DDFYM – Chapter 120

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Chapter 120: Hundred Revolutions Pill

“You Yue, I’m considering giving up the idea of exterminating the Nalan Clan.” Sima Lie said.

“Why?” Sima You Yue looked at Sima Lie with astonishment. “Could it be because of that person from the Pu Luo Mountain Range?”

Sima Lie nodded, saying, “Although I have already caused His Majesty to develop some suspicion towards the Nalan Clan, if we continue to fight with the Nalan Clan, even if our family wins in the end, we would have to pay a price for it. Since this is the case, I would rather spend our energy on increasing our influence and strength.”

Seeing the worry on Sima Lie’s face, Sima You Yue’s heart was a bit puzzled. Just how much strength and influence did that Clan have that it would cause him such worry?

“But Grandfather, even if we take a step back, the Nalan Clan might not necessarily…”

“The Nalan Clan has already taken a step back.” Sima Lie said, “It was all because of you. They have also realised that there is nothing good that can come out from fighting with us head on. As a result, two days ago, they have already come to look for me in hopes that we can let them off. Of course, they will also give us no small amount of compensation.”

“Because of me?” Sima You Yue blinked her eyes, saying, “Aren’t I the same as the Alchemist from their clan? Why would they retreat of their own initiative?”

“Don’t you know how you have shaken up the entire capital?” SIma Lie looked at Sima You Yue, who appeared completely puzzled. “Ever since you have revealed your power as a second ranked Alchemist, everyone knows that you have managed to become a second ranked Alchemist within less than a year’s worth of time. They all treat you as a ghost, you know.”

“Which part of me is a ghost.” Sima You Yue touched her nose; she was completely speechless towards the praise of the people.

Sima Lie smiled, “That Nalan Clan and us are currently around the same. You’re both second ranked Alchemists. However, in the eyes of everyone, you will have even greater accomplishments in the future. Furthermore, your ability to rally supporters is far greater than the Alchemist from their clan. They’re not retreating because of your current ability but because of your potential.”

“Hey hey, I didn’t know that I was so powerful.” Sima You Yue smiled as she said, “Since Grandfather feels like letting this go, then let’s just let it go. In any case, I have already settled that Nalan Qi, and that Nalan Lan has already been expelled from school and has even been abandoned by Murong An and didn’t meet and good end either. Right, do my brothers know about it?”

“I haven’t told them yet.” Sima Lie said, “I was planning on waiting for your agreement before telling them. If you agree, they probably won’t have too much objections.”

“Mm. Then we’ll just do it according to what you’ve said.” Sima You Yue said,


“Then since there isn’t much else, I will return first.” Sima You Yue said as she stood up.

Sima Lie waved his hands and she turned to leave. Looking at her retreating back, his heart felt unsettled as a kind of moodiness lingered on his heart. It was precisely because of this mood that allowed him to let go his feelings of dealing with the Nalan Clan.

When she returned to her own house, Sima You Yue dispatched Chun Jian and the others, entering the Spirit Pearl when she was alone.

“What’s up?” Mo Sha could feel the person who had suddenly appeared in front of him and opened his eyes as he asked.

Sima You Yue gazed at the Golden Snake Fruit tree, saying, “Do you know how to turn the Golden Snake fruits into pils?”

Mo Sha furrowed his eyebrows, saying, “The best would be to turn them into Hundred Revolutions Pills.”

“Hundred Revolutions Pill? What kind of pill is that?” Sima You Yue asked.

“The rank of Hundred Revolutions Pills are not high. They won’t allow one to directly increase their strength. However, they will be able to cleanse the muscles and boost the marrow, improving one’s physique that will advance future cultivation.” Mo Sha said.

“Is it easy to refine?”

“Not difficult.” Mo Sha said, “This is a type of pill from the ancient times. Later on, because pill methods were lost and because it was hard to obtain the Golden Snake Fruit, the slowly got lost.”

“If I let you refine them, how many pills would be successfully refined?”

“If it was my previous life, a hundred percent success rate. If you have to be the one who injects the Spiritual Qi, the success rate would be around eighty percent.”

Sima You Yue took in a breath. A hundred percent success rate in refining pils… was it too easy to refine these pills or was he just too powerful?!

“What about the other pill ingredients?”

“We have them here.” Mo Sha said, “However, refining this consumes a massive amount of energy. I can’t do it in my current condition.”

“How long do you need?”

Mo Sha glanced at her, saying, “That depends on how many you want to refine. A single Golden Snake fruit allows you to refine eight to ten pills. You have four fruits right now, so it depends on how many you want to refine. Right, for this, one person should only eat two at most. How much they can improve depends on their own physique. It’s pointless to eat more than two.”

Sima You Yue calculated the amount. She had ten people including herself, so she needed twenty pills.

He could feel whatever she thought, so Mo Sha directly said, “This Hundred Revolutions Pill is useless to you. You don’t have to count yourself in.”

“Why?” Sima You Yue was extremely surprised.

“When you and that egg formed a contract, he already used the Nirvana Fire to reforge your body. This Hundred Revolutions Pill has no real use to you.” Mo Sha said.

“Eh, if you didn’t remind me, I would have completely forgotten about that guy, Crimson Flame .” Sima You Yue said.

Ever since she had formed a contract with Crimson Flame back at the Pu Luo Mountain Range, he had always stayed quietly in the contracted space. He had never taken initiative to speak. Whenever she had tried to sense him, she always found him sleeping. After time passed, she slowly neglected him.

The previous time, when she had been wrecked with excruciating pain from the Nirvana Fire, she subconsciously felt a cold shiver.

Mo Sha noticed Sima You Yue’s look of sudden revelation and pondered over the fact that this person’s luck was really too good. Many people had heard of Nirvana fire, and not a single person had ever had a Divine Beast like hers. Even he, who had exerted huge amounts of effort into looking for it, could not get a single hint of it.

What he had never thought would happen was, he had actually been neighbors with that Divine Beast for so many years. Even more inconceivable was the fact that he would actually form a contract with this brat as well as a contract with that beast.

No, it would be more accurate to say, that beast would actually let her become its Master, and even took initiative to do so.

Seeing her act this way, he figured that this brat had probably forgotten about the beast and had thrown him into some corner of her mind. Someone who would treat Crimson Flame this way… no matter what, it could only be someone like her.

“Since it’s useless to me then I won’t count myself it. Then cancel my two pills, I’ll only need eighteen pills. Then we’ll just refine two fruits for now. If it’s not enough then we’ll do it again.” Sima You Yue said.

“I’ll let you refine it half a month later.” Mo Sha said.


She knew that, actually, every time she let Mo Sha refine pills, it would consume his soul power. As a result, when she heard the time of half a month, she had no intention of contesting it.

After settling things with Mo Sha, she went to the Alchemy room to refine a few pills for the Sima Clan’s shop. It appeared that, adding on the two days she had spent refining, she had bought herself a bit of time so, with a flash she exited.

She let Chun Jian send the pills over to Sima Lie before sitting down to recover her energy. Thinking that she would be able to refine some pills that would change one’s physique for them, she needed to make use of every single bit of time to increase her own strength.

She had initially thought that fifteen days would come quickly, however, she never thought that some unforeseen event would occur so suddenly, where Sima Lie and the others would not even have time to wait for her to refine those Hundred Revolutions Pills.

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