DDFYM – Chapter 218

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Chapter 218: Nalan Clan vs Sima Clan

Wei Zi Qi and the others all turned around and looked at the two of them when they heard what Sima You Qing had said.

If Sima Lin had wanted to protect Sima Lie, they would inevitably have to reveal their agreement made three years ago. So, Sima You Yue’s name should no longer be a secret in the Sima Clan.

If that people knew about her presence right now, who knows whether or not it would lead to any complications.

Sima You Yue said, “You can just call me Ximen Yue.”

Sima You Qing blinked and replied, “Ximen… that surname is truly rare.”

The man from behind came up and said, “You Qing, you just adore children. Don’t scare them off.”

“You Yang, how could I scare the child when I am so cute!” Sima You Qing glared unhappily at Sima You Yang and huffed.

“It’s not like i’ve never seen you scare a child to tears.” SIma You Yang said. Then, he looked at Sima You Yue, smiled and asked, “From your accent, it doesn’t sound like you’re a person from Anyang. What are the few of you going to Anyang City for?”

“Going to look for people.” SIma You Yue replied.

This Sima You Yang was twenty over years old. However, because of his physique, he aged slower than others and so appeared to just reach twenty years old. When he smiled, it was radiant and he looked like a big boy.

“Oh, you all are looking for…”

Right at this time, a loud voice interrupted the conversations of a few people.

“Who is Ximen Yue and Bei Gong Tang?”

Sima You Yue and the others looked over and saw a group of people rush over. They glanced over and guessed that it must be the men from Nalan Clan rushing up!

After coming to Central Wu Kingdom, Sima You Yue had changed her name to Ximen Yue. They never thought that the other party would be able to find them after just one night.

Despite that, they had no plans to admit to it. Since the other party had not rushed up to them immediately, this showed that not a single Nalan Clansmen had witness them committing murder.

The people who were queuing up in the Spirit Master Guild all shifted to the side when they saw the Nalan Clansmen walking over, afraid to become their opponent. Only You Yue’s gang and the Sima Clansmen remained where they were.

“My God, it’s actually Nalan Clan’s Young Master!”

“Nalan Jie’s here. Looks like something big is going to happen today.”

“Shh, quiet. If they hear you, you better hold on dearly to your life!”

Nalan Jie and Nalan Gong were in front of the entire troop. They came in front of the courtyard and stood there, sizing up the people there. When they saw the Sima Clansmen, they subconsciously narrowed their eyes.

“Who is Ximen Yue and Bei Gong Tang?” The men who came called out once again.

Sima You Yue found out their origins by listening in to the conversation around her and stepped forward, saying, “I am Ximen Yue.”

“You are Ximen Yue?” The guard beside Nalan Jie looked at Sima You Yue with suspicion. How could a person like this be able to kill Nalan Clan’s senior?

“That’s right. Is there something wrong?” Sima You Yue was extremely uncomfortable when she saw Nalan Jie’s malicious gaze and her expression turned ugly.

“You’ve killed my Nalan Clansmen and still dare to ask me what’s wrong! You have yet to kneel down and accept your punishment!” The other party called out loudly as he was extremely ticked off by Sima You Yue’s attitude.

“Are you stupid?” Sima You Yue looked at the person with disdain, “I don’t even know who you are. When did I kill your Nalan Clansmen?”

“You don’t admit it? Someone saw them follow you outside the city!”

“Oh, you were referring to the vulgar men who wanted to kidnap my wife and younger brother!” Sima You Yue was hardly intimidated by the other party and continued, “Does it mean anything that they followed us out? They wanted to kidnap my wife, so who knows who they were killed by after following us out of the city!”

“If they have gripes and grievances with others, it could be possible that they were killed off by others? Our strength is not enough to kill them off!” Sima You Yue said.

“What did you go outside the city to do?” Nalan Jie asked.

“What else can we do? We went to look for our friend!” Sima You Yue just spoke whatever came to mind.

“Don’t say that you were looking for them. They were in the guesthouse the entire day yesterday.” Nalan Jie glared at Sima You Yue.


The other party did not give her time to reply and continued to interrogate, “You all just came to the Central Wu Kingdom and don’t know anyone, so who would you go look for?”

“Do I have to report to you who I went to look for?” Sima You Yue retorted.

“No, but if you don’t, this proves that you intentionally went out of the city to use the opportunity to kill my Nalan Clansmen!”

“Who says that she doesn’t know anyone, yesterday, Yue Yue and the others went out to look for us!” Sima You Qing, who was watching the show from the side, suddenly voiced out.

“And who are you?” Nalan Jie cast his glance over to the Sima Clan and saw a man quietly standing behind the group. “Sima You Lin?”

Sima You Lin had remained silent the entire time since he entered. Furthermore, he was standing right at the back of the Sima Clan’s group. Sima You Yue and never noticed his presence, even when Nalan Jie entered.

Sima You Yue looked at Sima You Lin. This guy really knew how to conceal his aura and lower awareness of his presence. There was a kind of feeling that he just blended into his surroundings.

“This ability to conceal his aura is similar to ours.” She secretly thought to herself.

Sima You Lin walked forward two steps, saying, “Nalan Jie.”

“Never thought that we would meet you here!” Nalan Jie looked at Sima You Lin with some apprehension. After feeling the latter’s Spirit Power waves, he was shocked, “You know them?”

Sima You Lin glanced at Sima You Yue and his eyes revealed nothing. He said languidly, “Know.”

“They went out yesterday to look for you?” Nalan Jie continued to ask.

“Little Sister and the others really went out of the city yesterday.” Sima You Lin answered indirectly.

“Since they are your friends, you all should hand them over.”

“Based on what? You say that they killed your clansmen, do you have proof? If you don’t have proof, don’t malign people. You Qing already said it. They went out of the city to look for them. How would they have so much time to go and murder your people?” Sima You Yang really disliked Nalan Jie and glared at him directly the entire time he spoke.

“You wish to protect them?” Nalan Jie did not care about Sima You Yang and directly asked Sima You Lin.

“This is not protecting. Do you have any evidence to say that they killed your people?” SIma You Lin returned the question.

Nalan Jie’s gaze was deep. Although they knew that Sima You Yue and the others had killed his people, they really did not have any evidence.

“What are you looking at my Older Brother like that for, Do you want to fight?” Sima You Yang said, “It just so happens that my Older Brother also wants to fight with you. Right, Brother?”

Sima You Lin glanced at Sima You Yang and did not deny it. After that, his gaze when he looked back at Nalan Jie held a bit of excitement.

He truly wished to fight with Nalan Jie once. They were all classified as evildoers, but had never sparred with each other. He really wanted to know who was more powerful.

Nalan Jie wanted to fight as well, but just as he was about to take a step forward, a hand landed on his shoulder.

“Young Master, we still have something to do. Please head back first.” Nalan Gong watched the few from the Sima Clan his voice wasn’t loud but ensured that Nalan Jie could not refuse.

“Consider yourselves lucky! It would be best for you to never leave the protection of our Sima Clan, or else, I would worry about your dog lives!” After he finished speaking, he took the men from the Nalan clan with him and took the teleportation array towards the West.

As he left, his eyes were full of murderous intent, filling the hearts of everyone onsite with fear.


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