DDFYM – Chapter 197

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Chapter 197: Fighting over the Spirit Skill

Wei Zi Qi was of the Ice and Wood attribute. For the time being, his martial skills in his wood attribute were not strong yet and, while his ice attribute had very good battle strength, he had not attained any powerful spirit skills yet. This caused him to be the weakest one in the team.

Although there were a few spirit skills inside the spirit pagoda, after fusing with the seven layered pagoda, those skills that were higher in level were all sealed up. It was said to be on the higher few levels. This caused her to be depressed for a really long time. If she had known earlier, she would have taken those skills out before the fusion process.

She was thinking about this for moment, but the price had already been called out to reach a level of 550,000.

“Really crazy.” Fatty Qu had watched just a few rounds before the price was raised so high that his jaw was about to hit the floor.

In the beginning, when Wei Zi Qi heard that it was an Ice Attribute Skill, he was extremely shocked. However, the price of it increased relentlessly after that and the excitement in his heart also calmed down gradually. Although it was so difficult to chance upon this opportunity, it was not one that belonged to him.

Everyone in the room could see the disappointment in his eyes and Ouyang Fei patted him on the back, saying, “We’ll chance upon an even greater one in the future.”

“Mm.” Wei Zi Qi smiled.


The hearts of the four shook when they heard this voice call out a price and subconsciously looked outside. However, they could only see a closed room.

“This is…”

Although they did not know what method Sima You Yue used to disguise her voice, they knew that this was indeed her calling out the bid.

“Room number 3 has called out a bid of 550,000, is there anyone who wishes to raise the bid?” Jun Lan asked.

The moment Sima You Yue called out, many backed down. They had no ice attributes to begin with, and they were calling out bids just to join in the fun. If this caused them to be targeted by an alchemist, it would be too great a loss.

“600,000.” Xi Yue Xi was extremely irritated at the way Sima You Yue had restricted the auctioning of the Hundred Revolution Pill, and wanted to fight against him.

Adding on to that, the participation of a few other powers, the price of the Spirit Skill was bidded to 1,200,000.

“Miss Jun Lan, this is my first time participating in this kind of auction, so there’s something I want to ask.” Sima You Yue asked all of a sudden.

“We are currently calling bids, so what are you doing right now?” Xi Yue Xi said with extreme dissatisfaction.

“It’s exactly because you are bidding that I have a question I thought of asking!” Sima You Yue said.

“May this Sir please ask.” Jun Lan said.

“Is one required to pay the fee immediately? Or can we first call the bid here, then go back to retrieve the money after we’ve auctioned for the item?” Sima You Yue asked.

The people below were all shocked for a moment as they never expected that he would suddenly ask this question.

“What happens if I call out a bid but I don’t pay up?” Sima You Yue continued to ask, “I’m not nitpicking on purpose, it’s really because I have never participated in the auction before that I don’t understand.”

Jun Lan was not angry at all and said, “If the bid has been called merely for fun, the auction will eternally blacklist the person, and he or she may never again enter any of our branches.”

“You will not kill anyone or set fire to anything right?” Sima You Yue said with fear.

“This goes without Jun Lan’s saying.” Jun Lan smiled as she said, “May we continue?”

“Mm, I have no further questions. Please continue.” Sima You Yue said, “1,250,000.”

With her single move, the remaining people who were shouting out bids had fallen by quite a bit. They were just shouting for fun to begin with, so with Sima You Yue’s reminder, they were reminded that they would be banned from this auction if they called out a bid and nobody followed up on it.

“1,300,000.” Xi Yue Xi continued to press on.

“1,400,000.” Sima You Yue directly added 100,000.


The price was quickly raised to 1,800,000, and Sima You Yue and Xi Yue Xi were the only 2 remaining to bid.

“1,800,000.” Sima You Yue called out a price and said, “This is the highest that I’m willing to go. If the princess wants to, you may add the price on further. I will not snatch it from you anymore.”

Xi Yue Xi, who had intended to call out a bid, had her voice catch in her throat.

This Sima You Yue was certain that she had not brought out enough cash, or else, she would not have let the Alchemist Guild take the Hundred Revolution pills away at 1,800,000.

She had wanted to continue calling out a bid, but if Sima You Yue was really not willing to follow up on the bid, she really did not have much money. Would she not then be added to Ugly Person’s blacklist forever!

Xi Yue Kingdom’s royalty kept saying that they did not want to offend this auction, which proved that even the royal court was unable to offend them. If something like this really happened tonight, she would have no way to give an account of this to her father when she got back.

“You’re evil enough!” Xi Yue Xi retreated and did not bid further.

She still hoped that other would bid, however, the richest was the Armament Guild, which were all of fire attributes, the Beast Master Tamer Guild loved books on mental power and the Alchemists did not want Sima You Yue as their enemy, so they retreated from bidding long ago.

As a result, Sima You Yue finally successfully auctioned for the spirit skill with 1,800,000.

Once the last item was auctioned off, the suppressing auras that were present the entire time vanished, and that Spirit Paragon expert left.

“The auction ends here for today and the items have all been sent to the winners. Those who have successfully bidded for our items may return home from our teleportation array.” Jun Lan said. “We are very glad that everyone has participated in this great night with us. Let us meet again next time.”

After she finished speaking, she turned around and got off the stage. The large doors of the auction opened and those people left successively.

Sima You Yue waited until most of the people downstairs had left, then she got up to leave the room. The servant girl was still waiting outside for her.

“Sir, please come with me.”

Her things had yet to be sent over, so she knew that they must be waiting for her to pick it up herself.

The servant girl brought her to a room. Sima You Yue was not worried that they would do anything to her. Although Halcyon had yet to arrive, he was currently sitting at the auction area upstairs.

“This old servants greets this honored sir!” Jun Lan came in from outside and gave a lovely smiled as she curtsied to Sima You yue.

“Miss Jun Lan.” Sima You Yue was not surprised when she saw her and nodded her head in greeting.

With one glance, Jun Lan could see that Sima you Yue knew she was wearing a disguise. However, she did not say anything. She merely turned around and took the tray from the servant girl beside her and said, “This is the book you successfully bidded for as well as the remaining money after bidding for the Spirit Skill. As our VIP, we only take 10,000 as service charge. If it were anybody else, we would take 3%.”

3% service charge was 80,500 in service charge for a 2,850,000 item. This meant that they gave her a favorable discount of over 70,000.

This was their way of expressing goodwill.

“Thank you.” Sima You Yue lightly placed the spirit skill as well as a crystal card containing 1,040,000 inside her interspatial ring.

“Aside from that, our owner has said that he wants to gift a few gifts to your honor, to thank you for being willing to sell the pill method to us.”

Sima You Yue was still quite surprised when she heard this. Although she knew how much money Ugly Person had after this night, and was a bit regretful that she had sold the pill method at 600,000, there was no way she could change what had happened. She never thought that the other party would actually take the initiative to send her gifts.

However, it was just able to soothe the disappointment in her heart.

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