DDFYM – Chapter 177

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Chapter 177: Drawn into the hurricane

Sima You Yue saw the hurricane coming from behind the Sacred Beast and directly threw Little Roar into the Spirit Pagoda.

That hurricane felt extremely dangerous to her. If she was sucked into it, all the bones in her body would definitely break. Who knows, she may even be torn apart until not a single bit of her would be left.

She also realised that the Sacred Beast was not bloodthirsty like the rest of them. Although the air that was brought by the hurricane had become a bit difficult, it was barely contained in the higher regions and the men and beasts on the ground were all not affected.

“Looks like our only option is to run.” Sima You Yue glanced over at Wei Zi Qi and the others and they understood her meaning immediately.

There were spirit beasts everywhere within the Sofia Mountain Range and they would definitely listen to him. As a result, she flew towards the opposite direction.

“Trying to run?” The Sacred Beast never thought that Sima You Yue would actually run away like that. However, he was not worried at all because the Spirit Beasts below all stood up and chased after her the moment they received their orders.

More than wanting to kill her, he wanted to find out what kind of flame it was that caused even him to be afraid.

Wei Zi Qi saw that they all started running and chased after her as well.

“Little Aunt, I’ll go take a look as well.” Bai Yun Qi shouted at Sun Li Li as he flew off together with Wei Zi Qi and the others.

“Hey, you…” Sun Li Li had not even managed to speak but Bai Yun Qi had already flown off into the distance with them.

Thinking of how there were so any Spirit Beasts below the wall, they were unable to leave anyway and could only helplessly watch them disappear.

“These few people are so fast!”

There were some Spirit Masters who shouted in surprise when they noticed the speed of which those few people flew off.

“Look you guys, the Spirit Beasts are retreating!”

The Spirit Masters on the wall no longer paid attention to Sima You Yue and the others when they heard that cry, all turning instead to look at the Spirit Beasts.

“It’s true, the Spirit Beasts at the foot of the mountain have all turned back!”

“Why have those Spirit Beasts all turned back?

“The event was so major, but it’s over just like that?”

There were many Spirit Masters who felt cheated after watching the scene play out before their eyes. Everyone thought that it would be a terrifyingly fierce battle. Who would have thought that it would be over before they even made a single move.

It was as if they heard someone beating the drum, calling out to watch for the show and went over just to see someone singing a single song before the show was over.

Sun Li Li and Wang Lei saw the Spirit Beasts retreat and let out a long sigh in their hearts. If they really had to fight, Three Springs City would definitely be annihilated.

The Spirit Beasts had spent one to two days here after arriving. While they were walking, they all ended up retreating before even half a day had passed. This speed surprised everyone on the wall.

Wang Lei saw the last group of Spirit Beasts return to the Sofia Mountain range and waved to the spirit masters on the wall, saying, “Thank you everyone for your assistance this time. Although there was no battle in the end, all remunerations agreed upon earlier will definitely be given to you.”

Everyone was glad when they heard what Wang Lei said. They thought that they would receive no remuneration since there was no battle.

“You all should continue to protect the city gate. We don’t know whether or not the beast riot is really over. Aside from that, close the gates for three days. Nobody is allowed to enter or leave during this period of time.” Wang Lei instructed the soldiers before turning to the Spirit Masters and saying, “Let us head down.”

“City Lord, please…”

“The Beast Tide has just retreated. I ask for everyone to stay in Three Springs City for a few more days…”

“No problem.”

“I deeply thank everyone for this.”

The Beast Tide had retreated and Three Springs City regained the peace after the anxious state it was in after three to four days. Aside from the fact that they were unable to leave the city and go to Sofia mountain range, everything else went back to normal.

As for Sima You Yue’s side, she had flown away from Three Springs City and kept flying straight no matter what. The Sacred Beast just chased after her without hurry nor panic.

Wei Zi Qi and the five man team followed after them.

“You Yue is really quick. There’s no trace of him at all.” Bai Yun Qi sat on the back of a divine vulture and watched as the distance between Sima You Yue and them grew wider and wider.

Shortly after leaving Three Springs CIty, Wei Zi Qi and the others called out a divine vulture and let everyone ride on its back to chase after Sima You Yue and the others.

“I never thought that Wei Zi Qi would actually have a bird like the divine Vulture.” Bai Yun Qi called out as he sat on top of it with the others.

Seeing Sima You Yue and the rest disappear, Wei Zi Qi and the others did not panic at all. Although the might of a Sacred Beast was similar to a Divine Spirit Master, it was her territory. Even if they couldn’t win, she could go somewhere where there was nobody and hide in the Spirit Pagoda.

Sima You Yue continued to fly straight and had no idea how long she had been flying for. The hurricane continued to remain as the Sacred Beast sat on top of it, sitting on top of it to chase her.

When the time came, it would be so much fun to tear apart this prey.

“Damn it all, he’s actually still chasing me!” Sima You Yue turned around and looked at the hurricane. She saw that nobody was around and knew that she would be using up her Spirit Power sooner or later.

She stopped and turned around. Seeing that the Sacred Beast and slowly coming closer, both hands quickly knotted together as a flame sword appeared in front of her.

“Damn it, I’m not running anymore!” Sima You Yue grabbed her flaming sword as she created a red flame inside it before slashing towards the Sacred Beast.

The Sacred Beast felt Crimson Flame’s heat and dodged it. The hurricane flew towards Sima You yue and the others while he remained where he was.


The flame sword chopped the hurricane squarely in the middle, however, the hurricane came back together immediately. She used her sword to block it, but she and her sword were sucked into it.

The moment she entered the hurricane, Sima You Yue felt that the pressure wanting to tear her apart was even stronger and her four limbs felt as if they were going to be ripped off.

She was unable to breathe and her entire body hurt. It was the first time she had ever really felt that she death was near.

She wanted to enter her Spirit Pagoda, but she suddenly realised that her Spirit Pagoda had no reaction, as if the door to it was blocked.


She cursed loudly in her heart as she tried her best to envelope herself in her aura in order to fight against the enormous pressure.

The Sacred Beast never thought that Sima You Yue would be able to persevere inside the hurricane for such a long time as the five fingers on his left hand pinched together. The hurricane followed his movements as its centre narrowed.

“You Yue!”

Wei Zi Qi and the others met this scene the moment they rushed over and one by one flew off the divine vulture’s back, attacking towards the Sacred Beast.

The Sacred Beast waved his hand as a gust of wind flew directly at the five man team, landing on the ground below.

“I already let you all off, but you came here seeking your deaths. I’ll deal with you all after I’m done with her!” The Sacred Beasts glanced at the few of them were pressured to the ground, unable to move.

The hurricane was getting smaller and smaller as Sima You Yue felt that she was slowly being squashed.

The difference in power between a Spirit Overlord and Sacred Beast was not just a star and a half, but like heaven and earth. The gulf was too wide.

“My stomach is going to explode if this carries on. When that time comes, my intestines will all flow out. Damn it, I must not die in such an ugly way!”

Just as she was thinking about this in her heart, she suddenly felt that something had entered her brain. After that, her body was lifted and the gust of wind pressuring her was dispersed. She landed heavily on the ground.

“This is?”

Everyone saw Sima You Yue emerge from the hurricane and let out a breath. When they saw the faint silhouette, everyone was incredibly shocked.

“Master Feng?”

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