DDFYM – Chapter 170

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Chapter 170: Pit Sima Clan against the Sima Clan

Sima You Yue pondered it over for a moment before saying, “Madame, we still have things that we need to do so we can’t stay here for too long. If the beast tide happens really quickly, we will definitely help with all our strength. We can probably wait for half a year, but we won’t be able to wait longer than that.”

“I wonder what you all have to do?” Sun Li Li said.

“Rescue people.” Sima You Yue had no plans to hide it, “Two years ago, people from the Sima Clan came to kidnap my Grandfather and brothers. At that time, I arranged a three year time frame with those people. I have to save my Grandfather and the others within three years.”

“So this is the case.” Sun Li Li nodded her head with understanding, saying, “Then how much time do you have left?”

“Exactly half a year.” Sima You Yue replied.

After tarrying in the capital for a half a year’s time and staying in the sofia mountain range for two years, she was only left with half a year’s time.

“The people of the Sima Clan are not anything good. You Yue, who did you make the agreement with at that time? Is the person reliable or not?” Bai Yun Qi hated the people of the Sima Clan a lot and clenched her fist tightly with anger.

“I made the arrangement with Sima Lin.” Sima You Yue’s eyes flashed with a chill when she thought of what happened that year.

“Sima Lin?” After hearing this name, Bai Yun Qi, Sun Li Li and Li Kui furrowed their eyebrows.

It seemed as if they had never heard of this name.

“What’s wrong? Is this person no good? Don’t tell me it is the kind of person that doesn’t stay true to their word?” Fatty Qu’s hearted started to pound when he saw that they appeared troubled.

“What rank of strength does Sima Lin has?” Sun Li Li asked without answering.

“Two years ago already he was already a high ranked spirit king. I’m not sure if he has already became a spirit paragon by now.” Sima You Yue looked at Sun Li Li’s weird expression and asked, “Is there a problem?”

“You Yue, to the best of our knowledge, there seems to be no such person called Sima Lin in the Sima clan.” Bai Yun Qi said.

“No such person? How can it be!” Sima You Yue and Wei Zi Qi faces held expressions of disbelief.

If it really was the Sima family, how could there be no such person?

“It is true. If he was already a person who had half a foot in the rank of spirit paragon, then he would have been someone famous in the West Moon Kingdom.However, there is not such person called Sima Lin who is a Spirit King in the Sima family.” Li Kui explained.

“How could it…….”

“So there actually is no Sima Lin.” Sima You Yue let herself calm down and asked, “Then, is there a Sima Kai or Sima Ke?”

“No there isn’t. We’ve never heard of those people of whom you have just mentioned.” Bai Yun Qi said, “We and the people from the Sima family have lived in Peace City, so if there was such people, it is not possible that we do not know them.”

Sima You Yue sat on the chair, and was temporarily unable to react.

“Could there be some sort of mistake? Maybe the Sima family you are looking for isn’t the one in Peace City?” Bai Yun Qi guessed.

“It is not impossible.” Bei Gong Tang said, “It is not weird that there are families that possesses a similar last name within the same continent.”

“Then, apart from the Sima family in Peace City, are there any other places that have clans which also possess the surname, Sima?” Ouyang Fei asked.

“At the very least,  the West Moon Kingdom doesn’t have it.” Li Kui shook his head and said.

“I do know of a family that possesses Sima in their last name.” Sun Li Li said, “However if it is that family that you speak of, the obstacle that you all will have to face will be huge.”

“Which clan is that, that you speak of?” Fatty Qu asked.

Sun Li Li thought for awhile, replying, “I once heard someone in my family mention that there is a Sima Clan in Central Wu Kingdom …”

Upon hearing mention of Central Qu Kingdom, Li Kui and Bai Yun Qi jolted on their seat, saying, “Don’t tell me that is the clan that you are speaking of?”

“What clan?” Fatty Qu asked.

“Actually, although we say that it is one of the four empires, but the people in Central Wu Kingdom are far stronger in the spirit, than the other three countries.” Bai Yun Qi said, “Even their raw power alone is much more powerful than ours.”

“Why does it seem so?”

“Didn’t I told you before that, in the Yi Lin mainland the power were split into three six nine and so on?” Bai Yun Qi said, “One of the best and second rate forces, Central Wu kingdom has the most.”

“That Sima Clan…”

“The Sima Clan in the past was a first class force. However in the recent years, they had a fall, and has already become a second rate force.” Sun Li Li said, “However, as the saying goes, a skinny camel is still bigger than a horse. Although that Sima Clan is not as good as before, as far as heritage goes, it is not something that ordinary people can shake. That is why I said, if that is the Sima Clan that you are looking for, the opponent that you will face will be huge.”

After hearing what Sun Li Li said, Sima You Yue and others fell silent.

Before, when they were in Sofia mountain range, Bai Yun Qi shared with them about the popularity about the division of three six nine and the other forces. Being able to be among the top forces, that Spirit Paragon person would have at least twenty people and above, a Spirit king would have at least a hundred. They would have possessed a lot of practice resources, as well as countless supporting forces.

If it truly was the Sima family of Central Wu Kingdom, wanting to save Sima Lie and the others from their hands would be exceptionally difficult!

“Other than these two Sima clans, are there no other clans with the surname Sima?” Wei Zi Qi naturally thought of this point, as he asked with a frown.

“Having a last name Sima is not uncommon, but if we’re talking about clans, we only know of these two.” Sun Li Li said, “If we have not heard of them before, then this kind of clan would not have the capacity to enter the Sofia Mountain Range to kidnap your grandfather and the others.”

“Then, Madame, you must know of what the attributes of spiritual Qi these two Sima clans practice?” Sima You Yue asked.

“The Sima family in Peace city are mostly of metallic and earth attributes, Central Wu Kingdom would be fire.” Sun Li Li replied.

“Fire…….” Sima You Yue murmured, “Then it probably would be the Sima Clan in the Central Wu Kingdom .”

“That’s right, the person from my clan has also mentioned that he recently, met someone by luck, who displayed skills in the Sima family of Central Wu kingdom. He condensed a giant sword out from a sky of flames, that power of the flame was very fierce and easily beheaded a sacred beast!”

“Flaming Sword!”

Wei Zi Qi and the others looked towards Sima You Yue as she had drawn out a flaming sword that day as well.

Once Sima You Yue upon heard this, she had a feeling that the Sima Clan she was looking for, was probably in the Central Wu kingdom. That was why, in the past, Sima Lin said that even if they returned, there would be more powerful people that will come. To be able to get Sima Lie follow them back without resistance meant that they were probably not an ordinary force.

Ouyang Fei also said that South Eclipse kingdom didn’t have any, as was the case for the West Moon Kingdom. They were only left with the two, Northern Yan and Central Wu Kingdom . If there were other Sima clans, Sun Li Li and those who had lived past a hundred years, would have known of them.

“First class forces, even in decline, are still non-ordinary existences.” Sima You Yue exclaimed after she had sorted out her feelings.

Seems like wanting to save her grandfather and brothers was much harder than she thought!

Looking at Sima You Yue growing sombre, everyone grew worried.

Bai Yun Qi coughed twice, looked at Sima You Yue and asked: “You Yue, if it is really the Sima family of Central Wu Kingdom, what do you plan to do?”

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