Invincible Saint – Chapter 116

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Chapter 116: Watching the Base

Translator: Tseirp


The combat-profession dwarves scattered toward the points where the ant monsters were attacking from.

With that, since there weren’t any non-combat profession dwarves around, only King Rockwell’s entourage remained.

“Cathy, Kefin, immediately pull out if it gets dangerous. We can review our strategy after that.”

After seeing the dwarves scatter off, I began giving out instructions.


I passed the 2 of them flashlights just in case.


“Fellow slaves, follow their instructions without fail. Because if not, you’ll suffer from the difficult situation of charging alone into the ant’s nest.”

“He, hey, are you not going to hand us weapons?”

“As might be expected, it would be impossible with just bare hands.”

Two men from among the slaves spoke out.




“I’m Jabron.”

I confirmed the contents of the reports on them but apart from having an aptitude to magic, there wasn’t a single word regarding weapons.


“In the first place, if your main attack is magic then there’s no need for weapons right? Furthermore, these 2 are more capable than what you gentlemen assume. As long as you all do not consider doing anything stupid, you will be able to return properly.” I admonished them.


“Let’s quickly make a move nya.”

“I won’t cause Luciel-sama any trouble.”

Once Cathy and Kefin begin walking after saying that, the slaves begin walking in droves.


“Don’t forget that from now on you guys’ lives hinges on the report by the 2 of them.”

After announcing that, their movements suddenly became livelier and they passed through the location where Lionel and the others were fighting.


“Lionel, King Rockwell, I wish for you 2 to remain on standby.”

After I said that, the 2 of them looked spiritlessly at the cave Cathy and the others disappeared into as they buried their enemies.

That’s how we began house-watching this forward base.


“Well then, entourages of King Rockwell, where are the non-combat profession citizens?”

” … They are at the king’s abode.”

“Then, please lead me there.”

“What do you intend to do!”

The entourages of King Rockwell glared at me as they felt concern for their non-combat profession fellows.

“I plan to have them help me with cooking. Since stress will accumulate if people go hungry.”


I answered with a smile while Grand-san once again threw in words of persuasion toward the entourage that had slightly retracted their poisonous air.

“Luciel-dono is fundamentally kind. It’s just that lately he’s a little severe towards those that antagonize him. He won’t do anything bad.”

” … If Grand-sama says so.”

Several of the entourage began walking toward the king’s abode.


” … I somehow feel like you’ve been trying to appeal to me since a while ago?”

With a smile, I asked Grand-san who was currently holding all the good parts.

“What are you saying? Anybody would think that you won’t know about the fact that I hold such a degree of authority over the dwarf race after you commented that you were disappointed in me.”

Grand-san averted his gaze as he replied.


” … I know about your authority. However, taking into consideration the fact that I didn’t know about the contents of the letter, King Rockwell’s attitude as well as the incident that happened here, it’s no wonder that I felt like I’ve been plotted against right?”

” … Although I knew that he was the king’s son, I didn’t know that he would be so feeble-minded.”

I guess Grand-san really wasn’t aware of it. However, thinking that it would be better if the dwarves, including King Rockwell, improved on their attitudes, I continued on while incorporating some precautionary words.


“You know, everyone except King Rockwell would have died if Kefin seriously made a move? Well, it can’t be helped that Kefin didn’t unsheathe his sword.”

” … You sure have confidence in him.”

Grand-san was instantly at a loss from hearing my words and replied as he closed his eyes.

That lost expression on Grand-san’s face was somewhat painful to see.

Which was why I frankly communicated my feelings regarding Lionel, Cathy and Kefin toward Grand-san.


“I believe that the possibility for Lionel or Cathy to become my enemy is not zero, similarly for Kefin. Even so, if they were not around, I believe that I would have died a long time ago. They may think that I am their life’s saviour, but the reverse is also true, they are also my life’s saviour.”

“Is that so? However, even though slaves normally wish to be released … why is it that they opt to remain as slaves?”

Since Grand-san had a serious expression on after he once again opened his eyes, I chose to reply his properly.


“I am able to make a guess but I have not asked them directly. I do not intend to ask them in the future either.”

” … You don’t have the desire to know?”

“No, I don’t. I will listen if they want me to and I will worry about it together with them. But that’s it.”

” … Why?”

“I feel that they don’t talk to me about it because they can’t justify it themselves. Which is why I am open to discussing it with them whenever the time comes and I intend to immediately dispel their slave contracts if they ask me to do so. Though it is attached with the condition that as long as there is no imminent danger to my life.” I said and laughed.

“You won’t regret it?” Grand-san asked with an honest expression.

“I won’t. But the real test begins when everything hits a brick wall. A perfect person doesn’t exist and I am an average person. Moreover, even somebody like Sir Rainstar regrets his failures.”

“You’ve sure grown a great deal stronger just in a couple of years.”

Grand-san narrowed his eyes and nodded.


I was slightly happy to hear those words.

No matter what cheat a person holds or what ability they possess, humans will face failure.


When a large wall suddenly appears in front of your eyes, is there really just 2 options, to give up or to overcome it?

I believe what’s most important is the mentality to think of other methods like changing your conceptions and break down the wall or circumventing the wall.


When competing with a major company, even if you lose out in initial cost and running cost, you can still compete if you can match other needs, instead of sticking to competing with price in particular.

In sales, it can be product knowledge, as long as you’ve properly researched on what the customer wants the most and propose it, it might not even matter if it is slightly pricier.

Of course, it is also a fact that not everything will go according to plan.

Nevertheless, if you give up at every step, then that would be the end.


“It may take a long period of time to bounce back once I regret it. Even so, time continues to flow regardless, so I will move forward little-by-little doing what I can on a daily basis.”

” … For us dwarves, this may be the time we must press onward.”

Grand-san’s mutterings didn’t reach my ears.


Just as we reached a pause in our conversation, the 5 released healers came into sight.

They were all afraid but, although I could understand it was due to them being in a dimly lit cave, I didn’t spend time on that matter. Normally, healers do not go to places where monsters appear. Not to mention a dim cavern. I was reminded that it’s something mentally straining to healers.


Looking at the 5 of them, I recalled the days I desperately sought after Instructor Broad’s training and felt like commending myself.

If I was ever to relive my life here, I would most likely take the same action I did in the town of Meratoni … ah, I’ve been caught up in my own train of thought.


“Well then, can the 5 of you healers introduce yourselves for now? Ah, before that, I’ll introduce myself. I’m Luciel, S-rank healer returning to the church headquarters from the Ienith branch.”

They were not surprised by my self-introduction.

They must have been told by those who knew.

“Then I’ll start, former Healer Merrido from Prusta of the Rubruk Kingdom.”

“Similarly, former Healer Fanz from Prusta of the Rubruk Kingdom.”

“Naratto from Deresdo of the Elimasia Empire.”

“Similarly, Norman from Deresdo of the Elimasia Empire.”

“Estia from Ebiza of the Saint Schull Allied Nations.”


“Sorry but since it is an emergency situation, I’ll speak in accordance with rank. Is everyone able to use 「Area Barrier」?”



“So, the 4 of you, please split yourselves into 2 groups and chant 「Area Barrier」at the places where the dwarves are gathering until you feel like you are about to reach magical power depletion then return.”

“Erm, isn’t it better to heal?”

“The truth is, that is better. However, if the level is low, the number of times you can use the magic is low so please raise your levels.”

“Levels can be raised by doing so?”

The 4 of them gave questioning looks but I affirmed it.

“I believe it will be raised. I’ve experienced it myself countless times. But, it is influenced by your magical power proficiency so please work seriously.”


They formed pairs according to their affiliations and headed to different locations.


“Well then, you’re not a healer?”

When I spoke to the remaining girl Estia, she quietly nodded and replied.


“I’m a Spirit Magic Swordsman.”

“Spirit Magic Swordsman?”

“Yes. I don’t know about others but that is what my job is.”

” … You can use spirit magic?”

“Fufu, yes. Spirit magic consist of light, fire, water, earth, wind, darkness, lightning, ice and wood, 9 attributes and I use magic by asking spirit-san and compensating with magical power.”

Spirit version of Magic Swordsman? If she’s similar to Sir Rainstar, perhaps this woman is also strong?

Although the Valkyrie Paladin Corps, Cathy, and Naria are all in the category of being stronger than me …


” … So, what can you do?”

“I can do some healing, support, attack and obstruction magic as well as use a sword and shield.”

” … Why did you become a slave?”

“I was abducted onto a slave dealer’s carriage when I was on the way to have my meal at rice shop-san after shopping.”

She’s completely an illegal slave … however, are there shops that sell sleeping medications? I questioned myself while the words rice shop-san gave me a sense of incompatibility.

” … Rice shop-san?”

“Erm, a place that serves meals.”

“A restaurant huh … how capable are you in combat?”

Perhaps she’s a reincarnated individual … no, it felt like I was leaping to conclusions but I made sure to be careful as to not say anything careless.


“Probably the best among the slaves?”

” … I see.”


I took out my holy silver sword and shield and passed them to Estia.

“Swear to the gods and spirits, I want to hear your declaration to join the battle and not cause any detriment to me, my retinue and the dwarves.”

” … I swear.”

“Be my bodyguard for a while.”

“Eh? You’re not going to thrust me into the ant’s nest?”

“You’ll be subjected to attack if you screw up when you enter the cavern now. Since that’s the case, it’s more efficient to prepare food and rest for everyone.”

” …… ”

Estia averted her eyes.


I could guess what was going through her mind but, as I was thinking of delegating to her the task of handling the vegetables for Sparkling-kun to wash, the dwarves who went to the king’s abode had returned. (TL: Sparkling-kun is the magic tool bought from the reincarnated lady/girl’s shop Luciel encountered quite some time ago and produced by her as well.)


They also brought along non-combat profession dwarf women and children.

Because the group carried along with them the food materials, there were crockeries like giant pots.

“Thank you very much for coming. Cooking will be done close to the battle but I will commit effort to make sure that everyone does not face any dangers. As proof, I will expand a defensive barrier around everyone.”

I announced the fact that I would apply an 「Area Barrier」 to slightly ease their worries and deployed an 「Area Barrier」.


The dwarves were bewildered at the start but after they realized that they did not feel any pain when their hands and faces were tapped lightly, they began to be in high spirits.


“Everyone, it’s good to be in high spirits but you should be preparing the food.”

Immediately after King Rockwell’s comment, the dwarves promptly began moving and I helped them as I waited for Cathy and Kefin to return.


Author’s note:

Thank you for reading.


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