DDFYM – Chapter 260

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Chapter 260: Sang Clansmen

“Uncle Gui, relax, I won’t be rash.” Ouyang Fei said, “I’m not the child from before. Since I’ve come, I will definitely rescue my mother, the Imperial Concubine, and the rest.”

“Your Highness has grown up.” Uncle Gui said while wiping away a tear.

“Tell me about the current situation in the capital. Who has gone under Ouyang Dong.” Ouyang Fei said, “Since they dare to betray me, I will definitely get rid of them as well.”

Uncle Gui was stunned at first when he saw Ouyang Fei this way, but then he was glad. He knew that Ouyang Fei was not blustering. Since he had said so, he would definitely have the ability to.

For the entire night, Uncle Gui told them about the situation in the capital. Information like which powers had attached to the Li Clan, which were still close to the Sang Clan, which were still in the middle and could be won over, which powers had how many people, Spirit Paragons and Saints, were extremely clear him.

Of course, in his own words, these were all just surface level. He had no idea how many were behind the scenes.

Wei Zi Qi saw that he extremely familiar about talking about this and asked him why he was so clear about the matter.

“I always believed that His Highness would return. That is why I always kept a close eye on the happenings in the capital.” Uncle Gui said. “Although it looks like I’ve barely scraped by these few years, it’s because I’ve been vigilant about these things.”

“Uncle Gui, it’s been tough on you.” Ouyang Fei said with gratitude.

“Your Highness is exaggerating.”

“So from what Uncle Gui has said, Ouyang Dong’s influence is rather large.” Sima You Yue said.

Everyone in the house rolled their eyes at her, wasn’t this obvious? Which Emperor’s influence would not be large?

“Why are you all glaring at me?” Sima You Yue said, “I’m not done.”

“Go ahead.”

Sima You Yue humphed then continued, “I’m saying that, the opponent’s strength is great, with just the few of us, we may not be able to pull him down from that throne. We have to work with all the powers on this side.”

“However, how are we supposed to get so many powers to work together in such a short period of time?” Fatty Qu asked.

“Actually, if Madame Sang was here, we would solve this problem.” Uncle Gui said, “Most of these powers listen to her orders. It’s just that she’s been confined in the palace and cannot come out.”

“Then we just have to rescue her?!” Fatty Qu said.

“No you can’t. If Madam Sang comes out, Ouyang Dong will definitely be on guard. At that time, things will get complicated.” Uncle Gui said.

Sima You Yue thought about it and said, “What if we switch her out? In that case, others will not notice and it will allow us to contact those people in secret.”

“This idea is good but we have no way of implementing it. We have no way to find someone who looks like her right now.” Uncle Gui said.

“That’s not for sure.” Sima You Yue called out Thousand Resonance and fused with him. After that, she changed and two Ouyang Fei’s appeared. They not only looked alike, but even their aura was the same.

“How, how did you do this? It’s really almost exactly alike!” Uncle Gui looked at Sima You Yue and totally couldn’t tell the difference!

Sima You Yue and Thousand Resonance separated and said, “However, this is just to trick the eye. It’s not that I have become Ouyang Fei. We just look the same to you.”

Uncle Gui was startled then he suddenly realised, “Are you able to make illusions?”

“Something like that” Sima You Yue said, “I’ll go and substitute in for Madame Sang, how about that?”

“Okay, okay! If that’s the case, nobody will be able to tell that you’re fake! Uncle Gui said excitedly.

“Then I will be responsible for impersonating your Grandfather. After that, when we rescue them, we’ll gather here.” Sima You Yue instructed.

“Then I’ll take responsibility for everything outside.” Wei Zi Qi said.

“Then it’s settled. I’ll leave Ya Guang here. When the time comes, he will notify me about the situation here through our contract.” Sima You Yue said.


“Time is tight, I will switch out with Madame Sang tonight.” Sima You Yue said, “Halcyon, do you have any way to send me in?”

Halcyon nodded. Something as trivial as this wasn’t worth mentioning to him.

“I’ll go with you. Otherwise, I’m afraid that Grandfather will not believe you.” Ouyang Fei said.

“Makes sense.” Sima You Yue said with a smile.

Half an hour later, Sima You Yue and Ouyang Fei had already reached the palace prison. They swiftly found the Sang clansmen.

The main people from the Sang clan were all here. Three of them shared a cell while the other random ones were locked in ten over cells.

Once Ouyang Fei entered, his eyes turned red when he saw that all the Sang clansmen were locked up.

“Grandpa, Grandma, Uncle…” He ran in front of Sang Lun’s cell and cried out to the people inside.

When they entered, everyone knew that someone had come. However, nobody bothered because they knew that those who knew about this place were all Ouyang Dong’s people. When they suddenly heard Ouyang Fei’s voice, they all thought that it was an illusion, and not a single one took a look at him.

“Grandfather, Grandmother.” Ouyang Fei called out again.

This time, Sang Lun realised that it wasn’t an illusion and suddenly opened his eyes. He saw Ouyang Fei outside the prison and immediately stood up, saying, “Dear Fei, you’re back?!”

“Yes, Grandfather, I’ve returned!” Ouyang Fei took out a key to open the cell door and walked in with his head lowered.

“Dear Fei is back, it’s really you!” Ouyang Fei’s Grandmother rushed forward and grabbed his hand. For a moment, her tears flowed unrestrained.

“Grandmother, it’s me, I’m back!” Ouyang Fei grabbed onto her, “Grandmother, I’m sorry. I’ve caused you to suffer, I’ve only now returned.”

“It’s good that you are alive!” Grandmother wiped her tears away.

“Ha ha, our Fei is still alive!” Ouyang Fei’s uncle and aunt were ecstatic upon seeing that he was still alive.

“Uncle, Aunty, wait a few more days. When everything is settled outside, I will come to rescue you!” Ouyang Fei said.

Sang Lun saw that Ouyang Fei had already matured into a fine adult and said, “Dear Fei, that Ouyang Dong has used us to lure you here because he has guessed that you are still alive. How could you still run over to the capital!”

“Grandfather, relax. Since I’m back, I have done my preparation!” Ouyang Fei said, “That Ouyang Dong wants my life? I still haven’t called him to settle our old score a few years ago!”

“From what I know, that Ouyang Dong has set up everything within the palace. Since you really have returned, how will you deal with his soldiers!” Sang Lun said.

“Then we’ll just rely on Grandfather.” Ouyang Fei smiled as he said, “I’ve already discussed this with Uncle Gui. We’ll secretly let you out and notify the powers on our side. On that day, we will darg Ouyang Dong off his throne!”

“How can I go out? If I go out, I think that Ouyang Dong will have guessed that you’ve returned before one hour has even passed.” Sang Lun said.

“He won’t.” Ouyang Fei pulled Sima You Yue, saying, “Grandfather, let me introduce you to two people. This is You Yue, this is Halcyon. You Yue will remain here and replace you. There’s no way they’ll know anyone left.”

“Greetings to Grandfather Sang!” Sima You Yue smiled as she bowed in greeting.

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