustered.

I took in a deep breath as I ran and saw that there were people with serious burns that were blown out of the building.


“Anybody around, tell me the place where the injured are! 「High Heal」.”

I properly healed the burns and scratches of the people blown out.


While thinking that it was great I could heal burns as well, I heard that among the half-breed beastmen working on the site, there should be 37 of them currently working.

I’ll definitely save them.

After I persuaded myself, I heard voices calling out one after the other.


I ran toward the sound and when I applied 「High Heal」to individuals who were carbonized, they recovered.

I was on the verge of tears then but it would be meaningless if I did not save everyone so I switched gears and moved into action.


After I finished helping the injured outside the building, I decided to enter the building spewing out smoke and fire.

There are still some people inside … it’s alright.

There’s a chance.

“Lionel, Cathy, let’s go.”


While thanking the 2 of them who stepped into the burning building without hesitation, I poured magic into my bracelet to trigger the wind barrier as soon as I entered the building.

“Sorry for being so unreasonable. Cathy, you’ve been here before right?”

“I remember it well nya. 5 floors have been constructed but the space between the 4th and 5th floor should be a wide empty space and I believe they were in the process of constructing the 3rd-floor nya. Ah, also there should be a basement.”

Having a basement means …

” … We’ll begin from the very top.”



Lionel and Cathy looked like they were puzzled.

“Smoke and fire rise from bottom to top. The ones above are in danger. Please lead the way.”

I briefly explained and we ran up to the 5th floor.

“To have even blown off the ceiling, how intense was the explosion?”

I was dumbfounded when I noticed the ceiling of the 5th floor.

“He’s still alive nya.”

I reacted to Cathy’s voice and went to save the collapsed person.


The floor had good visibility and there were 3 collapsed people who were stiffened.


I immediately rushed to them and instantly applied 「High Heal」and their wounds recovered but they did not regain consciousness.

“Hah~ Should we carry them on our shoulders?”


“No need.”

『Paan Paan Paan』, Under Lionel’s slaps, the consciousness of the 3 of them immediately flew back.


“Your burns have been treated. Immediately flee to the 1st floor. Can you run?”

The 3 of them could not make a sound under the glare of the greatsword-carrying Lionel but they nodded to my voice.

There wasn’t a partition between the 5th and 4th floor so I immediately saw the injured.

I saved 5 people on the 4th floor.


“Are you 2 alright?”

“I haven’t breathed in any smoke so I’m fine nya.”

“It seems like the fire is on a lower floor.”

“Yeah. Even so, why is it burnt to such an extent?”

“It was a rushed job to quickly build it nya.”

“There most likely wasn’t any designs to make it fire-proof.”

“Even though I would have been flexible if they spoke to me.”

“They most likely didn’t want to owe you.”


Even though we were having such a conversation, our feet never stopped and we were rescuing people.

There was one person trapped under a fallen stone beam but Lionel broke the stone beam with his greatsword and I repaired his torn arm with 「Extra Heal」.


I’ll heal them if they are alive. If I need heavy equipment I have Lionel.

In exchange for life-sign detectors, I have Cathy.


I rescued the injured while thinking it was reassuring to have them.


Thus, by the time we reached the 1st floor, the supports were already burnt through and the ceiling was collapsing but Lionel blew away everything that was not blocked by the wind barrier.


“Dollarstar-san and his followers are not here. Furthermore … I’m worried about the various colours of smoke coming from the basement. Were the medicinal herbs from the Herbalist Guild carried over already?”

“I haven’t heard of that nya.”

“It’s hard to guess the cause of the fire but …”


Lionel cut open the door to the basement and we entered into the stairs leading to the basement.

Without the wind barrier, our visibility would have been bad and the smell would have been substantially bad as well.

Sure enough, Dollarstar-san, his followers, and the Herbalist Guild guildmaster Smic-dono were there.

“「Area High Heal」, 「Recover」, 「Recover」, 「Recover」, 「Recover」. Very well, let’s carry them out.”

The moment I said that, I thought I heard another loud sound of an explosion and the stairs to the first floor was obstructed.


” … As expected, it’s that pattern. For now, let’s extinguish the flames.”


“Okay nya.”

While being painfully aware that life doesn’t go so smoothly, I gave out orders to Lionel and Cathy.


The 2 of them followed my instructions and extinguished the flames.

I used purification magic to remove the fallen dust and soot.


“Well, there’s still oxygen so we’ll somehow make it. Lionel, can you cut the ceiling?”

“As one would expect, that would be impossible.”

“Cathy as well?”

“That’s definitely beyond imagination nya. Luciel-sama, why aren’t you in a panic nya?”

Seems like it was strange that a person who is usually panicking like me was not in a panic.


“Because this is underground. If we do not return after some time, Dolan and Paula would come to save us with their golem, and if they don’t come, there’s a possibility we can escape by storing the rubble in the magic bag.”

“Was such a thing happening within your expectations?”

“Yeah. I thought of it when we entered underground. After this, if I rescue everyone and survive through a miracle, my fame would rise. With that, even if I’m not around, my factory would be safe. Furthermore, without me around, I believe the people who want to make a move would come out.”


“Luciel-sama is such a schemer nya.”

“That’s a very bold move you made.”

“Did you accumulate so much stress nya?”

The 2 of them looked over with surprised expressions but they knew the amount of irritation, the wearing of my nerves I had this half a year by being singled out.

I said my feelings to the 2 of them with a wry smile on their faces.


“The stress I have is to the extent of wanting to have them drinking a full barrel of undiluted Object X. Well then, shall we have tea?”


I smiled at the 2 of them and prepared tea as we waited for the 4 of them to wake up.


Author’s Note:

Thank you for reading


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