DDFYM – Chapter 219

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Chapter 219: Anyang City

The Nalan Clansmen left just like that?

Everyone was filled with disbelief. In the past, they were known to have killed a thousand innocent people before they would let one go. They had already cast their suspicions on Sima You Yue and the others today, but had not acted at all.

However, when they saw the Sima Clansmen, everyone pretty much understood. These two clans had never gotten along. Just now, it was clear that the Sima Clan wanted to protect these people, such that it would not be easy for the Nalan Clan to have acted.

“The meeting is almost here. It must be that Nalan Jie does not want to fight with Sima You Lin right off the bat, choosing to conceal his strength.” Some people postulated.

“Furthermore, didn’t he already say it? Unless these few people continued to tag along with the Sima Clan, they would be targeted by the Nalan Clan forever.”

Sima You Yue and the others never expected that the other party would retreat like this. No matter whether or not it was just for the time being, she still thanked them gratefully, “Thank you for your assistance.”

Sima You Lin did not say anything but retracted his aura again, causing others to overlook him once more.

Sima You Yang stepped forward and held onto Sima You Yue’s shoulders, saying, “This isn’t much. We’ve never gotten along with the Nalan Clan anyway, so one more issue or not really doesn’t matter much.”

Bei Gong Tang stepped forward and pulled Sima You Yue back, freeing her from Sima You Yang’s claws, saying, “Many thanks to you all.”

Wei Zi Qi and the others came up as well to express their thanks.

“Ximen, who did you kill from their clan?” Sima You Yang asked with a smile.

Sima You Yue looked at them before admitting in a small voice, “A vulgar man and a vulgar senior.”

“Vulgar senior? Could it be their Fifteenth elder?” Sima You Yang cried out in surprise, “Was it a short and ugly one, who had plentiful of fat on his body; an elder who liked *** and just wouldn’t die of old age?”

Sima You Yue nodded.

“Oh damn, you actually killed one of their elders. It’s no wonder the entire clan has marched right up your doorstep.” Sima You Yang almost jumped up as he looked at Sima You Yue as if she was a boss.

Even Sima You Lin gave them a glance. However, he looked away quickly after that.

“I really respect you guys. It’s Nalan Clan’s elder, but you wanted to kill him so you just did!”

“He wanted to snatch my wife and younger brother, it’s natural that i would take revenge. However, I’m not that powerful. I borrowed the power of an expert.” Sima You Yue said.

“No matter which method you used, it’s great as long as you manage to kill them!” Sima You Qing said. “That undying old man, no, he’s already dead… he was a huge stain on the Central Wu Kingdom. Very few people dared to touch him just because he had a bit of power and was from the Nalan Clan. I heard that he caught up to a hundred ****s. Now that he’s been killed by you, you could say that it was done in the name of justice!”

The few of them chatted quite well with the youths from the Sima Clan. If they knew that these people would go and make trouble in a short period of time, I wonder what their expressions would be like.

“Weren’t you all in the East? What are you doing in the capital?” Wei Zi Qi asked.

“We came to pick herbs and decided to practice with the spirit beasts on the mountain range while we were at it.” Sima You Qing replied.

“Pick herbs?”

“That’s right. Someone in our family is heavily injured and has not healed in a long time. Initially, we could use a bizarre fruit to treat him but someone said three years ago that they would bring that fruit to us in three years. Now that the three year time limit is almost up, who knows whether or not they will come. Many of our grand uncles say that it’s impossible for that person to show up. But Great granduncle has told us to wait. In the meantime, he has let us prepare as well.” Sima You Qing was kindly disposed to them so casually told them the news they wanted to hear.

“Then does that person have any condition for making that three year contract with you all?” Wei Zi Qi asked.

“He does. He wants us to safeguard the lives of a grand uncle and a few older and younger brothers. But those few people had committed some wrongs before. It has taken a lot out of great granduncle to keep them safe! If those few people don’t come, it would really let down Great granduncle!” Sima You Qing said.

Hearing that Sima Lie and the others were still safe, Sima You Yue let loose a sigh of relief. At the very least, the other party had kept up their end of the bargain.

It quickly reached their turn while they were talking. Because they were going to the same place and the teleportation array was big enough, they would go off together.

At the Anyang city’s spirit master guild, Sima You Yue felt queasy once again. Seeing her like this, the youth from the Sima Clan all came over to ask how she was.

“Ximen, are you okay?”

Sima You Yue leaned on the wall and waved in their general direction.

“What’s wrong with him?” Sima You Yang asked.

“Nothing wrong, he just has teleportation array motion sickness!” Fatty Qu said.

Teleportation array motion sickness? This was the first time they heard of this kind of sickness.

“Where is the person that you all are looking for?” Sima You Qing asked.

“Don’t know yet. We have to look around.” Wei Zi Qi replied, “However, we plan to rest for two days before making plans.”

“Why don’t you go to our house?” Sima You Qing offered excitedly.

“It’s okay, we can just look for an inn.” Wei Zi Qi said, “We’ve become used to the life on the mountains. If we go to your house, we’re afraid that we might cause trouble.”

“Okay. Then which inn do you all plan to go to? Our clan has an inn too!”

“We’ll just look for a place nearby. He doesn’t look too good, so we want to let him rest early. Take care.”

The few of them left without saying too much to the Sima Clansmen.

Sima You Lin watched them leave and felt that something was a bit off. However, he was unable to pinpoint what it was that was off about it.

“Let’s go. We should head back too…”

Wei Zi Qi and the others went outside and looked for an inn that didn’t look too bad and went in. After that, some people went to rest while others went out to wander around, which was just a nice way of saying they went to scout out for some information, leaving behind someone who was drawing circles on the bed.

When night came, they returned with their news.

“Sima Clan is not only the first power of the Yilin continent, but their mansion is quickly becoming the size of a small city, possessing a large area in Anyang City!

“These men from Anyang city treat the Sima Clan like gods.”

“I’ve heard that there are many experts within the Sima Clan, especially within the younger generation.”

“However, there are those that say the Sima Clan might be pushed back to a second ranked power.”

“It appears that the Sima Clan is split internally.”

Sima You Yue looked at them with eyes filled with boundless lamentation, “You all could have waited for me and we could have gone together to find out this information.”

“Weren’t we thinking about how anxious you would be to know this information?” Fatty Qu said.

“Then did you all manage to find out news about my grandfather and the others?” Sima You Yue asked.

“Eh, no we didn’t.” They all shook their heads, “We just asked a few people about the people that the Sima Clan had brought back three years ago, but they all refused to say anything once they heard us ask.”

“Looks like this is a relatively taboo topic, so they don’t dare to talk about it.” Sima You Yue said, “Right now, there’s only two more months until the three year deadline. During this period of time, I have to make full use of every bit to cultivate. Let’s see whether or not I’ll be able to be a bit more powerful.”

Thinking about how she was now in the same city as Sima Lie and the others, Sima You Yue’s heard was extremely agitated.

Grandpa, Brothers, I’m coming!


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