Invincible Saint – Chapter 115

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Chapter 115: Preparation for Battle

Translator: Tseirp


As promised, I treated the injuries suffered by the people in the room … though, I left any previous disabilities untreated.

“Thank you.” (Rockwell)

“Don’t mention it, since I’ll be receiving an additional fee for it. Well then, let us go to the battlefield. Of course, King Rockwell, I’ll have you participate in the battle too.” (Luciel)

“Ooo! Now you’re speaking my language.” (Rockwell)

” … Please do so without plunging into the enemy lines.” (Luciel)

” … Understood.” (Rockwell)

While thinking that he’s under the category of people that would be dangerous to mingle with, with his figure of going ‘hmph’ while averting his face resembling someone else, I headed outside. (TL: Broad did the same thing. Tsundere mode lol.)

“Then, shall we go immediately? Let us immediately go and defeat the ants while spacing some breaks in between.” (Luciel)

“If that’s the case, I’ll leave the command of the slaves to you. I am unable to command any people apart from dwarves.” (Rockwell)

“Alright.” (Luciel)


As we, Grand-san, King Rockwell and his entourage walked down the corridor, we headed toward the slave room.

Not only is it better to boost our combat strength even by a little, I can also get Cathy and Kefin to investigate the matter regarding the slaves.

It’s unfortunate for those slaves that have been brainwashed or those in line to be brainwashed but I judged that it was unreasonable to take any further risks.(TL: Risks as in to not take the slaves along causing them greater risk in battle.)


“Then, I’ll have the slaves that have already been treated placed under my command.” (Luciel)

” … The reason you were late was …” (Rockwell)

“I’ve already finished treating those in the front lines and the wounded in the clinic at the front line. Although, I regret doing so as it exposed Kefin to danger …” (Luciel)

“You sure trust your slaves.” (Rockwell)

“They may have the standing of slaves but I’m willing to dispel their slave contracts any time they wish for it. It’s just that my slaves all stubbornly wish to remain as slaves.” (Luciel)

” … Why do you wish to release slaves who have such high capabilities?” (Rockwell)

” … Because there isn’t anyone who wishes to be a slave.

Apart from criminal slaves and war slaves, it is not within my morals to oppress slaves just because of their standing as slaves.

I don’t want to see slaves give up on living just because of their standing as slaves.

Which is why I release those who have committed their all for my sake.

If you have to ask why, I guess it’s for the sake of self-satisfaction.” (Luciel)

” … Is that normal among humans?” (Rockwell)

“No, it’s without a doubt unorthodox. However, there’s no reason why I should conform with the human race for this matter right?” (Luciel)

” … I see.” (Rockwell)

“Incidentally, do you know who the slaves are under the command of?” (Luciel)

” … I don’t know … is there anyone who knows?” (Rockwell)

“Yes. I know. Most of the slaves are under Aresurei while a small number are under my command.” (Guraios)

Guraios was the one who replied.

He could convey his message across exquisitely in this situation … but his way of speech gave me a sense of incompatibility with what I recall.

“King Rockwell, will you leave the slaves to me?” (Luciel)

” … Alright.” (Rockwell)

“Understood. Everyone, please wait in front of the room for a while. I’ll get them to come with me.” (Luciel)

“Alright. Make it quick.” (Rockwell)

I entered the room where I healed the slaves.


When I entered, the slaves’ tension abated.

While feeling that this is not too bad if it is the compensation for healing them, I spoke.

“My enslaved gentlemen! You will all be placed under my command from now on.

I will promise you three things. I will not sacrifice you. I will heal you. I will give you time to rest. These are my three promises.”

Unrest spread among the slaves. I was able to see many faces of despair as, in the end, they were still forced to join the battle.


“If you guys swear that you will do your best, I will temporarily cancel your slave contracts here.

If you lie to or betray me, my retinue and the Dwarf King, we will make you launch a suicide attack at the ant’s nest.

Also, of course, I approve of retreating when it is impossible to fight but if you flee, we will also make you launch a suicide attack.

If you men swear to the above, I will begin the previously mentioned 3 promises as well as the temporary release of the slave contract.

It is alright to refuse if you find it disagreeable. If you choose to do so, I will by no means involve myself with you.

Well then, you will be under my command if you swear to the Gods the contents I just mentioned, what’s your choice?”

After I said that, the slaves exchanged glances and checked each other out but then, a voice called out.

“Luciel-sama, I swear to God.”

A woman with visibly poor complexion somehow stood up and said to me.

That woman was one of the women who was sleeping due to magical power depletion.

“I, I swear.”

This time, it was a man wearing the Healer’s Guild Headquarters’ robe.

“I have some things I intend to ask you 2 about but I’ll ask it later … very well.”

I approached the 2 of them and their slave crests disappeared when I activated 「Dispel」.

Immediately after casting 「Dispel」, another light shone but the impact of the slave crest disappearing was so strong to the slaves that they came forward with their pledges one after another.

“Now, inform my 3 retinues your name, special abilities, and spells. I’ll be setting up temporary parties later so please do not lie about it.”

After announcing that, the remaining 3 who were still sleeping also woke up and I pressed them if they would swear or not. (TL: There were 5 healers sleeping on beds)

Naturally, the 3 of them pledged as well.

“Very well. The 5 of you, I’ll listen to your story once everything is over. I leave the casting of 「Area Barrier」 and first aid to you all. As long as you don’t die, I will definitely help so please thoroughly do what you can. I know that you all won’t immediately fall back into magical power depletion so please do what you are capable of.”


The 5 of them properly replied.

I also considered that they might resent me but I felt relieved that there wasn’t anyone among them who gave out such an atmosphere as I finished casting 「Dispel」 on those who applied.

Regardless if it is only temporary, there are those who felt an eruption of emotions due to the dispelling of their slave crests but naturally, there were some among them who went overboard as well.

“Idiot, who would keep a verbal promise … what, my body is moving on its own … what did you do to me … damn it!”

The man who said that might have intended to take me as a hostage but his body released a red glow and he opened the door to the slave room and burst out running.

“I’ve said so earlier but do not think lightly of your pledge to the Gods, or else you will conduct a solitary suicide mission to the ant’s nest like him, think about it carefully.”

“Er, erm, what happens when we reach magical power depletion?”

“I’ll have you retreat from the front lines and rest. I’ll heal you if you suffered any injuries. I exercise the right to command you all so please follow my instructions.”

“Ye, yes!”

“Please decide your own fate. I will not coerce you.”


After I said that, excluding the 5 healers, 15 people, 60% of the remaining 25 people, agreed.

“Well then, everyone who made the pledges will belong to my squad. Please follow me.”

I saw the slave who did the suicide attack off from beginning to end but I decided not to let it bother me.

However, while noticing the complexion of a person become extremely bad, I spoke to King Rockwell.

“I will only borrow these people. Please order the other slaves and the dwarf race to prevent the ants from entering the Dwarf Kingdom. It’s enough for only King Rockwell and Grand-san to go to the forefront. The others are unnecessary.”

” … Is that so? Alright.”

The peanut gallery became noisy when King Rockwell nodded.

“If that’s the case, you can come along to the forefront but you will be responsible for protecting yourself.”

Just after I announced that, the place was once again wrapped in silence.

However, I felt like I heard a small sigh from King Rockwell.


Once we left the temple, we headed to the place where there were the most ant monsters.

“Cathy, Kefin, I leave guiding the way to the 2 of you.”


“By the way, King Rockwell, what is your weapon?”

“My body itself is my weapon.”

He had gauntlets equipped but they were not ordinary items.

“Those are?”

“My weapons, made from Adamantite and diamond.”

“So you use that to attack?”

“I won’t be able to win against distant foes if I do so. Which is why I use them as an extension to create things such as the earth wall previously.”

“What about cladding yourself with a golem?”

“I’ve done that when I was a child. However, I could not keep up with the magical power control so I ended up with magical power depletion half way through. I sealed that method after that.”

“You’re able to defeat the ants right?”

“As long as I’m not surrounded, I can take on any number of them.”

While thinking that it won’t be a problem if we spread out the locations where Grand-san and King Rockwell do combat as we plunged into the burrow, we headed toward the location where Lionel was fighting previously.


“It’s King Rockwell.”

Similar voices were beginning to be transmitted among the front line soldiers. Deciding that there’s a need to get a description of the current situation from the surrounding dwarves, I asked Lionel to handle the ants on his own for a couple of minutes and he dashed out looking delighted.

Looking at the situation, King Rockwell spoke before we arrived at the forefront.

“From now on, we will defend the Dwarf Kingdom as we cut into the enemy lines. Men, defend your given areas.

Also, these ex-slaves have been returned to regular citizen status by Saint Schull’s Church S-rank healer so do not command them.”

I seek your cooperation. Now, I will enter the front line as well. S-rank healer Luciel-dono will take command here. Everyone, obey his words as if they are my own.”

King Rockwell happily ran up next to Lionel who was swinging his greatsword and began crushing the ants.


The ant monsters were crushed under the overwhelming power of the 2 battle maniacs.

The soldiers who saw that were stunned with their mouths wide open one after the other but I slowly walked to the front row before I turned around and clapped my hands.


The next instant, all attention was gathered on me all at once.

“I’ll briefly explain the things to be done from now on.

I will allocate teams such as the monster defeating team responsible for defeating the majority of the monsters, defence team, mapping team, sanitation team and food team.

The 2 of them there currently fighting are the defence team leaders.

My retainer, the cat beastwoman Cathy will be the leader of the monster defeating team and will enter the burrow.

Following that, similarly, my retainer, Kefin, will be the leader for the mapping team who will confirm the situation of the burrow as Cathy’s team progresses.”

The dwarves were extremely bewildered.

Regardless of it being decided by the king, it’s natural that they would be perplexed by me suddenly speaking up.


“I will be in charge of the food and sanitation but I would like help from dwarves who are not proficient in combat.

As for dwarves that can fight, I would like you all to seize the holes where the ants are appearing little by little from.

The reason why would be that there is a high possibility that this is just a diversion and I would like to entrust the true role of protecting the Dwarf Kingdom to you dwarves.

I have already received compensation from King Rockwell for the treatment of injuries so push forward without fear of injuries.”


“Stalwart and robust warriors of the Earth, cooperate with us to win back the Dwarf Kingdom’s peace and taste the sweet nectar of victory.” (Luciel)


The ex-slaves cried out but there weren’t any voices from the dwarves.

“What is it that you wish to protect? Pride? Or is it country? Or family? Luciel-sama is willing to help because I asked him to. Race and such does not matter. True stalwart and robust warrior of the Earth, let us win back peace for the Dwarf Kingdom and enjoy the sweet nectar of victory!” (Grand)



… As expected, it can’t be helped that Grand-san is more popular but I still felt slightly desolate.


While spitting out a sigh, I looked at the back of Grand-san taking hold of all the good parts and the psyched up dwarves. I guess this is fine as well.

I switched thought process and trembled slightly at the thought that the curtains to the battle have finally been drawn.


Is this fear? Or am I trembling from excitement? Without knowing the answer myself, I naturally firmly pledged to my heart that I would not let anyone die.


Author’s note:

Thank you for reading.


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