DDFYM – Chapter 171

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Chapter 171: Situation isn’t good

Sima You Yue raised her head, eyes resolute.

“No matter who the enemy is, they cannot slow me down. Since I made a three year contract, then I will be on schedule!”

“Great!” Sun Li Li looked at Sima You Yue with approval, “Still young, yet having this state of mind, not bad at all.”

“But what if that Sima Clan isn’t the Sima Clan that we are looking for?” Fatty Qu said with some worry.

“Seems like we have to go in advance to take a look!” Sima You Yue said.

“You all can feel comfortable staying here for awhile.” Sun Li Li said, “You all have saved Little Qi Qi’s life, uncle will definitely repay you well. The Sandgulls are among the ranks of the three big mercenary groups, it will naturally have some power, helping you to gather some information is no problem.”

“Is this okay?” Sima You Yue looked at Sun Li Li.

“Of course it is okay!” Bai Yun QI said with some excitement, “How could I have forgotten this. Can we get father to send some people to check it out, see if that Sima clan is the one that you are looking for. What are those people called. Sima Lie and Sima what?”

“Sima Lin, Sima Kai, Sima Ke, Sima Qing.” Sima You Yue said.

“Good, in awhile I will get my people to use the teleportation array, let father send people to check if the Sima Clan in Central Wu kingdom has any of those people!” Bai Yun Qi said.

“Thank you for your trouble!” Sima You Yue looked at Bai Yun Qi gratefully.

“Young Master, let me handle this matter.” Li Kui said.

“Then, thank you for your hard work, Uncle Li.” Bai Yun Qi bowed.

Li Kui stood up, faced Sun Li and saluted, nodded towards Sima You Yue and the rest before leaving the living room.

Sun Li Li again asked Sima You Yue and the rest some questions and chatted with them. She was a very talkative person with a very straightforward personality. Sima You Yue and the rest enjoyed chatting with her.

“After a long while, Wang Lei returned. Seeing his own wife laughing so happily, he sat down, took the cup of tea that he left behind and drank it all in one go. After that, he asked, “What are you all chatting about so happily?”

“Just listening to You Yue and the rest talk about their experience in Sofia Mountain Range. ” Sun Li Li kept her smile, asked, “How is the situation?”

“I have already sent people to check it out, I estimate that we will know the results tomorrow.” Wang Lei replied.

“Then we can only wait for the results.” Sun Li Li said, “Oh right, how much do you know about the Sima Clan of Central Wu Kingdom?”

“Sima Clan of Central Wu Kingdom?” Wang Lei subconsciously frowned, looked at Sun Li Li and asked, “Why the sudden question?”

Sun Li Li explained Sima You Yue’s situation carefully once through. After hearing the end of it, Wang Lei looked towards Sima You Yue with a worried expression.

“Li Kui has already sent men to look for uncle and we thought that you might have some knowledge on the Sima Clan, that is why we asked.” Sun Li Li said.

Wang Lei sighed and said, “You all don’t have to inquire anymore, the Sima Clan in Central Wu Kingdom is the one you are looking for.”

“Are you sure, Brother Lei?” Sun Li Li asked.

“I can confirm this.” Wang Lei said, “The person from Sima family that I said I recently had met had a person called Sima Lin, and another one called Sima Ke amongst them.”

Sima You Yue and Wei Zi Qi looked at each other with eyes that held traces of happiness and worry.

They were happy because they had finally tracked down the location of Sima Lie and the others. However, the worrying part was the strength of the other party. It would not be that easy this time.

“Then how does one find his way to Central Wu Kingdom?” Wei Zi Qi asked.

“There is no tight control between the countries. There is a teleportation array in the capital. When the time comes, you all can get there using the array.” Wang Lei said, “However, the teleportation array is not available everyday; only once on wednesdays, fridays and sundays. At the specific time, you must go to the imperial capital and ask.

“It is fine as long as we are able to get there.” Sima You Yue’s worried heard eased up by half as she hoped that she would not get it wrong this time.

Bai Yun Qi saw that the conversation was ending, and knew that Sun Li Li and Wang Lei still had issues to discuss, so he said, “Aunt, I will bring You Yue and the rest down. Before, we agreed that we would have a good drink with them once we arrived.”

“Go ahead, go ahead. You know how to host your friends yourself.” Sun Li Li waved her hands, “You all can stay in the Santo family this few days, once you are done waiting for your personal identification, you can decide on what is next.”

“Alright, thank you for the trouble.” Wei Zi Qi and the rest stood up, waved to Wang Lei and Sun Li Li, followed Bai Yun Qi and left the palace.

“Lets go, I’ll bring you guys for good drinks today.” Bai Yun Qi held Wei Zi Qi and Fatty Qu’s shoulder, laughed and led them out.

In the living room, Sun Li Li watched them leave and said to Wang Lei, ”Brother Lei, is there anything you’re hiding from them and not saying?”

Wang Lei looked speechlessly at Sun Li Li with a tired face.

“Enough, you think that by not saying anything, I would not know?” Sun Li Li pinched Wang Lei’s nose, said, “By seeing your expression, I know that there are things that you did not say. What is it that you can’t say to them?”

“Actually it is also nothing much, I only heard that in the recent two years time, something has gone wrong with the Sima Clan in Central Qu Kingdom. I do not know if its a blessing or curse for him to rescue his grandfather and the rest during this period of time.” Wang Lei sighed.

If it was the Sima Clan of Peace City, it was not impossible to want to save them. However if you went to Central Qu Kingdom to save the people in the Sima Clan, it would not be an easy task.

“I believe that Sima You Yue and the rest of them can do it.” Sun Li Li said with some confidence.

“You trust them that much?” Wang Lei had some misgivings. He knew very well that the look in the eyes of his wife meant that she had quite harsh demands of these youngsters.

“Before you came, we chatted, and I found out that these five kids were not the same as other youths.” Sun Li LI said, “Can you believe, in order to exit the land of exile, the five of them stayed in Sofia Mountain Range for more than two years.”


“Not many people will go to Sofia Mountains Range for experience. However, if there were, it was at most a few months to a year. Being able to live there for two years means they must have the calmness that not many young people have, resistance to loneliness and strength. Otherwise it’s impossible to make it out alive.

Wang Lei laughed, “The five of them truly do not look like regular young people.”

“That is if, my perception can be seen as normal…”

Bai Yun Qi brought Sima You Yue and the rest to the small compound he arranged and allowed the people to prepare wine and snacks. The six of them started to eat and drink in the small pavilion within the small compound.

After she had drunk three cups of wine, Sima You Yue said, “Ouyang, I have a question for you.”


“Dong Chen Kingdom (East) , West Moon Kingdom, South Eclipse Kingdom, Central Wu Kingdom, North Yan country… I have always thought that they were named according to their own position, but I found out that Dong Chen Kingdom is located in the west of the four empires.” Sima You Yue said.

“That’s right, it the most western side.” Ouyang Fei nodded his head.

“In that case aren’t we lacking a kingdom? West Moon Kingdom, South Yue Kingdom, Central Wu Kingdom… then what about the east? Is there no Kingdom?” Sima You Yue asked.

After listening to her question, the expressions on the faces of Ouyang Fei and Bai Yun Qi changed.

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