DDFYM – Chapter 175

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Chapter 175: Dropping something

They only saw the lone figure flying towards them at a very fast pace. Sima You Yue and the rest had ridden on spirit beasts and took almost half a day to travel from Sofia Mountain Range to Three Springs City, but they felt that this Sacred beast only took a few breaths of time to appear in front of them.

The Sacred Beast was standing mid-air as it leaned over and looked at the people standing on the top of the city walls, his eyes stopped at Sima You Yue’s for awhile, before finally falling on Wang Lei.

Wang Lei felt an unprecedented pressure falling on himself, as he quickly adjusted and shifted the aura in his body to ease the pressure on him. He said with difficulty, “I do not know what your honor has come to Three Springs City for?”

“You are the City Lord of Three Springs City?” The Sacred Beast spoke with a cold voice that echoed with resonance.

“That’s right.” Wang Lei admitted.

“Do you know what sin you humans have commited?” The Sacred Beast reprimanded.

Wang Lei looked at the Sacred Beast with puzzled eyes and said, “I do not know who has enraged your honor, but can your honor please state it explicitly.”

The Sacred Beast looked at Wang Lei, eyes solemn. He increased his pressure and although Wang Lei persistently braced himself, it had no effect and he went down to one knee. A large drop of sweat slid down his cheek and fell on the bluestone.

Sun Li Li saw her own husband being pushed down by the pressure of the force, and she went forward, bearing the pressure together with him. She looked at the Sacred Beast and said, “We really do not know who has offended your honor, and request that your honor tell us. We will see to the matter straight away.”

The Sacred Beast looked at Sun Li Li, raised his hands and sucked in a breath. She flew right into his hands.

“Li Li!” Wang Le saw Li Li being captured, grit his teeth and stood up.

“Aunt!” Bai Yun Qi shouted, leaping towards the Sacred Beast, about to attack it.

“Humph!” The Sacred Beast humphed and Bai Yun Qi was stunned and lost his balance, falling towards the herd of beasts below.

“Yun Qi!”

“Young Master!”

The people on the top of the city wall were pressed down and couldn’t move from the pressure of the cold groan, only able to watch Bai Yun Qi falling towards the bottom.

If he fall into the herd of beasts, then what would left was —— he would be left with nothing but bones.

Suddenly, a figure jumped off the city wall. When Bai Yun Qi was only ten metres away from the ground, she caught him. She held on to his waist, bringing him back to the top of the city walls.

Bai Yun Qi looked at Sima You Yue’s perfect side face and said, “You Yue, you have saved me once again.”

Sima You Yue put Bai Yun Qi on the top of the city wall and said, “Being rash is not a way to solve problems.”

The Sacred Beast did not expect that there would still be someone able to move under his pressure. He put his attention on her again.

“You can actually ignore the pressure of this deity?” The Sacred Beast was not angry, but was in fact fascinated with her.

Sima You Yue looked at the Sacred Beast. She had no fear in her eyes, smiled and said, “We have already seen the honor’s strength last night, you do not have the need to use your pressure to control everybody, I think that nobody would dare to be rash in front of you.”

“You have not answered your honor’s question.” The Sacred Beast looked at Sima You Yue and said.

“I have encountered many horrifying pressures, and am considered to be immune to this already.” Sima You Yue shrugged, “Not sure if this kind of answer is acceptable?”

The Sacred Beast stared at Sima You Yue for a few seconds. He did not know why this tiny human gave him a sense of threat.

However he still kept away his own pressure. After all, the spirit beasts below were also pressured util they were unable to breathe.

Feeling that their bodies were lifted from the pressure, everybody took a deep breath of the fresh air again.

“Your Honor, we really do not know what has offended you, to the extent that you have to muster such a large force. Even if you have captured Madame, we still do not know the reason. I think that you allowed the spirit beast to surround Three Springs City without attacking, perhaps because you do not want to kill the innocent. How about you let Madame go, and then tell us the reason you are angry, then we would know very well what to do.” Sima You Yue saw Sun Li Li’s face turning pale. If he applied an ounce of strength, she would lose her life.

“Ten days ago, you humans stole something of importance from Sofia Mountains.” The Sacred Beast said, “At that time, I was preparing for my transformation, so I had no choice but to let him succeed.”

After hearing what he said, everyone had only one thought – no wonder!

Wang Lei looked at the Sacred Beast and said, “I wonder what that is? Is that item still possibly in Three Springs City? If those people have already left with that item, we have no way of chasing them either.”

The Sacred Beast was also not a bad one. Even at his level, he did not want to give the humans trouble. He threw Sun Li Li back and said, “That item is still in Three Springs City, I can still smell it here.”

Wang Lei rose and caught Sun Li Li, hearing him saying this, he was very relieved and said, “Please let us know specifically what it is, I will send men to look for it.”

“I have dropped a feather before.” The Sacred Beast said coldly, causing everyone to break out in cold sweat because of the person who stole it.

How dare he steal a feather of an Sacred Beast, was that not like pinching the tiger’s butt?

Wang Lei also understood why was the Sacred Beast so agitated. The fallen feathers of a bird species were very cherished. Now that it had been stolen, it was a great insult to him.

“I will send men to find the person who stole it.”

“No need!” The Sacred Beast said. He closed his eyes and felt something, after which, he lifted his hands towards the city and sucked from within the city. A person was sucked out from the ground.

“A member from the Domineering Army!”

The people on the city wall recognised the attire the person was wearing, and shouted in surprise.

“That’s right, Domineering Army was also doing missions in the mountains earlier. Who would have thought that they would dare to steal a feather from a Sacred Beast, they have really a lot of guts!”

“This person is in deep trouble!”

“Hey, anyway Domineering Army does not really have any good people. I look forward to the end of that person.”

The person who got caught is already scared out of his wits, he did not expect that picking up some feathers from a cave could get him into this cursed situation. After seeing the killing intent from the eyes of the Sacred Beast, he knew that he would not come to a good end.

“Your, your Honor, I did not know that this was your feather, I did not intentionally offend of your honor, please forgive me, your honor!”

The Sacred Beast ignored him, taking off his interspatial ring and gently pinched it. That space ring shattered into pieces.

A few feathers flashed a faint light blue as they floated in the air. The remaining things fell to the floor.

“Ha ha, there’s actually a woman’s underwear!” Little Roar could not help but loud out loud when he saw the things that fell to the floor.

No matter whether man or beast, they was extremely quiet right now, so Little Roar’s laughter was extremely prominent.

However, it was exactly as he said. Everyone really saw a few pieces of women underwear.

Sima You Yue saw the feathers that were glowing a faint blue and said, “Why do I feel that these feathers look a bit familiar?”

“I think so as well.” Bei Gong Tang said, “Not good!”

The Sacred Beast found his own feather, and threw the man straight down. The spirit beasts below would naturally take care of him well.

He glanced at his own feather and suddenly became agitated, emitting a pressure that pressed everyone on the top of the city wall to the ground.

“Why is it a feather short?!”

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