DDFYM – Chapter 198

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Chapter 198: Jun Lan’s identity

She took the interspatial ring and didn’t notice anything inside. She immediately placed it on her finger and said, “Well then, thank you very much. May I ask if there is anything else?”

“There is nothing else.” Jun Lan saw that Sima You Yue was not affected and was not arrogant at all. Her impression towards him was not bad as she smiled and said, “The others have more or less left. I will bring you to the Teleportation Array.”

“Thank you.”

“This way please.”

Jun Lan brought Sima You Yue to the teleportation array and sent him off herself. She only released a breath when she watched him disappear from the Teleportation Array.

“Miss.” Great Master Li and his master appeared together from behind her.

It turned out that Jun Lan was the Little Miss of Ugly Person. Who knew that she would actually host this night’s auction herself.

“Old Master, that sir does not look to happy. However, I don’t think he harbors any hatred towards us.” Jun Lan said, “Next time, please do not do such bad mannered things. Once this type of person finds out that they have been cheated, it is impossible for him not to take offense. If he harbors any hatred towards us, it will bring us great trouble, do you understand?”

“Miss’s teaching is just.” The senior replied.

“Enough, let’s all head down.” Jun Lan said with a wave of her hands.

“Miss, how long do you plan to remain here?” Manager Li asked.

Jun Lan thought about it and said, “I initially came back for the sake of this auction. Since it is over, I will remain for two more days before leaving.”

“Right, change the name plate outside Ugly Person.” Jun Lan said with a furrow in her eyebrows.

“But Miss, this is what Young Master has asked us to put up. He even said that we were not to change it.” Manager Li said with some difficulty.

“We don’t even know where that wastrel has disappeared to play. There’s no need to care about him. Change it for me!” Jun Lan was a bit helpless when she spoke of her younger brother as she said while massaging the space between her eyebrows.

“Yes. I will send men to change it tomorrow.”

Sima You Yue was a bit dizzy. When she opened her eyes, she was already uncertain which part of the city she was in.

She felt around for a bit and felt that there was nobody in the surroundings. She let Mo Sha withdraw his power and quickly took off her disguise, returning back to her usual self.

After crossing two streets, Halcyon appeared in the air.

“Halcyon, you’re really quick!” Sima You Yue smiled as she looked at him.

“Wei Zi Qi said that you would definitely be unable to find your way back after you got out and asked me to come get you.” Halcyon flew beside Sima You Yue.

“Do you know which street they’re at?” Sima You Yue said.

“No need to know.” After he finished speaking, he held Sima You yue by her waist and brought her into the sky, flying towards the direction of the army.

Normally, people were not allowed to fly within the city. However, Halcyon masked his aura so people below were unable to feel their presence.

Halcyon directly brought her to the house that they were currently in. Inside the house, Bei Gong Tang and the others were waiting for her. They only relaxed after seeing her return.

“You Yue, why did you wait so long before coming back.” Fatty Qu asked when he saw that there was nothing different about Sima You Yue.

“I waited over there for a while, then I was held up by some things.” Sima You Yue said.

She did not tell them that she could not find the place after she had been sent out by the teleportation array and wandered two rounds outside.

“Since you’re back, you all can rest a bit earlier. I’m going to head back first.” Bai Yun Qi said as he left.

“Let’s go back and rest as well.” Bei Gong Tang patted Little Tu’s head and brought him to sleep. Only Wei Zi Qi and the five of them remained in the house.

Sima You Yue said, “Let’s head inside and talk.”

When they were inside the room, everyone looked for a place to sit and Sima You Yue took out something and threw it at Wei Zi Qi.

Wei Zi Qi caught it subconsciously, it was only later when he saw it that he guessed what it was and he was completely in shock.

“You Yue, this…”

“This is the high levelled ice attribute spirit skill that was auctioned off this night.” Sima You yue said, “Don’t you just happen to be missing an ice spirit skill? I bidded for this for you.”

“You…” Wei Zi Qi looked at Sima You Yue and then looked at the spirit skill in his hand, so overcome with emotion that he could not speak.

“Damn, You Yue, you spent 1,800,000 gold coins to bid for this Spirit Skill, you know!”

Fatty Qu exaggeratedly swallowed his saliva. She gave it to Wei Zi Qi just like that?!

Halcyon, who had just come in, was also stunned. He never thought that Sima You Yue would be someone who would just casually gift someone something that was so expensive.

Although he didn’t know that much about gold, he knew that 1,800,000 gold coins was no small sum. He even knew that she only had a few thousand gold coins initially, and was even worrying anxiously about how to collect enough money to bid for the Lazurite Pearl. This 1,800,000 was a huge sum of money to her as well.

“You Yue, this is too expensive, I can’t take it.” Although Wei Zi Qi had thought before that Sima You Yue could have bidded for it for him, he still thought he was dreaming when she really gave it to him.

“Enough. There’s no point in me keeping it if I don’t give it to you.” Sima You yue waved her hands, “I’m not of the ice attribute anyway.”

“Since You Yue gifted it to you, you should keep it.” Ouyang Fei said from the side.

“That’s right. There aren’t many Spirit Skills of this special attribute and it is with great difficulty that you chanced upon on. Forget about it if you didn’t manage to buy it, but since You Yue already bought it for you, what are you hesitating for.” Fatty Qu said as well.

“Alright.” Wei Zi Qi knew that there was no point fighting about it here, and he turned towards Sima You Yue and said, “You Yue, thank you.”

“I’m really not used to you being so polite.” Sima You Yue said, “In any case, this was bought using the money I took from others. If you talk about it, there’s still quite a bit of money left aside from the sum I used to buy things. We can be considered pretty wealthy from today onwards.”

“Right, this is the money we got from your Frost Cold Pill. We took it on your behalf.” Wei Zi Qi said as he held up a Crystal card.

Sima You Yue took the crystal card and returned the crystal card that Ouyang Fei had given her,back to him, saying, “I didn’t use it but I still have to thank you.”

Ouyang Fei didn’t say anything but he just nodded and took the crystal card and kept it.

“What a pity, a Hundred Revolutions Pill was actually successfully bidded for by Qin Wan, that witch.” Fatty Qu felt slightly depressed when he thought of this.

“You think that that Qin Wan will actually be able to eat that Hundred Revolutions Pill?” Wei Zi Qi smiled and asked.

“Huh? Didn’t she manage to bid for it?” Fatty Qu looked at him in question.

“But Xi Yue Xi didn’t manage to.” Ouyang Fei said,

Once they gave him this lead, Fatty Qu understood in an instant, “You’re saying that Zi Yue Xi will run over to look for Qin Wan to take it from her since she didn’t manage to bid for the Hundred Revolutions Pill?”

“Not only Qin Wan’s. I have a feeling that the other one who managed to auction for the pill will lose it as well.” Wei Zi Qi said, “You saying that eating two pills will be best will definitely give Xi Yue Xi ideas. She doesn’t dare to mess with the Alchemist Guild, but I can’t say the same for the other two parties.”

That night.

Qin Wan and her father returned to the army and just when they wanted to take the pill, the men outside came into report, saying that the princess had arrived.

Qin Ming’s face turned solemn the moment he heard them report this. He had just planned to quickly let Qin Wan eat this pill, but he didn’t expect that Xi Yue Xi would already have brought two seniors in with her.

At this very moment, two other seniors brought a troop of them with them to knock on the doors of the other power that had managed to bid for the Hundred Revolutions Pill.

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