DDFYM – Chapter 217

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Chapter 217: Young Master Nalan

Because they had to take care of the Nalan Clansmen, Sima You Yue and the others had to remain in the city of Linchuan for another night. They prepared to head to Anyang City on the second day.

During this time, in a warehouse not too far from where they were staying at, there were Nalan Clansmen with long faces, frighteningly solemn.

“Senior and Cousin have been killed?” The man who sat in the centre looked at a guard who was kneeling in the centre and asked in a voice so terrifyingly cold.

That man looked rather handsome. However, his malicious eyes caused him to look rather sinister. With one look, one could tell that he was nothing good. Despite that, the men around him stood respectfully to the side, as crowded around a respected leader. This showed his position in the Nalan Clan.

“In, in reply to Young Master, after Senior and the others went out, they never returned. When we went out to look for them, we saw the clan nameplate on the ground 5km away from the city. Later on, we went to investigate and ascertained that he had fought with an expert the day before.” The guard replied.

“Have you found out who that person is?”

“At that time, nobody had been able to witness it directly so they weren’t able to find out who it was. However, we will definitely be able to find out who it is by morning!” The guard replied.

“No matter who it is, since they dare to kill my Nalan Clansmen, we will catch them even if they run to the ends of the earth!” Nalan Jie ordered.

“Yes, Young Master.” The men in the house replied in unison.

The guard retreated and prepared to go find out who killed the senior. Just as he was leaving the house, Nalan Jie’s voice carried out faintly, “If you still haven’t found out who the killer is by morning, you all should return on your own for punishment.”

The guard’s body was as if struck by lightning. He was extremely terrified of this punishment. However, he still replied with a yes and left obediently.

Within the house, an elder and Nalan Jie sat across the table, showing that his position was not a low one.

This person was Nalan Jie’s master, Nalan Gong, who was also an elder in the Nalan Clan.

“Master, who would you say killed Fifteenth Elder and the other?” Nalan Jie asked.

Nalan Gong pondered for a bit, saying, “Since he dared to kill an elder of our Nalan Clan… if it isn’t someone who holds the same power as our clan, it must be someone who doesn’t know the power of our Nalan Clan at all.”

Nalan Jie laughed coldly, “Who in this entire continent doesn’t know of the power of our Nalan Clan? I feel that it’s more likely the first one. It’s possible that a power who has some reason to take revenge on us did it.”

Nalan Gong did not deny it, saying, “The possibility is not small. After all, the meeting is about to start. The powers will be restless in the meantime. Just wait for them to find out who it is.”

“Mm.” Nalan Jie replied before asking again, “How does Master feel this meeting will go?”

“There’s less than two years until the start of the meeting. The middle aged people are around the same level as the ones in the past. However, the youth will have quite bit of new things to throw into the mix. Despite that, their talent cannot be compared to you. You just have to take note of Sima You Lin from the Sima Clan, Sang Qiong Li from the Sang Clan and Huo Zi Yan from the Huo Clan. The others are not able to compete with you.

“Those few people have been called the four great perverse geniuses this year However, I have never had the opportunity to spar with them before. I’m really looking forward to the chance this meeting!” Nalan Jie laughed coldly.

“This meeting will involve the ranking of the powers. The exchanges between the younger generation make up a huge part. You shouldn’t be careless, or else it will be bad for your father’s side.” Nalan Gong said.

“I know.” Nalan Jie said, “I will neither disappoint Father nor the elders of the clan.”

“It’s great that you understand.” Nalan Gong had always been very satisfied with his own disciple, the young master, and was not too worried about him.

“But Master, is that Cleaved Blood plant we picked really useful for that brat?” Nalan Jie thought of the original reason that they came out and asked with some uncertainty.

“With the Cleaved Blood plant, we’ll be able to unlock that brat’s physique. Once we unlock the Sacred Lotus physique, her future potential will be limitless.” Nalan Gong replied.

“Is that Lotus physique really that great?” Nalan Jie asked.

“That goes without saying. Why would we take her from that land of exile otherwise.” Nalan Gong said, “The Lotus Physique can allow one to train at a speed many times faster than average. The advantage that her physique gives her will be even more obvious after she breaks through that layer. Currently, that brat isn’t twenty five years old yet and has not reached the deadline of the awakening of her physique. Otherwise, it would be too hard to awaken it.”

Nalan Jie naturally knew that the appearance of a person with the Snow Lotus Physique was of extreme importance to the Clan’s growth. There was no other reason for them to come out searching for that pill ingredient to awaken her physique.

“Master, that layer you were talking about…”

“You don’t have to know about that for now. Just practice at ease.” Nalan Gong did not reply his question.

“Yes, Master.”

“Go and rest. When they come back with the news, we will settle that group of people before rushing back to our clan. You should also prepare to go into seclusion to prepare for the meeting…”

Sima You Yue slept really late this night because they had to take stock of their spoils of war. Halcyon had initially not wanted to participate in it, but he had been pulled over by Sima You Yue.

Right now, she was no longer afraid of him, so much so that she would occasionally put her arms around his shoulders.

“I never thought that these two guys would actually possess so much treasure! This should be equivalent to the collection of an entire middle class clan? Either their Nalan Clan is overflowing with resources, or they often rob from others.”

This was the verdict that everyone had reached unanimously.

Sima You Yue split the things up according to the needs of everyone before urging everyone to leave. She wanted to hone her strength for the trials to come tomorrow.

Thinking about how she unexpectedly would get dizzy taking teleportation arrays, everyone laughed silently. However, they still left.

On the second day, Sima You Yue and the others woke up early and walked to the Spirit Master Guild after bringing Little Tu for breakfast.

Linchuan City was the imperial capital of the Central Wu Kingdom and there were quite a few teleportation arrays that would send them outside. The difference was whether they would head north, south, east or west.

There were many people in the east city of the city so there were more walking in front. The lines in front for the teleportation arrays to the eastern part of the country were extremely long although it was so early.

“Let’s wait awhile.”

They queued right at the back of the queue and watched as the line moved in front at an average pace.

Sima You Yue pulled Little Tu and queued at the back while Bei Gong Tang and the others were in front.

“Wow, such a cute little brother!” A few people who were queuing in front could not help but call out in praise when they saw Little Tu.

Sima You Yue turned around to glance at the people queuing behind and realised that two elderly were journeying with a few youngsters. They looked to be travelling together.

The one who spoke was a young lady from their group.

Seeing that Sima You Yue had turned around, that lady smiled at her saying, “Is that your younger brother? He is really cute!”

Sima You Yue saw that the other party had on a sincere smile, so returned it in kind, saying, “Thank you for your praise.”

“Are you heading to the north as well? Which city are you going to?” That lady asked.

Sima You Yue saw that the girl looked to be barely eighteen years old and her face still had some baby fat on it. She had two shallow dimples when she smiled and her eyes were clear. She looked to be someone with a simple temperament.

She nodded lightly, saying, “That’s right. We are heading to Anyang city.”

“Really? We are also heading to Anyang city. Looks like we’re journeying on the same road!” The girl said. “I’m called Sima You Qing, what about you?”

When she heard the other party say her name, Sima You Yue’s heart skipped a beat. She hadn’t even reached there before encountering a Sima Clansmen?


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