DDFYM – Chapter 196

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Chapter 196: Sky high price at the auction







Sima You Yue watched their bidding wars from up above. Because everyone knew that she had been the one who had taken this to auction, she was unable to participate and was only able to watch.

She suddenly thought of something and pressed the button that would turn on the light to call for service. A servant girl immediately appeared.

“Sir, what may I do for you?”

“I wish to meet your steward. Now.”

“Please wait a moment.”

The servant girl retreated downstairs and a steward appeared.

“Does sir have anything I can help with?” The steward asked with respect.

“Mm, I have one request to add for this item that I’m auctioning…”

Downstairs, the price first pill was stopped at 300,000, but just as everyone thought that this was the affirmed price, Wei Zi Qi suddenly shouted, 330,000.

“330,000. Is there anyone who wants to raise the bid?” Jun Lan asked.

“350,000.” Bai Yun Qi shouted out from inside the Sandgull Army’s private room.


“400,000.” Xi Yue Xi bidded.

“420,000.” Wei Zi Qi bidded.

“450,000.” Bai Yun Qi followed up.

“460,000.” The Domineering Army loved opposing Bai Yun Qi and the others.

“470,000.” Bai Yun Qi said.

“480,000.” Qin Wan added.

“490,000.” Bai Yun Qi’s voice was a bit strained and outsiders could tell that he was quickly reaching his limit.

Inside the private room, Bai Yuan Chun and Sun Ran Ran looked at their son oddly. 490,000 was not a small sum even for their army. However, if it was really able to change their own son’s physique, making it even better, they would not have any objections.

At the end, only Qin Wan and Bai Yun Qi were battling it out. The first one cost over 400,000, so they set their sights on the remaining 3 pills. They would only be digging themselves into a hole if they were to compete with two irrational people.

“500,000.” Qin Wan bidded.

“500… forget it. You’re rich, I’ll give it to you.” Bai Yun Qi said with extreme dissatisfaction.

“500,000. Is there anyone who bids higher?” Jun Lan asked, “If there isn’t, 500,000 going once, 500,000 going twice, 500,000 going thrice. The first Hundred Revolutions Pill goes to Miss Qin. Congratulations on attaining this treasure.”

A servant girl came up and took the jade bottle, placing a single Hundred Revolutions Pill inside. Then, she went to the private room to exchange it for money.

Although Qin Wan’s father, Qin Ming, felt some pain… It was afterall 500,000 you know and it was just exchanged for a single pill. Despite that, thinking of how eating it would be able to change her into a genius, the pain in his heart lessened a little.

Qin Wan looked at that pill and her eyes flashed. She excitedly took it out to take a look.

“Father, can I eat it now?”

“Don’t rush. We are still outside right now. It will not be too late for you to wait until we reach home for you to eat it.” Qin Ming stopped her.

“Okay then.” Qin Wan placed the pill back inside and watched the second price war unfold.

Sima You Yue never thought that the first pill would land up in Qin wan’s hands. However, thinking about how she had taken 500,000 from them, she still felt a little happy.

The bidding for the second Hundred Revolution Pill begun, and the price began to climb. Everytime the war started to calm down, Wei Zi Qi and Bai Yun Qi would battle each other for a while before others joined in.

Finally, the price for the second pill was sold at 550,000.

When the second pill was auctioned out, Jun Lan heard someone called her from behind. She called for a time out for the auctioning of the last two pills and smiled apologetically at everyone. She came in front of the auctioning stage and heard the steward say two sentences softly. She glanced curiously at private room number 3 before looking away.

Before the returned back to the auction stage, she regained her previous lovely appearance, saying, “The Steward just told me that the owner of this Hundred Revolutions Pill has just put forth a request for the remaining two pills to be auctioned off together.”


Everyone downstairs was panicked when they heard this news. The initially thought that they had two more chances, however, they were now left with just one more chance. If they were unable to bid for it this time, this meant that the Hundred Revolutions Pill would elude them forever.

“This person is really cruel!” More than a few people cursed from inside their private rooms.

“We did not declare that it is not possible to change the auctioning conditions during the auction itself, so this sir has not violated any rules. As a result, we will auction the remaining two pills together at a starting bid of 400,000. You may begin bidding.”

The entire auction was silent for a few seconds before beginning shout crazily. Without needing Wei Zi Qi and the others to put themselves out there, the price would definitely be jacked up to 1,000,000.

“1,050,000.” Xi Yue Xi shouted a bit painfully.

She never expected to have to spend 1,000,000 to purchase the Hundred Revolution pill. She initially expected to spend a few hundred thousands to buy a single pill, so now, having to spend a huge sum really caused her to feel… extremely disgruntled!

Sima You Yue saw the people shout with heartache below and decided to add some oil to the fire, saying, “I hope that everyone does not think I’m shortchanging you all. It is best for the Hundred Revolution Pill to be eaten in pairs. A single pill will not be able to completely cleanse the impurities from your bodies. Having two more pills will be superfluous to your body too. As a result, it’s best to eat these two pills together. You will be able to change your body nearer to perfection. My doing this is for the sake of those who auction for the pills.”

After hearing what Sima You Yue said, their depression dissipated as they began to call out their bids again.

They participated as long as they were someone of power.

Finally, the two pills were auctioned off to the Alchemist Guild at 1,800,000.

Xi Yue Xi saw that she missed out on the Hundred Revolution Pill and was extremely vexed. She had totally never expected that this would be the result at the end, that’s why she did not bring so much gold with her. She had to watch the Alchemist Guild successfully auction for the pills with her eyes wide open.

“Princess, do not be angry, you may have lost those two pills, but does not Miss Qin hold one pill? At that time, we just have to let them dedicate that pill to us and you will be able to increase your talent.” Those who accompanied her advised.

“However, just one pill will not achieve the best result. I want two pills!” Xi Yue Xi’s face fell.

“We cannot touch the Alchemist Guild, but isn’t there still another pill? At that time, we just have to think of a way to help Princess collect two of the Hundred Revolution Pills!”

“This better be the case!” Xi Yue Xi’s face only softened when she heard these words.

Sima You Yue was blooming with happiness inside her private room. One of the pils was 500,000, another was 550,000, and the remaining two were 1,800,000. When they were all added together, it was 2,800,000! If you further added on to that the Frost Cold Pill’s 60,500, she hard earned 2,910,500. Taking away ten percent, plus some cash she had spent buying things, she still had over 2,000,000.

“I’m rich, I’m rich!” Her eyes turned into crescents and she was totally looked down upon by Little Roar.

The wave of the Hundred Revolution Pill had yet to pass over when the last item this auction was carried up.

A book lay lightly on the tray, however, it roused the excitement of everyone onsite.

Jun Lan lifted up the Spirit Skill Book for everyone to see before placing it back, saying, “This is the very last item for auction we have tonight. Ice attribute, Black Grade, High Ranking Soul Skill. Everyone knows that this wind, thunder and ice is ran system that is extremely rare. It is definitely a skill that everyone yearns for even in their dreams. The starting bid is 30,000, you may begin bidding.”

Sima You Yue heard Jun Lan’s words and her pair of eyes turned into crescents and she muttered, “Ice attribute Soul Skill, it looks like something we completely lack right now.”

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