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Chapter 176: Making a fire rod

“Can’t breathe!”

A few of the people who were relatively weaker had directly fainted in the face of the pressure exerted by the Sacred Beast. Only those ranked Spirit King and above remained on the wall.

“Why is it one feather short?”

It was not only the men below who were complaining endlessly in their hearts, but even theSacred Beast could not understand.

He had clearly felt that feather in that person’s interspatial ring and nothing else, however, where had that one feather gone?

Many of them felt that it was hard to escape death this day.

“Oh my, isn’t this the feather i took that day to stoke the fire?”

Little Roar’s sentence caused Sima You Yue to feel like killing him.

The spirit pressure was completely useless against Little Roar as he moved his body. Directly after, a rod that had been completely burnt so black appeared in his hand.

The moment that rod appeared, it released a faint blue light. It looked the same as the feather just now. The soot on top slowly dissipated as it, shockingly, did not have any feathers left on the rod, leaving only the feather-rod.

Wei Zi Qi and the others wanted to roll their eyes and faint. Why else would they say that the furs of that Sacred Beast was so familiar. Wasn’t this the feather that Little Roar had taken out ten over days ago to stoke the fire!

Little Roar took the feather and flew over to the Sacred Beast and stood in front of him. He took the feather and gave it to him, saying, “ Handsome brother, I return this feather to you. He he, I didn’t know that it was yours and gave it to my family’s Yue Yue to stoke the fire. Since you are so handsome, don’t be so calculative about a feather or two.”

When the people below heard what Little Roar said, it was as if they had been struck by lightning.

That was the feather of an Sacred Beast, okay. It was actually used to to stoke fire. What kind of thing was this!

Seeing that the Sacred Beast’s face was growing more and more solemn, he was actually still able to tease him. He really did not want to live anymore!

Sima You Yue stretched forth a hand to cover her eyes. This really was too embarrassing!

Little Roar saw that the Sacred Beast didn’t accept his explanation and only stared at him coldly, so he stretched forth a paw to rub the fur on his forehead, saying, “I know I’m really handsome, you don’t have to look at me like that. I’ll become shy!”

Although it was really inappropriate right now, Ouyang Fei and the others still could not help but laugh.

This guy, he previously toyed with Thousand Resonance’s wife, and now was toying with a Sacred Beast. He really was hard to swallow regardless of one’s gender!

The Sacred Beast looked at the feather that used to be full of feathers and looked again at narcissistic Little Roar as he pursed his lips, “Using my feather to stoke a fire… excellent, excellent!”

“He he, I didn’t say that, right. I didn’t know it was your feather. Aren’t I innocent because I didn’t know…” Little Roar’s voice trailed off as he reached the end of his sentence.

“Since you burnt my feathers, I will burn you!” The voice of the Sacred Beast was faint, but the people below could feel the cold murderous intent.

Little Roar saw that he wasn’t lying so he threw aside the feather in his hand and turned on his heels to fly towards Sima You Yue.

“Yue Yue, save me!”

Sima You Yue resisted the urge to roll her eyes. The opponent was an Sacred Beast and they could not even defeat a single finger of his. What was the point of telling her to save him!

A flame appeared in the hand of the Sacred Beast. He threw it lightly and it flew towards Little Roar.

Little Roar felt the heat coming closer and closer behind him and he turned his head back as the ball of flame flew towards him. It scared him so much that he turned an entire round and returned back to his original place.

He never thought that the flame would follow after him, turning as well, continuing to chase him.

“Oh mummy, that thing can even turn!” Little Roar was so scared that he turned again as he tried to avoid the flame.

It was obviously a very dangerous situation, however, the people below felt as if they were watching a play. Especially Little Roar, who was running while calling out. Adding on to that his cute appearance, it really made them unable to hold back a smile.

Little Roar saw that he could not avoid the flame and cried out in the air, “Yue Yue, boss, save me! If you don’t do anything, I’ll turn into roast pork, already!”

Sima You Yue was helpless. Although this guy brought her an endless amount of trouble, he was still her spirit beast. You could bully your own people, but others were not allowed.

Seeing that Sima You Yue was going to step up, Bai Yun Qi pulled her, saying, “That’s a Sacred Beast!”

Sima YouYue lightly slapped Bai Yun Qi’s hand away, saying, “Little Roar is a member of my family.”

After she finished speaking, she rose and flew towards Little Roar. Spiritual Qi gathered on her hand, quickly charging towards the ball of flame.

Little Roar saw Sima You Yue and quickly threw himself in her embrace, saying, “Yue Yue, if you continued to not help me, I would be burnt into a crisp. Sob sob sob.”

Sima You Yue originally intended to teach him a lesson, telling him not to be so rude and impetuous all the time. However, seeing that the furs on his buttocks had been burnt off slightly, her heart ached a little.

If it wasn’t because she was weak, Little Roar would not be a Spirit Beast without any battle abilities.

No matter what, he was an Ancient Divine Beast. It was no problem for him to defeat an Sacred Beast.

Everyone was shocked that she had stepped up to directly confront the flame from the Sacred Beast. There was no one who thought that she would be able to dissipate the flame.

However, the Sacred Beast’s flame had truly been dissipated by her.

The Sacred Beast saw that Sima You Yue had actually dissipated his flame and became even more angry. He quickly produced even more balls of flame.

“Bang, bang bang-”

Sima You Yue directly used the flame to wrap her hands and beat apart the Sacred Beast’s flame one by one.


“When did You Yue’s flame become so terrifying?”

“I can feel a terrifying kind of temperature emanating from her flame.”

“That the Sacred Beast’s flame can be dissipated… what kind of origins does this guy have!”

Wei Zi Qi and the other four exchanged glances. Even they did not know that Sima You Yue’s flame was actually terrifying to this degree.

“This is no ordinary flame.” Bei Gong Tang said confidently.

The flame that she normally used was condensed from her own Spiritual Qi, or it was Ya Guang’s flame. However, the one that she was using today was not the one she usually used.

“Good job Yue Yue!” Little Roar said excitedly while sitting on her shoulder.

Sima You Yue turned over to glare at him and he immediately shut up.

The look in her eyes told him that she would directly throw him out if he didn’t keep quiet!

The Sacred Beast looked at Sima You Yue. The flame in her hands gave him a kind of pressure. It was actually able to pressure the steady flame inside of him.

“What kind of flame is it?”

Sima You Yue moved her fingers. Once it met his flame, she knew that the flames she used earlier would be useless. That was why she added in a bit of Crimson’s flame to her own flame the moment she started.

It was just a bit, but was enough to dissipate the Sacred Beast’s flame. This caused her to be slightly surprised.

“Little Roar really did not know that it was your feather at that time and already apologised to you. He even asked you to be magnanimous, forgive him.”

“Hmph, forgive him? Everyone who offends me must die. As his Master, you must die as well! You are able to remain unafraid of my pressure, and are able to suppress my flame. However, I possess more than this.”

After he finished speaking, his hands moved twice in the air as a hurricane slowly formed from behind him.

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