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Chapter 169: Spirit Beast Tide

A middle aged man walked in from the outside, and Bai Yun Qi looked at him as if he was looking at his savior. He yelled, “Uncle, come and talk to young aunt, please!”

Wang Lei came in and glanced at the people in the house before saying in exasperation when he saw his own wife again. He spread his arms open wide and said, “You know your young aunt’s character. If you don’t let her hug you today, she will never give it up.”

“Young Aunt-” Bai Yun Qin glared helplessly at Sun Li Li as she directly pounced over. He shut his eyes tightly.

“Little Qi Qi, sob sob sob, you’ve grown up so much. You’re not as cute as you used to be. Sigh, you don’t feel right as I hug you!” After she finished hugging Bai Yun QI, Sun Li Li pushed him away nonchalantly and slapped him on the head, shouting, “You child, you didn’t even tell me when you went to the Sofia Mountain Range. Wow, you really got guts now, don’t you?”

“Young Aunt, wasn’t it just because I didn’t want you to worry?” Bai Yun Qi looked helplessly at Sun Li Li before going close to her ear and whispering, “Young aunt, I have many friends here. You should leave me with some dignity, okay!”

At this point, his uncle had come to help save him. He walked forward and pulled Sun Li Li onto a chair to sit, saying, “Li Li, there are many people around. You should behave a bit more appropriately.”

“Hmph hmph, I’ll let you off this time.” Sun Li Li coyly sat beside Wang Lei before smiling at Sima You Yue and the others, saying, “Are you Little Qi Qi’s friends?”

The first time that they heard the name Little Ai Qi, Sima You Yue and the others could not help but smile. They really wanted to smile once more when they heard it again.

“Young Aunt they’re friends that I got to know at the Sofia Mountain Range. This is You Yue, Zi Qi, Ouyang Fei, Bei Gong Tang.” Bai Yun Qi had long since been immune to the nickname that Sun Li Li had given him and was introducing SIma You Yue and the others, one by one.

“Met them at the Sofia Mountain range?” Sun Li LI looked over them, “I never thought that you all would go to the Sofia Mountain Range though you’re all so young. You’re really young heroes!”

“You praise us too much.” Wei Zi Qi said on behalf of the group.

“Young Aunt, they’re my saviours as well!” Bai Yun Qi said.


“That’s right!” Bai Yun Qi said, “At that time, we encountered Qin Wu at the mountain range and he had brought men to kill me, but they saved me.”

“Qin Wu brought men to kill you?” Sun Li Li raged immediately upon hearing it and stood up, slapping the table. “This Domineering Army is really getting too bold. I’ll head back to tell my older sister’s husband. I’ll let him bring men with him to exterminate them all!”

“Sit down first.” Wang Lei pulled her down and let her sit down once again before saying to Bai Yun QI, “Tell us the whole situation first.”


Bai Yun Qi recounted the events that happened that day and Sun Li Li’s expression got a little bit better when she found out and he had not received any injuries. The two of them were quite surprised when they heard that it was Sima You Yue who had killed Qin Wu.

“Thank you so much for saving Little Qi Qi.” Sun Li Li smiled as she to Sima You Yue.

“No need for madam to be so courteous.” Sima You Yue smiled as she replied.

“Uncle, I have come this time to ask you for a favor.” Bai Yun Qi said.

“Ask me for a favour?” What’s going on?” Wang Lie looked at Bai Yun Qi. This guy had never come to look for him for help before.

“Cough cough, the situation is like this. Sima You Yue and the others have come out from the Dong Chen Kingdom and need an identification card for our Three Springs city.” Bai Yun Qi explained.

“From the Dong Chen Kingdom?” Sun Li Li and Wang Lei’s eyes flashed with surprise.

“That’s right.” Bai Yun Qi said, “Uncle, will you be able to help us with the identification process!”

Wang Lei replied, “I can, I can. However, I need two days to produce this identification, and I also need a place to hang it up as well.”

With regards to hanging it up, actually, this was quite similar to her previous home. Hanging it in Three Springs city would prove that they were citizens of Three Springs city.

“Do we even need to find a place for this, we just have to hang it up in our residence.” Sun Li Li said straightforwardly. “However, this does indeed take two days. Why don’t you all stay in our residence for these two days?”

“Okay. Uncle Li, shall we wait two days before going off?” Bai Yun Qi looked at Li Kui.

Li Kui had remained silent the entire time he had come in and only nodded his head at this point, saying, “Everyone has just come back from the Sofia Mountain Range, so they can rest here for a bit. Furthermore, if you have any need, we’ll be able to help out as well.”

“Right, I almost forgot something.” Bai YUn Qi patted his forehead, saying, “Uncle, when we were leaving, You Yue’s contracted beast said that he realised that the Spirit Beasts in Sofia Mountain Range were irritable and restless. There were even many Spirit Beasts from the middle area moving out from inside. It appeared to be an organised migration. As a result, we’re wondering whether or not this would be a sign of their migration.”

“The Spirit Beasts are restless?” Wang Lei furrowed his eyebrows, “But it’s only been half a year since the last Beast Tide. There’s still two years plus worth of time before the next Beast Tide. How could there be movement at this time?”

“We’re unable to confirm whether or not this is something to do with the Spirit Beasts themselves or whether it will result in a beast migration. We rushed here the moment we knew of this because we wanted to just let you know first.” Bai Yun Qi said.

Wang Lei and Sun Li Li exchanged glances, and one could tell the gravity of the situation by the look in their eyes. He cupped his arms towards everyone as he said, “This situation is rather ire, so I have to send men to check it out. If the situation calls of it, I have to request for a bit of help from everyone. I will leave right now. Li Li, take care of everyone. I take my leave.”

Everyone stood up to send him out before returning to their own seats.

Sun Li Li was actually very worried as well and the aura emanating from her body had unknowingly gotten stronger. It was obvious that the news about the spirit beast migration had caused them great worry.

“Young Aunt, you don’t have to worry. Who knows, they could be merely moving around the Sofia Mountain Range for a bit!” Bai Yun Qi comforted her when he saw how worried she was.

“It would be great if that really were the case.” Sun Li Li sighed, saying, “If that isn’t the case, then it’s going to be a lot of trouble.”

“How would it be?” Fatty Qu voiced out in question.

From what they knew, Spirit beasts just had to come and go. He couldn’t understand what they were so worried about.

Li Kui, who was standing at the side, replied, “It’s possible that you all have never seen a beast tide Every time that happens, more than ten thousand spirit beasts will gather. And it’s not at a level that our soldiers will be able to handle. Every time before a beast tide, the City Lord Wang will send men to invite powerful spirit masters over to help.”

“If there really are that many Spirit Beasts, it would definitely be a very dangerous occurrence! Fatty Qu looked at Li Kui with surprise, “Are those Spirit Masters willing to come?”

“They would definitely be willing!” Bai Li Kui said, “Every time, the City Lord will give those Spirit Masters ample rewards. Those Spirit Masters would be willing after seeing the rewards, even if they weren’t willing at first.”

Bai Yun Qi’s tone was not that great and you could tell that he did not really like those Spirit Masters who came solely for the reward.

“But not all of them are like that.” Sun Li Li said, “There are also many spirit masters who come to help us resist the onslaught of spirit beasts.”

After speaking to this point, she hesitated before looking at Sima You Yue and the others, saying, “If it’s really a beast tide, I beseech the few of you to remain to help us.”


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